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How to Stealth?

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    I’ve been playing Recon on the off hours and have been finding it really hard to stay stealthy. Recon is far more difficult to get into as a new player, but I think I’m getting the grasp of it now. On all three deployments I’ve played so far though, the game has turned into a lot of frantic firefights. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay quiet in the game? The biggest problem for me is when I stumble into an area I want to investigate (like a camp or something) and usually end up getting spotted.

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    First Provide you some stuff come from old forum which create by myself here.

    For stealth on investigation like Camp Site, I believe few common principle to go.

    *With a high spot level guy, if you can also have high stealth skill will be better but mostly you can not get that well.
    *Only Spot men go to search, three other men keep away from VC activity range. (Camp site will be guard by moving VC, so it will have much wide range you have to high alert. )
    *Walk slow and spot long time before you go. Keep eyes on the screen and ready for Hold anytime.
    *Use Screen view wisely to make sure the the noise produce by VC come from where.
    *Take Down some annoy VC(Guard route very close to Asset) to get close to Asset.
    *When VC face on you, immediately stop and don’t move if he is very close to you. Wait for Debug message and quick pass through him for flank side. Be notice, every unit have detection cycle, so every spot require time after he do with previous one. Stay and hope he don’t saw you will be better then try to escape before he spot you. When you are moving, the stealth skill will not give you any bonus so keep that in mind.

    For the deep, you have to try and get your own experience in Recon as it is a funny part for every commander. >o<

    If got more specific question can continuous, I will try my best. XD


    Stealth depends on a combination of luck, Ranger skills, and patience. Obviously the higher your Ranger skills, the better, but I think the best thing players can do to improve their performance is to take more halts and really develop* their waiting skills, something that might seem boring initially but can really create some rewarding tension and gameplay later on, especially once you start getting the hang of good patrolling habits and end up in higher level heat AOs.

    In game (and in real life I suppose), the person lying still in the grass is much more likely to stay hidden. When you’re on the move, your Rangers are all facing one direction and lose situational awareness in addition to making lots more noise. To counteract this, really listen to the game and take 360 halts when you hear voices, and even when you don’t. Give your Rangers time to take in their surroundings and then move a short distance and do the same thing again until you spot your enemy. Sometimes this fails due to bad luck, most times it doesn’t.

    edit: develop

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    You can only stay quiet to a certain extent, after all sooner or later you’re obliged to go weapons-free on many of the mission modes. The key isn’t in being able to always be quiet, but rather to manage and remain in control of when and how you go loud. Arise and Jafarcakes have given good ideas on how to remain quiet, but it’s also worth noting that in this situation you are taking the element of surprise away from the enemy (which is the whole point of the LRRP teams) and controlling every aspect of the battle.

    Basically this means that as long as those “frantic firefights” remains short, sharp and more importantly painful for the enemy, you’re not doing anything wrong. The issues start coming out during long and tedious engagements. You’ve got an impressive arsenal of weaponry at your disposal (be it the radio options or the guns your men carry), feel free to use them (isn’t much point on trying to conserve the loud explosions during an open firefight after all).
    To recap: getting into a firefight isn’t the issue here, it’s knowing how to master it. If you’re engaged while you’re moving into a camp (like you started with), take out the visible threats as quickly as possible and go about disengaging yourself from the firefight while moving away. Sure this means you’ll get less intel since you wont be hanging about the camp taking photos and searching stuff, but it’ll also mean you wont have to bear the full brunt of the QRF force. Use grenades/stagger radio calls for artillery or the Spectre if it’s getting hairy so they can raze the area the camp was in, all while progressively (and quietly now) moving away to a more secure position.


    Maintaining that violent hit and run mentality was also something I really struggled with early on in my Recon days. I was too passive when it came to pulling the trigger at all and when I did, I tended to stick around way too long. Good points you brought up, it’s very important to understand that with a small 4 man team, when you strike, you strike hard, and then melt away.


    Well, I will simply say not always have to put the trigger on in Recon mission, I disagree with that conclusion, but I do love the stuff as it is much more suit for many men here. So what I say here is just another playing style.

    I usually call these as stealth playing style, here is some resource and a picture.

    Remain silence is easy, the key is prevent to arise your heat score, maintain your heat score below then 20 is need for stealth. Even the Attack Firebase Mission can successful ending without killing any VC. So, that is the problem about how to do. Not like what @Hooty say so base on my Recon experience.

    Here is two attack to show what I mean, one is smoke attack firebase mission, another is CS attack firebase mission. Both not kill anyone while operate in the firebase.

    Mission can be something like these as you intend to! @Snarks

    Sure like what Hooty say, you have to kill someone when your team is in danger, keeping ranger alive is always the first. But it is up to your heat score management and stealth skill too. When I get a time, I will upload some article to talk about stealth playing style again as it lose in old forum.

