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    “Run Ramirez, RUUUNNNN!!!!” *gona make it, gona make …….*
    I notice that the Detection Algo is kind of off after the HMG crewman gets out.
    This is not the first time. In my experience the enemy crewman, once out, always gets the first action in as if we can not see him before he does that.
    This sucks.
    Also a Soldier that is basically constantly panicking. Losing the will to fight each time after another 3 bullets pass by is utterly silly. Unplayable.
    How about this. After panic is over the soldier moral goes strait back up to his current maximum.
    He either regained his will to fight or he should run for his life like in MNB2 but not the current way.
    For balancing the panic time can be longer (include a longer run back) or better make it a random equation based on D20+5 minus D100+current XP. This should be a time span from 6 to 25 seconds where as a 100 XP soldier will only panic for 6 seconds at most and then needs to be dropped from his max moral again for another panic to happen.
    Start the panic timer as soon as panic is registered (pinned, hiding or other) and not just the time spend running back.



    In the spirit of a tough start. Actually nice that the enemy does not wait for me to come to him eventually and instead charges my position.



    Unplayable is a bit of a dramatic statement. Especially since I’ve seen other players including myself dealing with this mechanic fairly well. (Take my last vid urb getting urbed)

    It might ‘unplayable’ for someone who believes that ordering those men that were desperately trying to save their miserable life from incoming fire to rush back exactly in the killzone. The fact they have no desire to partake to that non sense is maybe what you call unplayable.

    May i remember you that it is not a Red army simulator. If anything, with some current play styles observed, this mechanic is preventing players to get their squad wiped out or at least gives a warning that the player is about to order his men into a wall of bullets.

    Lines that break is part of combat. It is a natural behavior to be willing to stay alive. When it happens, bound back, regroup, recollect yourself, re org and then execute an assault that makes more sense. To your surprise you will never find any books saying that rushing back in the kill zone immediately is the best way to recover from a rout.

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    Not disagreeing with your assessment, but I’m curious to know how you might have handled the situation in my video?

    I did not want to send my guys back into the kill zone but there was little where else for me to send them, given that they were only safe once they had retreated off screen. I acknowledge I’ve got lots of room to improve strategically though.



    Yes..Yes… I over stated my point once again. Thanks for the detailed explanation on how mnb3 soldiers should be treated.
    NOT …”rushing back in the kill zone immediately is the best way to recover from a rout.
    Of course and I have no intention on slaughtering my men like a mad maniac commander. 😉
    My whole point is to be able to get a panicked man to safety or at least let them defend themselves better.
    I have it plenty that once my men are losing and are under heavy fire I can not get them to stop panicking because the usually are pinned at the same time therefore not running away from the bad situation.
    This pinned forever then panic then pinned then panic is sometimes a bit much to play with sometimes.
    I have a recording were the last man got stuck in this loop for over 5 minutes due to multiple enemy SMG fire from the edge of the view field therefore not actually hitting him.
    I then closed the game tab to end it.
    Since we can not Retreat under the staring line to call it a day so far it was my only option.

    Here a tactical test involving them evil road raiders.



    Forgot to mention that it is strange to find allied weapons in normal enemy crates now.
    Actually the chance to find a good weapon now justifies taking the chance not upgrading bad ones until it is needed.
    Also found a Love-Letter in one. 100 moral boost? GIs can somehow read German or maybe there was a picture in that letter. I take the second guess for that boost. 🙂
    Also in the last vid around time 5min was the first time in this game that the Bazooka did not fire. Bug.

    Seams that HtH is a good way to start at times.
    Makes the game feel like an evolution sim kind of. LOL
    See all my men beat a poor enemy soldier to a pulp (I actually felt bad about that) and then what happens when your Spotting Plane decides to play FF CAS from hell on you.
    Last vid from version 19.n that I upload. Version o is active and will be tested now.



    Well, I do agree with Urb on these issue. As panic is the most hard part to deal with under heavy fire. I guess it is because some kind of commander style. I seldom charge very quickly. I always moving slow and with tactic make sure my men from cover to cover unless it has no cover for use.

