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    Pvt. Gump

    Hi, I’m Forrest Gump. I’m new here in Vietnam, and I wus wonderin’ if y’all could teach me the ropes. Any tips and tricks for Mud and Blood? I heard URB games are like a box of choclates, you ain’t never know what’s you gon’ get.

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    Welcome to the Jungle, Forrest, Plains or whatever kind of space you dare to tackle the unfair random brutality of urbzz games.
    Tips and tricks are picked up by either searching this place (Forums are best) for information or simply hanging around long enough and participating with the rest of the gang.
    So no “running” off for you. 🙂


    Might as well use this dormant topic to post historical useful information.
    In case we already have such somewhere then please tell me.
    Here a page that list this; Glossary of Military Terms & Slang from the Vietnam War A-C


    Knowing the enemy.
    This is a very good page on large scale tactics. Could go to OFV but this topic is already here.
    Ideas for Missions could be found here too.



    What a coincidence. I just posted this exact picture on discord few hours ago

    But since I already replied to this tipic, let me add few cents of my experience:

    -Your basic chance of success at almost any action is 30%. But by gathering team around that man, you can boost it to 45%. Investing 5 skillpoints in proper category can lift it up to 95%
    This includes spotting assets and hostiles, calling for support, identifying trap markers and many other things.

    – One of the best things you can do in Recon, is nothing. When standing still, you do not leave tracks, do not make sound and your men have much better chance of spotting the enemy and not being spotted themselves. I guess they are also more accurate, but i can’t tell that for sure.

    – Few things you can never go wrong with when choosing skills and loadout:
    Spotting is essential. Always have at least one spotter.
    2nd place takes signalcaller. Having high comms skill allows you to call in assets more reliably, which is essential in hot situation.
    Frags are useful and you can never have too many.
    Smokes come in handy to break contact and mandatory after you reach Captain.
    Meds are a must have.
    Camera is light and gives nice XP bonuses.

    -Medical equipment gives you time to react and set up proper evacuation, rather than having to rush towards LZ and hoping for the best. But remember: every casualty MUST be evacuated anyway, so don’t act like nothing happened. You got a man down, get him out. Then continue the mission.
    Unless it’s your RTO.
    Then it’s tough choice between risking your man’s death by carrying on with a wounded man, failing the mission by evacuating preemptively, or racing against time to get it done in 12 hours before search party arrives.

    – Unless situation is really hot, don’t call in Evac until all your guys reach LZ. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your soldier left behind just as he was about to climb aboard.

    – If you have an empty slot and don’t know what to take, take frags. They are usefull for any engagement that goes loud.
    Second best thing you can take, is some more meds. depending on your remaining bulk; either bandages or IVs.
    For sneaky obs, consider Motion Sensor.
    For loud missions, consider mines.

    – For most situations try packing as light as possible. low bulk means less noise, less footprints and faster movement. That last one may be important if you want to snatch or stab a moving VC. Also, helps with general stealth which is preferred approach for any situation.

    – after certain HEAT threshold, start bringing in M72’s. They are the only safe and reliable option of taking out BTRs and can be used for many other things, like clearing bunkers or DSHKa’s.

    – taking at least 20 sec pauses between moving will help you avoid traps, especially if you have several people overlooking your planned route.

    -If you can’t afford the luxury of time, send the NFG forward, and the rest of the team behind in tight column. Yeah, cruel, I know. But it’s better to lose a no-skill private than your decorated master sargeant. Cold and efficient, but sometimes necessary.

    -If you have several KIA’s and you can afford it, call in Medevac first. It gives you time to load up your casualties and avoid MIA penalty. Calling in normal Evac is a risky, as it has to land perfectly on your men to pick them up.

    -Another trick is to call in secondary LZ evac and drop smoke directly on your dead men. This way you can guarantee the Huey will land on them nad pick them up.


    Since just about everyone thinks that the Stoner-63 is the all around best gun of the game here a closer look at it.


    Today it’s Kill Card lore time.

    Read up a lot more here http://www.psywarrior.com/DeathCardsAce.html


    Some gold to watch and learn from.


    here something of game interest that I never knew
    From urb
    crashed helicopters provide cover


    Why the %#!& is Recon so broken game. I lost everything, even though i had 2 WIA already evacced to HQ. My 4 recruits killed 84 guys, My 2 guys last couldn’t hop in to the chopper, cause some wierd bug and now I lost like 40 min gameplay with 70 heat score and I got picture with 16 assets, for nothing. thx for broken game wtff


    Hi there.
    Recon “Flash” is known to have bugs. Due to having no room whatsoever left to introduce more code it simply can not get anymore updates.
    However, there is a new version of Recon in the making in the coding language LUA that allows for a much bigger code.
    Tests are good so far. Can be seen here in the “Recon LUA” topic thread.

    I assume that you used the Medic Choppa to evac them 2 WIA.
    That is a very buggy feature that I would suggest not to use. It got added to the game in a very late stage.
    I never use it myself.
    When you got wounded or dead just grab them and get out regularly.
    Thanks for playing.


    This contains very good suggestion material and has also many links to valuable historical military information.


    A few professional game tips for stealthy low heat play.

    NOT getting spotted by the enemy for instance to then fail a lot of the Dis-Requirements is a pure luck thing . . .
    unless you you have a trick to that too?

    tank man
    turn up the volume and start hiding as soon as you hear footsteps, another way to determine if enemy is near but not moving is to move your ranger around abit, make them cause some noise and listen if VC respond or not, not 100% guaranteed but it help a lot sometimes
    and after landing in the ao immediately start moving to north west or norther east, vc insert ao through east south and west but seldom come from north, but don’t go directly north. cause sometimes huey insert trigger qrf and they’ll head straight to your LZ and spot your rangers. then find a good bush around 2 bravo or 4 bravo to set up an all around then wait for mission to go covert.
    vc’s detection range is much better in overt so better wait till everything is quiet then start commencing the mission
    of course, not 100% guaranteed, but every bit helps

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