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    First game ^^

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    Nice! Its cool to see peoples first impressions of MnB3.

    I decided to do something a little stupid but super fun for this latest video:



    Nice idea Reid.
    I tried that too and made it through 2 fields with all Medics. Was rather easy later on but I think that I was a bit lucky.
    Imagine the enemies commanders expression when having heard that a squad of pure Medics has taken in his defensive positions.

    In the following play I tried out to see if spamming Gunners would cause an upset since they have new Skills now.
    They actually performed worse then the all medic team.



    Medic Madness with the best thing that it worked splendidly aside from that they o need to take their time to get the job done.
    Advanced tactics where the key to success here so this is run is more then just for fun.



    Here’s a bit of a surprise; ol’ Tyrud is gonna have a bit of a go at MnB 3. I apologize in advance for the game audio being a little louder than my voice at times. It’s likely a problem only solvable by having a separate audio track for my voice. Also apologize for some random background noise in the middle third of the video, as my parents arrived home more or less around that time and my door was open.

    Anyway, without further ado, here it is:

    @lance I use a few smoke grenades and had no real trouble having them cover my guys, but maybe you see otherwise.



    No NOOB plays here. 😉
    It is very nice to see and hear long time site members post plays.
    Despite you being on short time you really should fire up an MNB3 game at least a few times a week. New patches are currently made within real short times.
    For instance are most Skills reworked as well as the weapons trees for every soldier class.
    Lots of game mechanics changed like weapon damages (can be seen a few times that one-shot-kills are possible again) , effectiveness and the new enemy crates that “we” can now capture to get their weapons.

    Feedback from such an experienced Urbanian as yourself is most valuable.
    Bit of an tactical goof you made is to not advance with all your men in a way that allows them to engage the enemy in numbers.
    Also make sure you have more then just a Marksman with good rifle skill AND weapon active because most other soldier classes skills start with horrible rifle-skill and weapons and do not get better till having at least 2 upgrades spend on either.

    TIPS:-That darker line in front of the plowed field is a Ditch asset that has trench like defensive features.

    – Mines are NOT yet in the game but ALL soldiers scan for them once in a while.
    Only Engineers scan frequently for mines but you sly guy figured that out.

    – Medic heals real slow unless you use the skill upgrades and the healing range is real short so placing them away from injured soldiers or vice versa makes their talent useless.
    p.s. They can fight in MNB3 even if poorly until maxed in rank.

    Good use of the Smoke then Grenade to kill that enemy. Very useful tactic.
    But the effective cover of smoke seams to be only right behind it making it a very tricky asset.
    Your Scout has become your best man but that was inevitable since he takes all Point-Man XP as well as most hit-and-kill XP since your Marksman is so far in the back that he can not engage anyone.
    Looking forward to some more plays of yours and especially some TESTER POSTS in the TESTING GROUNDS. 😉 😉 😉

    Here a version 0.19b that I think is nice to watch.
    Two Panzer IV came and I had no Engineer or Signaller. See me get past them without hedgerows to help block LOS.



    New Commando test games. 3 runs in a row.
    hmmm did the posting front-face change????
    Anyhow. Due to an accident while posting this before and losing the post somehow that I spend an hour to write on I will just post the you-tube links and let you all comment on the game(s).
    1st run
    2nd run
    3rd run



    No comments eee.
    Well then on with the show. In this vide see that crate drops can still be urbanized. Stuart tank confusion and the zombie troop truck.



    Actually it is a tough choice, tank is a deadly threat as it resist the bullet hit. But if we put the MG become a deadly weapon means we have to take risk to get close and kill the tank. But if we don’t, the tank don’t act like what he is doing like the WW2 battlefield – Infantry Killer.

    I believe we have to bring some accuracy back to tank MG, also give more chance to fire tank’s main cannon. The tank shell should less missing once close to enough range (Of course this range have to out of min range), also need something like HE shell to against large group of German.



    Interesting video. Some complained about the tank lethality earlier on but the beauty of this is that German and Allied tanks follow the same rules. The Axis tank got nerfed and now so is the Stuart to a point I don’t even need to convince anyone how much the tank needs it’s love back.

    Usually that is what happens when we deal with balance within this community. It is a sort of bracketing. It goes to too hard to too easy 🙂 to the very hard to very easy then to just hard enough and for some few times back to just easy enough.



    My thoughts on tanks in MNB3.
    Visually they are great except them few wiggly lines on both tanks that seam to be a drawing-correction mistakes.
    – Main Gun; Explosion is way to big. Acts like a bomb-drop or even worse. The size it has in mnb2 would be fine for any target.
    – MG; Was OP and now is a bit to inaccurate.
    Give it slightly more hit chance but not to much OR implement a min range for the MG where it will not target under 30 or 50pix.

    Damages to the Tank(s); I did not have it happen that non-explosives did any sort of damage.
    Antenna, view ports or the commander that pops out once in a while are still killable with bullets?

    Tanks traversing objects; A waterway should seriously slow down a tank as well as when it drives through or over foliage or any other object for that matter.
    For destructible objects maybe the tanks can “crush” them if that would make game sense.



    Version 0.19i my first try with this version and talk about a real bad start.
    A bit of a large random factor in MNB3 is the first enemy encounter.
    Could be just a coupe of rifle men running around on a clean field or like in this case 2 walls with some 6 soldiers (3 Smg’s, MG and 2 sniper like bolt’s) plus an HMG.

    Somehow the trees did not really block any LOS so my men where basically target practice for them until I charged a few of ’em.
    Surprisingly not a single of my shots killed an enemy but 2 got beaten to death with Springfields. My men must have been baseball players before the draft.

    In situations like this I wish I could simply retreat my (still alive) men somehow cause even I say it was an impossible situation but see for yourself.



    And because getting whipped out right at the start is so much fun here the next game.
    p.s. The HMG has body heat guided bullets. 🙂



    Lance’s video is what I wish to talk to. I now suggest to bring back the idle exp system, it can require much longer to gain an exp but it is needed.

    Talk about a HMG, even it is function well and can be killed by bullet or explosive. But in the early game it is too deadly and require very big cost to against. You can not advance ot killing anything so you gain no exp. What you wish to use to against a full 50 MG? By a started soldier?!

    That is bad! Also the early tank in is another big problem too.

    This need some discussion!



    I feel your pain Lance. I just played v0.19i and it kicked me to the curb quite swiftly as well. A road was something like half a screen away from the starting line. As you can imagine a bunch of bad guys rolled out of their clown car to greet me.

    I retreated and advanced a few times with smoke and picked a few of them off but my guys were just not experienced enough to handle it.

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