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    v21d Hedge Day 25 -3days. Game kicked my butt a few times in a row.
    Sometimes either leveling up takes to long from the start or some unfair crap happens like a road where as soon as you cross it the Truck comes and you swarmed get suicide nading/ rocketing enemies.
    Here the second leg of such a game.



    So much violence and explosive lol. Very interesting fight with a lot of unexpected outcomes.The true roots of Mud and Blood!!

    Thank you for taking the time to upload this gem Lance lol. The highlight of that fight is when the Opel showed up with a section of Panzerfaust monkeys hehe. I don’t know if you noticed (prolly since you are the one doing it) but your play style change from when you started to play the game. It is interesting to see that even for an aggressive type of player you adapted to the game mechanics while remaining fairly dynamic.



    As I say, Gunner challenge is possible. Here is my video, the second success on the Brest.

    You have to play your Gunner like a hero, and control him very deeply, even sometimes he will tell you something bad if you click him often. lol

    I will try on the Hedgerow later.



    Yeah! now I can give the answer, the Panzerfaust number need to be decrease. Otherwise it is even worst then the German grenade and mortar.

    The Gunner challenge is very hard in the open ground theme, I try few times but always failed! Maybe I control not good enough but I think I could say it is very hard. The situation with only German Infantry will be hard already, no need to say the HMG or Tank.



    In Brest there is almost a constant LOS cover on one side so advancing without even killing anyone is possible.
    Furthermore towards your succeeded challenge. Congrats! That one is one for the Hero Topic.
    There where very few enemies, usually single and no SMG/ MG and their aim was real poor too.

    Midway you shot a soldier and he spilled red and green blood!!! 😯
    Seriously that run was rather easy. In the open you would not have come far.

    The Hedgerow tries where also a lot easier then mine despite similar Days count.
    In you last attempt there I wondered once again as to why you try to kill every enemy there is.
    If you would bypass those that run past you anyways and also sneak past a few more you may have beaten that one too.
    I salute you.



    Yeah I know but I just want to buy enough exp there before I go to another tree line, but sadly deal with more then one German seems quiet hard in the open. And I think this challenge should be more easier if Mortar function well. lol

    Damn! Those Panzerfaust is so annoying! =o=



    I am very worry, is all German single soldier have a Panzerfaust???!!! Damn! now it become the common ending for MNB3. They shoot you when you close to Trench, Sandbag, Bunker. lol

    I think this should be slightly nerf on the next patch. 0o0

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    Bad day, indeed Arise. You showed some courage there trying to get a lone gunner across all that mess, but courage alone ain’t enough sometimes, I guess.

    As for your second attempt with the full squad, it’s definitely unlucky, but I’d say you were tempting fate by having everyone clustered like that. Better luck next time!



    After the 0.21g is on, still try to have some run on the Mortain, and end the map with three left. >o<

    Glad we bring the Gunner mortar back online, and now the game seems really goes fair war as number change seems much close compare with MNB2. lol

    I believe now Arty and Rifle grenade is quiet balance, just the grenade still have too big GIB radius. One of rifle grenade directly kill my marksman when I try to snipe them behind the tree. Damn fine German grenade shoot!! The Most exciting combat shall be Gunner, RTO, Scout, and VS with 4+ German on the trench line. As I gain the experience from divide the troop to avoid one Panzerfaust kill the team when use Trench and Sandbag as cover, so I put the Gunner behind and try to use Scout’s Shotgun to gain the close fight bonus. ( As they don’t have any SMG ) Gunner really have very good covering ability on this point, I like it.

    As I believe @lance will going to point out later, so I admit here, I am rather lucky, did you see how many shoot my Scout get but not get killed? he is the most tough soldier I ever had. XD Warfare going as good as it can be now, as the Mortain is a rather hard map so I believe MNB3 is going well in this update. Good job Boss. ( @urbzz )

    For the Gib from the HMG, I still stand fine, as our 50 can do so, so give German a chance seems fine. Also, as I think the GIB or -124HP is the same so I don’t care too much about Gib or not Gib. Too less men will survive under that damage, when you get one shoot. lol



    This is how you firefight.