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    Thanks for all the tips. I think I’m going to restart my career/character and try to do a more stealthy approach. There’s a definite appeal in playing this game in stealth mode. Reminds me of MGS5 and my constant restarts to try to beat every level with perfect stealth.


    Worth noting that my post never referenced always going in guns blazing, to the contrary I called for the correct management of firefights when required by the player. There’s a difference between quickly hitting the enemy in order to disengage yourself (which is what my post explained) and just going in weapons free all of the time.
    Clearly these tactics are required since, even by @arise’s experience sheet, we see that he’s still had to kill VC now and again 😉


    Indeed! @Hooty. Act fast with hit and run tactic is very suit for ranger team. >o<

    As we even have to remember that some mission type require you to killing which you can not avoid. Hunter/Killer and Defense Fire Base Mission, you can not ignore the combat too! The accident will always happened, and to gain some exp for your new Ranger, killing is needed when you get situation under control.

    I believe the best practice mission type about stealth will be the Dead Drop mission, trying to across Trench Line and keep silent. New player can start with a new profile and retry for few time on dead drop mission to feel the way to stealth while near the VC defensive Asset. Also have some fun with take down, the silent skill which don’t waste any bullet or trigger overt.

    I wish one day that number can be zero, but sure I will never accomplished! XDDDD


    This is ‘Murica, we don’t do stealth, we just bomb, shoot, and burn the jungle. Then find out that we hit nothing and get over run by the QRF and regret everything we just did. (Sorry for doing this)


    I agree with Arise. In the beginning I loved the thrill of going all Rambo on the Vietnamese encampments.

    Now, as a high-ranking officer, it’s insanely difficult to win anything with high heat. I stealth my way through the firebases with CS and the occasional Phosphorous if they get alert, and then I grab the intel with a single ranger and get the hell out.

    Not too hard with low heat and it keeps it that way. You’d better learn how to stealth good if you want to stay alive in the later missions.

    I know I’m sorta late, but here are some unmentioned tips:
    Cover. Especially useful against large vehicles like BTRs and ZSUs. Hiding behind a rock, tree, or smokescreen will allow you to escape without being detected, or, if you are already detected, without being shot at.

    Cover during firefights is awesome as well. If you are being assaulted by VC from one direction you can simply hide behind a rock or something and then grenade the enemy to kingdom come without chance of harm to your men. Keep in mind that, if your men are behind cover to long, you will eventually lose sight of the enemy. This doesn’t really matter if you’re running away but in firefights it’s a good idea to poke your head out and glance at the enemy to keep up your situational awareness. You never know if they’re going to try to surround or flank your men.

    Smoke, whether it’s normal, CS, or phosphorous, can be your best friend. Others have mentioned the awesomeness of CS (it prevents opponents from seeing so they can’t open fire, and they must retreat from the gas) but phosphorous and normal smoke have great uses as well.

    Smoke grenades act as temporary cover just like a rock or large tree, so when these assets are in scarce supply a smoke grenade is handy. These will be also essential for gunship attacks and secondary LZ landings (and hopefully, in the future, airstrikes, arties, and whatnot).

    If you don’t use the combat knife, White Phosphorous is the next best thing to quietly wipe out enemy trenches. You’ll find out just how useful it is after trying out a game of Dead Drop. Also, if there is just one enemy who is about to spot your squad, and you absolutely MUST get rid of him, you can drop the WP, set him on fire, and the VC are going to be none the wiser. Of course, silenced weapons are the [slightly] more reliable way of disposing of an enemy quietly but if you don’t have them the WP is the next best option.
    Just keep in mind that WP grenades WILL completely incinerate the enemy, completely destroying any chance of finding intel upon the body.
    These babies are also the number one method of disposing of Counter-LRRPs (a LRRP’s greatest nightmare; may God save you from ever encountering them) bar none. This shines where even Frag Grenades will not one shot these little buggers, bursting them into flame “like Marilyn Manson at a Baptist revival”.
    Unfortunately I don’t believe the White Phosphorous is usable for locating gunship attacks and secondary LZs, but hopefully that will change, since according to the US Military that’s the number one use of the WP grenade.

    Now, to a stealthy player, the only thing that could be worse than Counter-LRRPs are dog teams, because if you are found by them, you’ll be ambushed by a massive body of NVA. If dog teams are after you, immediately head to the nearest source of water. That’ll throw the dogs off. But if the nearest water source is too far away, then just stand still until the dogs barking has died off. Once the dog’s barking is gone you immediately leave or else the barking will start and you’ll be found after some time. Then you stop whenever you hear the barking again you stop. Rinse and repeat until you get to water, or whenever the debug pops up “The dog team has lost the scent and is moving off the AO”.

    Hope this helps.

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