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    This is a work in progress build and will try to constantly update this

    Are you tired of your men not whining about the lack of napalm in the morning, tired of the NVA sending you BTR or VC Women trying to seduce you with those famous lines from FMJ (Full-Metal-Jacket).
    Presenting the Insanity Card game.
    Set from 1964 from the increase of United States involvement of Vietnam and the pulling of 1973, you are put into the boots of three Commanding Officers, one being in control of a US Army Infantry squad OR a US Marine squad are sent into the jungles of Vietnam to win the hearts of minds of the people of South Vietnam, and fight against Ho Chi Minh and his Communist loving soldiers. Next CO is the Special Ops Division Officer, incharge of the United States best soldiers ranging from Army Rangers, SOG Marines, SEAL’s, and Green Beret’s as the third Officer is the General is the (Game Master)/Requisition officer/Air-Support and Arty Radio Operator/Mission given/MP.

    (Basic Mechanic’s)
    The basics and what Insanity should be played like is that the three Commanders(Players) is that your all working together to work to a common goal while the Commander given the two other commanders (Grunt and Spec Ops) a job to do or a Mission, this mission will progressively get harder but more chances of rewards or requisition given to the Commander.

    During Missions, Patrols, LRRP’s, etc… Commanders will encounter all sorts of problems on these missions, from moral, tense situations, acts of bravery, Helping the locals, or trying to survive in the Incursions of Vietnam. Each Situation will have different effects on different things from your soldiers opinions of you, the locals, higher up’s like the General who will overview your mission report and deciding on rewarding you are not, (*Note* The General has to be a Neutral party, deciding wither it is good for the war effort, your people, or the locals opinion, either you want to be the white knight that liberates Vietnam from the great Communist threat or the ruthless CO that doesn’t care who or what gets in his way.)

    (The Troops)
    Grunt and Spec ops Commanders have unit personal stuck in there unit in charge of, Grunt commander has 40 soldiers at his disposal for use as Special ops has 20 to equal out and keep Commanders from being too overpowered, when being sent out commanders only have a choice to chose between SIX-TWELVE soldiers as Spec only having Four to five as the reason why they have this is to explain it in a bit. These Soldiers have backstories, thoughts, or their own opinions on the war from the psychological profile conducted in the Soldier Dossier as these men can range from men in their thirties or forties or to merely 18 years old as these men count on you to make it back home or to win this war.

    This is the Stats system, constructed to be like the Fallout 3 system where the higher skill you have the higher chance you will succeed but lower the skill the more chance they will get hurt, lose their chance, or possible get killed by it.
    These skills will help you from everyday things from Strength helping out with manual needs, CQC, intimidation, or handling equipment. Next being Intelligence, from the know-how of Medicine, technical, or mechanical but depends on their profession as your Combat medic is less likely to know what the hell happened to your M113 engine. Next is the VIT skill or Vietnamese skill, basically it helps your soldiers understand what the locals are on about and helps your chances if their asking for help or just want you to get the hell out of the village.

    The Gun skills, Pistol, rifling, Sub-Machine Gun, Heavy, and Shotgun skill helps soldiers ‘help’ with the local pest problem from ranging to NLF and PAVN problem as your first soldiers will have good shooting skill while newer soldiers gun skills or skills will be lower to due to later years during the war though this doesn’t effect Special Ops Commander.

    (Requisition and Rewards)
    After a Mission, the General/Third player is given a choice to reward your Commander(s) as choices vary from weapons, arty/air support, equipment, or new recruits if you lost any soldiers during a mission or low on manpower but if the mission has been failed but the mission report created and tracked by the General can determined if you are fine for the reward after maybe a grave cost and retreat as this can help boost moral for the Grunt Commander soldiers.

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    (How to use Skills)
    The way how you use the skills is during situations during missions giving you choices to approach the situation, I.E ‘Your squad approaches a group of civilians walking by, mostly farmers probably from the local village as one of your men suggest the idea of having one of your translator or people that learned how to speak Vietnamese to ask directions to a certain path they may know of’ While you could do that and might have a chance to get shot in the face or chest by one of them with a TT-33, because one might be NLF (Viet Cong).

    (Choices of War)
    Like I have said sometimes throughout the notes or know-how of Insanity, you are given choices during missions, patrols, and operations to decide the outcome of battles, missions, etc… These choices can have other effects that I have said, effects being Mental, viewing, and standings. Mental being effects on your soldiers from just trying to survive Vietnam, a few of these soldier will get your average PTSD nightmares as some will endure it long enough to be ‘qualifiable’ for the Spec Ops Commander or they will break down and kill themselves in their bunk seeing how they think the only way out of Vietnam is from a bodybag, purple heart, or getting done with a tour.