    Charging fast is a quick way to win the game early, and avoid the reinforcement chance of enemy. But it is also very easy to get into trap. A Number of German can quickly pin down your men, or like HMG, instant kill your single men. And I seldom have to deal with the problem like this.

    Another possibility is how wise you use on your Officer, I do remember someone did say that Officer looks very useless, but during my test, officer is a best way to get all men un-pin to get out of hell.

    *Everyone know I love to send a guy to recon and click that dude to moving as a meat shield.
    *I Advance very slowly. And usually fall back with all men when I feel this fight is not good, I will try to set and trap and wait for German charge to my position and kill them.
    *Wounded always stand behind and keep change the front men in order to let them have to to regain enough morale.
    *Concentrate on the German gun direction, I use this skill to save my soldier so many times, As a men can get a bonus from moving. When I understand someone is going to get a shoot, I will move him.
    *Support always is the first, that sure will reduce the exp you gain, but my principle is to avoid possible hurt and make the enemy be much more easier to defeat.

    The only possible charge in my video is early strong enemy like HMG, with no exp to call any support to deal with that one. Then I will charge with all men, and get into hand to hand combat, after that I will sudden retreat when I force the gunner out.

    So I am almost not encounter with these pin down for ever problem, guess we need to try more and see how it goes. >o<


    pat hanley

    so like can ya release a beta version or somthing ? tired of watching you boys play mnb3 without me !



    Almost there. Seriously.
    Till then some more bug crushing. Here a bit of a problem with planting TNT.
    And here the games Remove Dead GI from Rooster function did not work.



    Some more interesting vids.
    Here jump to 17min to see some crazy Road kill action and Mine laying shizz.
    And lastly “the Wall of Doom” with the addition of a nice Tank battle where a lone Stuart did his best vs 2 Panzer IV.
    p.s. I intentional ran for the bunker to test its defenses. They currently suck for us.



    It seems like it’s not just me who tends to encounter lone ‘invisi-sneak’ German soldiers camping at the bottom of the map right when you spawn in the Hedgerow maps. Can be very deadly, particularly if they are armed with an SMG.

    Got a little hairy by the last hedgerow in that 2nd vid, but you handled it well and repaid the favor on those two German trucks. Nobody’s sneaking up on you today, eh Lance?

    Interesting to see the tanks actually engaging each other and not have it be a case of the Tank and the HMG where one can’t see the other. Damaged mechanics are good, though it was difficult to really watch the fight unfold since you were scrolling up and down a lot. I presume you were looking for something? Still, very comical indeed to watch the thing limp away on fire and with half tracks. Either a very dedicated crew to want to help another section like that, or just an excuse to dip!



    Also join the bad start with everyone here. Two mortar and 5+ German group really surprise me, even I already know with that. If you want to know how deadly the panic and German mortar is, simply watch this video.

    Thanks god there are some rocks near my position, and all of my soldiers act like they are marksman not a new guy. lol



    Continuous show and end after lose two men.



    Lucky start on that first game arise. Thankfully mortars are more of a scare then a killer unless, as can be seen, you get gibbed.
    Massive close range enemy line spawns and pop ups. Really had to adjust my play to survive that.
    Aside the spawn points being to close it also seams 8maybe due to spawning so close) that my men detect enemies way to late despite Scout help.



    I just got done playing my first few games of MNB3! I must say, I am very impressed.

    A few points:

    – Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but my guys got hosed by a Jerry in a bunker (not a gunner) even though my men were behind some trees and rocks. I don’t know how he could have line of sight.

    – The game screen scrolls very slowly for me. I tried reducing the quality and clearing particles, but it still was a bit stuttery. Otherwise, the game runs very well.


    – Customizable hotkeys. I believe these will greatly improve the gameplay experience by streamlining it. MNB3 is all about fast-paced action so the player should be well-equipped to keep up!

    There could be options screen where one can configure the following:

    1. Soldier selection. Tap once to select, double tap to select and then center on soldier.
    2. De-select all.
    3. Trigger formation / Move all. Limited use, but it would be nice to have the option.

    Feel free to add something I missed.

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