How to play as the Germans ?

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    Jordan Sammut

    Hey im a big fan of the MNB series and I love MNB3 is amazing and very well done

    I have read posts saying that you could play as the germans but I dont know how to play as them
    if anyone could just show me how ill be very greatfull tks


    Originally, years back, when the game was first talked about there was the mentioning that both sides could be played.
    We even had a topic thread just for the Germans explaining the would have been mechanics and such.
    As far as I know this topic has neither been denounced nor confirmed by the developer.
    However there has been no mentioning or such that would even suspect that we will ever be able to switch sides in MNB3.

    Jordan Sammut

    oh wow I’m kind of disappointed by that as it sounded very interesting
    I do hope they will add it in the future
    tks for the reply


    Just play Mud and blood 2 and pretend it’s mud and blood 3, and you’re the Germans fending off Americans.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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