    (How can Commanders help each other)
    Ways that Commanders can help each other is by using their Support/Arty cards they are given by the Third player, if the two commanders are working together on a mission both commanders have access to both arty and air support depending on where they are, sharing equipment with each other and resupplying with each other.

    Another way to help each other is with troop transferring, basically you give some soldiers into the other Commander hands to help during an Ops, example being that some of his men are wounded and you have a good medic, giving some of your men to the Spec Ops Commander to handle the rest of the Operation/Mission, BUT during off-duty when your done with mission your troops transferred from your deck of soldiers to another Commander as a way of thanks, or help to them as these Soldiers who’ve been transferred go through Special Operation School (If that is real probably or not) where a Soldiers stats can be improved that can improve your soldiers performance in the field, though you cannot grind and put them all into one skill but the limit is up two points for each skill depending where you put your points when promoted, put into S.O School, or transferred.

    (Small Note: Upping Skills)
    A way to up skills for soldiers is from what I talked about in the How commanders help each other part, firstly is Promotions helps Soldiers to become a NCO or CO depending on their rank, promotions will help give players five skill points to put into soldiers skills making them more proficient with their training and work. S.O School will help make your soldier into a killing machine of the right arm of the Free world, put into this course will heighten their senses, health, mental, and skill by increasing your default skill up by two and giving you the option to upgrade skill by giving you four skill points so choice wisely for your newly made Special ops soldier as for Transferring it ties into the S.O skill set. Another thing and probably the best that may or may not help you is that you can send your soldiers to get retrained and refitted, but only buffing one skill only by one to improved it as for example by sending your Medic/Corpsman to medical tent to help around with the doctor or surgeon in-charge of the tent by improving his Medical skill by one.


    I come back to the good ol’ forums and this is what I see. I love it. I’m putting you on the spot by saying this, but just some clarification on intricacies you may or may not have planned out. What would skill be in increments of (e.g. 1-100)? Also, is some sort of sideline event system going to be in place for being at camp? For example, events similar to the events that transpire in MnB Recon which have minor conflict between the staff, to test the strength of the players’ cooperation and maybe even make or break relationships for a vital moment, these could be triggered by stuff like Mental (under choices of war) when soldiers act up to chain of command out of frustration (Army conflict with general) etc. i’d see general as more of an “upper staff” role that rolls better off the tongue.


    Skills would vary in a 1-10 state but it’s a work in progress like I said so yeah, but with sideline events being soldiers being friends, enemies, or god knows as they will deal with each other in all sorts of ways, as some events will involve some small disagreements, soldiers dropping tap of acid or getting high to relieve themselves, but also there could be conflicting between players, mostly between Grunt and the Spec ops Players as both had different ideals than the two though coming from the same side of the same coin, they can have some altercations but if new Soldiers come in, their more likely to cause trouble due to high recruitment from 1968-71 from young soldiers acting like their age, teenagers.


    But this forum is open to new ideas or ways to help improve the game since I am still working on it, as it’s a military management simulator acting like ‘This is the Police’ where in this case, you act as a random commander somewhere on the god forsaken part of Vietnam and trying to do your job while not everything can go as plan.


    But as so, the General is a neutral person and can go either way and if you don’t complete the objective, they can punish you by taking away resources, denying request, and all that fun paper work stuff.


    This is a very interesting concept but as a card game getting played by real people where one is suppose to act a Game Master I see big problems for that person since they will be in the real life crossfire of the other players all the time.
    Better be if the game had a mechanic that makes the “General” part of the playing deck and not a player person. That’s complicated but possible as I have seen such in other card like games.
    I will follow his and give advice as best I can.
    URB ON!


    Thanks for the idea, though its great to see people response because I want to make this work or not BUT I will change it into random cards kinda like the random choices or picks you get when you get done with a RECON mission and you get Killcards and you can pick any and I’ll label them from equipment, weapons, resources might not be an issue since it’ll be random but new soldiers can be replaced anytime I suppose instead of it being like a punishment but if failing the Objective they will have a support card or better weapon card be taken away.


    But as a reminder on what Insanity is about by mechanics that it’s a Military Management with RPG/Roleplay elements because nerd experimenting with stuff, as Cards act as Soldiers, equipment, weapons, support, etc… As support is a one time use but can be reearned by completing Missions, patrols, or Operations to earn more ‘helpful’ cards.


    I suppose a sense of mutual burden may negate the feelings of animosity, as it did in real life, in this card game. As many great opinions as you have Lance, i’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.