    New profile for ver 0.21g after I did the Lone Gunners Challenge. Day2.
    All around a tough fight for inexperienced players. I was a bit careless at points too.

    2nd leg. Notice the wild flares followed by all them enemy arty. Bunker hooo.
    Also a good GI bleeds to death because he fell into barbed wire. Gruesome….

    3rd leg. Tough fights but thanks to my now high ranked men and low support resistance rather standard.

    4th and final. Notice the strange enemy squad appearing in front of me and all of them running northwards for a good distance. This happens a few times.
    Unsure if the game would have become much harder. At max levels my men have it rather easy. Called it a day. Progression through The different field types worked.



    You guys are in for a real treat! Get settled in for a long and brutal game!

    In this game, I attempt to acquire the coveted Gold Star on a fresh profile. Lots of mud and blood as well as some very interesting glitches that @urbzz should look at.



    Awesome carnage in the end. Nothing beats artillery to smash stubborn resistance.
    Second vid you shoot a flare into a bunker and then get a rifle-grenade returned. LOL
    Serious LOL!
    BTW I forgot to list in the BUGs section that our Flare does not give the message reply of how many enemies are around it anymore.
    Second vid time 23+ minutes.
    BUG!!! A HMG spawned behind a sandbag-wall right after YOU built it. 😯 ha ha ha
    Enemy squad spawns to close to your men and then runs upwards. That looks wrong.

    >>> Need to list such in the bugs report. < <<

    24:15 a massive enemy soldier spawn running you down. Looks good but did they spawn to close?
    Good reaction to retreat back to that bunker. Man they really gave you a hell of a time towards that last hedgerow.
    Exchange of fire looks nicely balanced now with your maxed men not hitting nearly as many shots as they do but then again you do not have a super marksman so that could break such long range ties.

    Last game is almost an hour long… will skip most of it for now.
    Medic up front picking of the enemy is surely a twist from MNB2 play.
    min 13:10. Planting TNT by mistake ended a few games for me. Good that you noticed in advance.
    LOL Clean Function removed the TNT or your quest could have been over. ISSUE!!
    At this end zone they really did not want you to advance anymore.
    “Thou shall not pass!!!”

    After that you advanced again???? Sucker for punishment eee 😉
    Field is empty?? You mustz have killed ’em all of in the previous one. :laughing:
    39:25 After receiving some 30 Purple Heart Medals bullet-sponge O.Shifty ran out of luck.
    Dam, Hitler must have personally ordered the defense of that wall. “To the last man and beyond…”
    44:10 Rifle-Grenade-of-Doom.
    Enemy skill stuff may have been severely reduced in happening but when they do use something it hurts a lot.
    All of a sudden the Medic’s evil Syringe becomes an option, right.

    The line behind that wall must be a designated spawn point that functions despite you being almost on top of it.
    That is surely a bug.

    50:00 Now they got YOU running.
    Using the Syringe on yourself while incapacitated …. I see no problem with that. 🙂
    That final score. You sir rock hard. 😀



    Thanks for the review of the vids, Lance! I’ve been meaning to record timestamps of all the glitches so @urbzz can review them.

    Haha! Yes, the syringe is basically a Stimpack from StarCraft (minus 10 health, except no fire rate increase, lol).

    That final score is insane. What sucks the most is that I died on the last field! I had just completed 11! Just one more and the Gold Star would be mine!

    At least I got the Silver Star.

    Silver Star – Advance 8 times in 1 day. All soldiers 3% percent chances to start with a Garand rifle. Stackable with Bronze and Gold Stars.

    I’m guessing Gold Star adds 5% chances?

    Also, all of these bonuses are currently worthless because even if we do have a fresh GI start with a Garand, he will immediately lose it when he ranks up!


    Mexican Batman
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