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    Just in case you all forgot about this >>>
    Either this game was just to easy or I am lucky or urbzz nerfed something.
    In the next game I did a consecutive run and was immediately greeted by Mortar+Rifle-nades of way to accurate doom. And some 6 enemies inside a hedge.
    Seriously, first shot gibs on 3 men suck and are OP.



    Since that last vid was kind of boring here is something much more URB like. Enjoy!



    Roads in MNB3 ca truly be tricky. Here I passed the second one in a row.
    See what happened then.

    This is one of them nail biting from watching vigorous fighting till the bitter end.
    Entertainment wise a great game for you all. Enjoy.



    Lance, I must say that was probably the most fierce and entertaining battle I had to watch. This video represents everything that MNB3 is. Above all, your tactics were pretty good too.

    I will use this video to show ppl what mnb3 is.



    Thanks. 🙂
    Well to point out something. This was done with 5 days ahead and can therefore be considered a tough nut to crack.
    Here an even harder game where I tried to play “better” but there is still a lot of improvement room mainly taking even more time to play and not rush things.
    This is the 7th and last consecutive run on a Day3 profile. Tough as hell.



    And because that game had more good moments here the 5th run.



    Since activity here from the testers is still way to low I present you all the starting field of that 7 times advancing game.



    Another profile. Similar for with Day6 +5 in the Hedgerows.
    Here the second and last leg of this game.
    I used my Signaler’s Opportunity Calls on Crates and a New Recruit in the first run.
    See a Medic with a BAR, a Signaler with a ….. and he he watch for yourself.



    Finally with a Video. XD

    This is a early beach with a worst enemy – HMG, Here we use a common tactic to call Marksman to take the gunner down, currently assasination still not work for the Vehicle or static weapon, but sure we will have it in future. Also, Charging Spec Opd with a TNT to place a super Boom on the German defense is always my favorite, lively GIB!!!!! >o<

    Enjoy! ( It seems my game play style can’t be fast, Ha!Ha! ) @_@



    First encounter. First hit goes to the enemy as usual.
    That was a daring charge against that enemy SMG in the trench. Then only with one, upgraded to Commando, but you move him away after the first HtH swing???
    You lucked out that the SMG did not kill at least the 2 closest GIs.
    HMGs are indeed very deadly when not taking a lot of precautions.
    Good thing that our soldiers can now shoot out the crewman.



    Ha!Ha! Lance, it is nice that you watch my video so deeply. >o<

    For the Commando part, I have my theory.

    In the start, I just wish to send two men to close as my men can’t see the German who hide in the Trench with LOS blocker. And suddenly the upgrade point come, then I use one GI as Commando. For the quick hand to hand combat and leave, it take a advantage from my team. We all know that while moving the shooting will gain a big nerf to hit the target, also our GI is very weak for HTH in early. I send Commando in because he is fast and with best HTH ability, so you see when the German SMG aim and try to fire, I immediately move him. I use him to close to let the team mate see the target, so you can see they all fire their weapon on him and kill him later.

    I use this tactic very common, Block shoot! When come to HTH, all unit is the same, so even he is SMG, we take a same advantage on the HTH combat. I force him to stop aiming his weapon, so with that in and out, experience Spec Ops will be able to kill the men very quickly and safely. When I leave, I can take a aim on him, so if he is slower then me, I would be able to take a shoot first and very commonly be able to pin him down again due to I am also SMG in close range. If my men is slower, then simply quick move away, use moving benefit to prevent my men be killed in one burst and let the teammate behind to take care on him and cover my front men.

    I am not complete this combat skill anyway, but I believe this may be worth to try. Just like I am backing to play the Star Craft. XDDD



    Now that tactic makes sense. Good to know. Tried similar here.
    In case someone has a better idea then sharing would be most appreciated.



    And then the follow up game. The difference is pure URB.
    Be sure to watch the end for some anti-tank fun.


    Mexican Batman


    Finally someones play to enjoy watching again.
    Solid line advancing save the Commando that apparently serves as your point man for spotting.
    You have a Scout that can spot anyone before they can fire. Why send anyone ahead in a clear field then.
    Tactical mishaps; At 5min you let 2 not so good at killing soldiers fight alone against a few enemies behind a sandbagwall and then you did not use the upgrade on the Medal to heal to full heal him.
    Also always bunching everyone together will eventually cause massive casualties. Think of enemy Rifle-Nade or Mortar.
    Then sending low HP soldiers to the front is just asking for them to die. Lucked out that the rifleman at least lived till his next point man of doom job.
    Also lucked out that the last hedge did not have much resistance despite you being ahead so far.

    TIP: If you have a Medic then always upgrade to Intensive Care above all else and use it a lot even on minor injuries since the normal healing is way to slow to be of much help unless you want games to last for an hour or so.

    Keep up the awesome work and upload, upload, upload!!!

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