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    This looks pretty sweet @Russian like Vietnam d&d. id purchase a deck of cards for it.


    You would know this game is craie, craie, because it spells insane in ALL CAPS 😛


    Anyways, cool idea bruh 😀


    It’s good to see that you’ve continued to work on your board game since you mentioned it on the discord, and I’m also happy that others have responded to your efforts positively (I expected as much)

    The game certainly has a lot of complexity, with plenty of moving parts. After reading about some of the games mechanics like the soldiers and their stats (love that each soldier will have a backstory and unique stats) and the morale system, as well as trading troops and such, I was wondering if you could explain how a typical turn will transpire from start to finish.

    Are there going to be phases? Will it be like in recon where a day is composed of answering memos and doing missions? Is their a points system or some kind of currency that players use to access the card pile related to the General/Upper Staff? Is there a game map and pieces or will it be solely the cards and maybe an accompanying gamebook/rulebook?


    BACK FINALLY from losing my PC power adapter but coming back and looking through everything and some of the support, I would like to say I am coming back with a few ideas in mind but BACK TO Insanity. (PLEASE TAKE NOTE I’M THINKING AND SHIFTING MY FOCUS ON A FEW OTHER IDEAS INSTEAD AND TRY NOT TO EA this up)

    with what @Trydu has said pointing out a few stuff, notable was the phases and from quick thinking was the phasing system I thought of for another idea, first is planning, first is attacking or proceeding, and finally the result of your actions, kinda like a butterfly effect that could go from better or worse.
    Moral system is more DnD based as during proceeding phase you will be given decisions on your way to your objective or target that could influence your men to follow you all the way to Do Lung Bridge or put a colt to your back to your head at night and causing a accident.
    The Currency is based on Soldier money or the actual currency used in Vietnam, used by US, AUS, and ARVN though it doesn’t have any real value in other situations, soldiers are paid this to use for requisition purposes.
    As for trading soldiers, they are sent back to SOI for retraining or transfer from Grunt into Spec to either help other players or as a gift so Spec commander can help you later.

    As for the ending part for this, I am open for ideas and help with this since I have pages and other stuff, as I have other interesting ideas.


    Finally I am back after this time, I’ve came back with some new innovating or different ideas that I wanted to try out but for INSANITY, I’m changing it by a lot.

    From games I’ve played from RTS or Strategy around those things during my time off, mostly Wargames (Especially the campaign), Mud And Blood series, and other games around my time of being off.

    Keeping some mechanics from the base version of INSANITY, I was thinking of adding a war map alike to the Wargame Campaign map where it’s based around some random place in Vietnam where the U.S Army, U.S Marines, ARVN, Australian Army, or the C.I.A and it’s special forces and also adding if other people play is opposing faction, are the Viet Cong, North Vietnam forces, and planning on adding foreign soldiers either Chinese army or maybe as for kicks Soviets.

    The Basics for both armies is their goals, win the region. Within the region are key points that could lead sectors leading to another array of the region outside the M.A (Mission Area). With the BLUFOR forces (US, ARVN, AUS) their objectives are to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnam people, stop communism from spreading, and stop the advancement of Communists forces and push them back to Hanoi. As for the OPFOR, they have opposites but have another is to win the hearts and minds of the people too and turn them against the BLUFOR Forces.

    Within the armies, you are given a company from the many forces that fought through the jungle hell that is Vietnam or a random company of soldiers from a division. For example, the US Army has the 1st ID and your given that unit as they have their own attributes and abilities and specialties. With each unit has a weakness within them, for both Army and Marines, is young bloods or cherries as your units will be more inexperience in combat and prone to panicking. BUT alas, people I’ve seen wanted to see soldiers stories and wondering how the hell you get to do that BUT here’s my alternative.

    With Conquest mod, this is the bigger picture as you are like a general planning out the assault or offensives against your enemies with a large map of the Region which highlights what armies are where and your enemy armies but keep in mind as for the special ops kind, like the SEALS or Rangers, they can help but I’ll explain that in the next post. The Generals control parts of the US while another controls either the US Marines, or other BLUFOR forces, there you and your friend or collage will send out your armies and capturing sectors to win the neverending battles of Vietnam.

    Skirmish: (First half of the part is the home or base system, second half is battle part)
    This part of Insanity downsizes the playing field down to the CO role, as you are sent into a sector(s) of the region to do your job and make sure your men don’t get sent home as swiss cheese or as a shoe box. Your men are ranged from different parts of the united states(if as the US), having their own mindsets and own beliefs of the war and their own opinions to you. As the system is the manpower, ranging from your cherries, your salts, and the specialists within the ranks of your company. As they will advise you before charging in all gung-ho, your salts may be more smarter since their more experience and so forth. For Specialists they are more experienced but being your engineers, tunnel rats, or any other specialist profession within the unit (*Give ideas for suggestions please*). BUT In this case their more prone to panic and are more like the cherries when it comes to panicking. Within this mode, you are sending out squads or units against the Viet cong or NLF as their engaging their in a Wargame style with you taking the environment to your advantage or building your defenses.

    Firefight: (Optionial)
    THIS part is one in particular is more of a mix or just a shoot, during this mod you have an option of using any soldier card (Soldiers within the Company that are in the battle and is like the Total War manual command, basically you fighting against the enemy), these soldiers can be either ranging from Rifleman, Marksmen, Support, Medic, Squad Leader, radioman, or whatever in a XCOM like mod (Taking inspiration, obviously XCOM, Turn base RTS’s, AND This is the Police 2) as you battle across villages, jungles, rich fields, hills, FOB’s, outposts, airports, or city streets of Vietnam where your soldiers can either have two impacts in the battle (Probably waying your chances when battling over a Sector in Skirmish).

    FOR RIGHT NOW I’m just bringing out ideas to the table and you all elaborating what to do with it or ideas and show the ideas in the next post.


    Second part.

    For what Tyrud has said, there are phases in this as there are the Conquest(Planning)Stage with you as a general from either NATO or Communist, planning your attack and figuring what forces to put to use like for example for the Wargame added feature, Army groups or Companies will be in a stack group from Infantrymen, Mechanized, Logistics, Arty, Armored, and Air. As the idea comes from Foxhole where each layer of the operation is larger at hand as each steps goes down and down as its like Star Wars conquest where you take down a planet or RO2 conquest with each region you control and slowly reach to your goal. AS ALL other mods like Skirmish or Firefight is optional.

    Unib Rovodkalan

    i will probly get it when its you reases it

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