    What are the losing conditions? In many table top game like D&D, a reckless player that fails to properly manage themselves or make proper decisions can get their characters killed and end the game.

    What happens if the player continuously fails to complete his missions or sustains horrendous casualties consistently?

    How badly would one horrible General affect the other 3?


    The losing Conditions of the game is basically replacement for officers that cannot do their jobs but some decisions will happen as this I call rare as you will have to make decisions that aren’t the best one though and can be forgiven.

    As for losing continuously is that you can either be fragged, sniped by a NVA assassin, suicide from guilt, or being discharged or replaced.

    The Third one, I am reconsidering from what @Lance had said already seeing how I think be a bad idea and considering to replace the General as a event card person ordering the players around and telling them to do task as like any other commander be doing.


    As for losing continuously is that you can either be fragged, sniped by a NVA assassin, suicide from guilt, or being discharged or replaced.

    Wow, I can already imagine playing with friends then suddenly one of them is fragged by their own men and everyone at the table is shocked and ridiculing them for letting such a thing happen.


    INSANITY (Red Sun notes)
    As much as I want to say update or anything else, I will try to keep posting as much as possible for Insanity for each subject I think I’ve been seeing questioned and addressed or something I just wanted to get off my chest as I will try to adjust rules and maybe try to see if I can get a INSANITY talk room on discord as it’s own thing or if by great appreciation as its own individual room on discord not to be honored or god knows as I try to make the game unfair and fair to be equal to punish and help people.

    The Third Player, I have seen Lance or a few people ask about our great General person to see his role in all of this but I have decided to go with Lance and make the General an event card, they can praise or hate you in some ways as you and your men are mobile throughout the Operations sometimes and by Operation is during either I base them off the real operations during Vietnam or either fake ones to create problems for you but I would like to see people response to keep the General as a player/person. (See Post one or one of those post) In response to replace this, the third player will act as NATO or ARVN forces working with you guys against the Great communist threat of north Vietnam.

    Will I add other factions or people to it? Yes of course adding our Australians, ARVN soldiers, Korean Marines and more goodies for our soldiers to use.

    THE MORTALITY METER or numbers- This will determine your soldiers fight and way throughout the lands of Vietnam, as they will come across the most nerve racking and fear enducing to make your soldiers question them being there as this can change soldiers into men pushed to the point their just trying to hang onto their sanity, pushing them to lean towards the ‘bad’ options, or endure the pain and keep pushing to their service is done. With this coming with the soldiers, your soldiers will have a backstory and traits, but these traits will not effect the game in any way unless when it comes to decision making, some will apricate this and some won’t as soldiers used to this will lean towards either and sometimes won’t be effected by this as with new recruits/replacement are more likely to be effected by this as it will start at zero as it will go from 0-100 or 0- -100.

    Moral is a one I was thinking about, as Soldiers will have this of course as this is like the MnB system, lower it is the more risk of them breaking and act more of a coward but instead is this, the moral system ties into the Morality part too as decisions are everything as they can dictate certain events that could unfold and happen off or on base, a soldier might try fragging you but failing when you have good appreciation with the brass and some soldiers, might try to commit suicide, or do bad things of all sorts.

    People sheet: This is the amount of based people I have so far what I have gotten so far for US Army and Rangers.

    US Army (Grunt Commander) *SO FAR*
    Staff Sergeant Mark McBribe (Officer)
    Sergeant Dayton Barnes (Support)
    Corporal Jack Perry (Grenadier)
    PFC Charlie Marsh (Combat Medic)
    Private Thomas Grey (RTO=Radioman)
    Private Spencer Newman (Rifleman)
    Private Oliver Sutton (Rifleman)

    *SO FAR*
    US Army Rangers (Spec Ops Commander/LRRP Commander)
    Lieutenant Arthur Fisher(No Relation) (Spec Ops)
    Sergeant Dylan Montoya (RTO=Radioman)
    Corporal Abram Montes (Sharpshooter)

    Weapon Starting packs that’ll be at your disposal:
    M3A1 Grease Gun
    M1A1 Thompson
    Model 12/Ithaca 37 Shotgun’s
    M79 grenade launchers
    Special Ops would be given:
    Basics weapons from grunts as optional.
    STEN MK.II Silenced
    Carl Gustav M45
    Smith and Weston M76

    Colt M1911A1
    Smith Weston Revolvers
    HP Browning (Silenced only available to only Special ops, and regular pistol to NATO).


    Also @CommanderMcMuffle I feel the reason why how shock it could be but, the thing is that this happened in Vietnam sometimes between the soldiers and their NCO’s or CO’s when it divides the line between high waters of crazy or surviving the next day from not dying in some ricefield.

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