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    Hey guys,

    I just completed my first tour on 1.5b, but my HVT is always the ZSU. Not that I mind killing them, but.. After the first time I find a track, every time I kill the ZSU, my HVT is always at the ‘fix’ phase again in the intelligence center. So I just have to find another ZSU.. Is this a known issue in the current version?

    Also the ZSU is always right smack in the middle of the primary LZ, so as soon as you land, your entire team gets shredded with no time to react.. This is a little bit silly, the target is a very effective anti-aircraft weapon and would have just blown the Huey to bits as it tried to land. I always use an insertion killcard for the eliminate phase of this mission now, but would be nice if the target could be randomly placed away from the LZ for new players.


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    Yes, it is. Currently the HVT all are Zsu23. In the 1.4 the HVT is not functional, in the 1.5 Urb primary fix the HVT problem and make the HVT be able to use. right now the Zsu23 is the only HVT we have.

    Yes, Spread into the AO already suggested, thanks you point out again, it would make the game much more interesting.

    Anymore suggestion and bug report about the HVT will be welcome, as it can help Urb to improve his game.

    Nice one dude. >o<

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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