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How to use the First Aid Kit?

Activity Forums Recon How to use the First Aid Kit?

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    Navin Nakwek

    I tried using it on wounded soldiers but it keeps saying they need actual medical attention


    It is intended for light wounds to bring the trooper up to 100 health again ,not for treating seriously wounded soldiers. That is -20 Health and are on the ground and bleeding out. They need to be stabilized.

    Not sure if that really helped you…


    Good answer Saerimmer but not fully correct.
    Under 24 HP is a Soldier “downed” and needs “stabilizing” to delay him from bleeding out over time.
    The First Aid Kit only works o0n a soldier who’s health is still GREEN.
    So above 74 HP. And it only restores back to a max of 99 health and never 100.
    Note that then most Kill Cards will not get rewarded this way.
    I find it to be of small use due to these restrictions but if you have it unlocked it is not bad to issue it to at least one Ranger is you do not need the space for something else.


    Thank you for clarifying Lance!
    I thought for a moment that you could use the medkit to “cheat” the killcard 🙂 Never tried it and I think its takes up too much wheight as I equip my medic with two sets of IV bags (the rest goes to nades and sandals).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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