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    You pals sure can post swell game plays. Love ’em!
    Nail biting run there M.B. and it shows again that with a high trained Signaller things are never hopeless especially in company with the ever so willing bullet sponge of le Medic.
    I will need a lot of free time to get that far in the game.
    Currently still chewing my way through the Hedgerows.


    Mexican Batman

    thx Lance , I really thought I was done in the first few minutes but surprisingly I pushed on. I am glad you enjoyed the video . It nearly became part of my failure compilation . I haven’t reset my profile at all since a while that’s why I am so far ahead.



    Things can get real hot in NB3 now. Introducing FIRE.
    This is a second leg full of fun.



    I did not expect that will be so hard in the Mortain, but it really does when talk about the sniper challenge.

    It is very bad luck to have such number of HMG on the field. Using tree as the LOS blocker probably is the worst thing in the MNB series, first you have to believe enemy can’t see you, second the tree won’t protect you. Especially when you try to hide in front of a Bunker HMG, you must be brave. lol

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    LOL You took my last Bloody Sunday very serious there. 😀
    Sniper Challenge should start with soldiers that have more then 30 regular combat skill.
    Right there GIs start simply locked in the Marksman specialty mode.

    That was some nice enemy Heavy Machine Gun testing.
    That first charge strait into the HMG single manned was like WOW he made it.
    So I assumed it would be a valid strategy but from there on they became OP again.
    Especially gibbing so many men seams that the damage level is simply to high.
    There are practically no hits or bursts that hit that do not cause instant death.
    This can not be a coincidence since it happens to all of us too.
    Then them 3 HMGs next to each other. A bit displaced but still. :shocked:



    lol Lance,it is really sad when you try to take the chance on charging single one,then you found another HMG. QAQ

    Actually I love this one as this show how the German doing on their defense on D-Day,each diffence cover others from difference side and make them hard to been defeat. Glad it can come to that real, nice placing @urbzz



    Here comes another try on the Mortain, and I finally make it, take me more then one hour to win. Damn! That is long.

    Get mortar, Arty there as usual, and found that my tactic is correct, hold one guy to level up to Eagle vision then finally make it with 4 mens left. Clean 6 HMG, that is a tough one.



    The 0.23 from here is on.

    Here is some open view for everyone to see the new unit, lovely Resist Force – Frenchies!

    With the random weapon upgrade, 20CBT 75HP Springfield start, and three skill from healing, morale boost and burning the enemy. Here is the short cut view for everyone, please enjoy.

    Don’t forget to give some comment. >o<

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Viewing 8 posts - 181 through 188 (of 188 total)

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