How to lower HCM trail condition.

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    So I was looking at my intel and I realised that the deployment speed for the VCs had a +15% modifier, all the other aspects I could tkae care of, with only command being above 0%.So after reading the tag it had “This number represent….. destroy culverts tp reduce this number”. I checked the wiki and did about 3 mission where I found every asset and I never found anything about culverts or even about lowering this modifier. Anybody know how ?



    Culvert is like a cement pipe thing for water to run through and its got a bit of wood over it in game. I think if im recalling correctly.



    Some of Recon’s objectives are so convoluted, and confusing. One time I was given a mission where you had to find a good spot to listen in on the NVA with your radio guy. It even placed the objective spots on the map, so I said to myself that this should be pretty easy. **2 months later** “WHERE DA FCK DO YOU WANT ME TO PUT THE RADIO YOU POS GAME!!!” XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD



    There’s no mission as far as I know where you have to listen in to the NVA… are you talking about the Retransmit mission, where you have to help a sister LRRP team by retransmitting their requests to HQ? There’s a button on the radio panel that says “test rtx power” or something along those lines. Your job is to make it pop up “100%” or at least over “90%” when you click it. The spot with 100% reception is located in a spot somewhere around the AO. It’s tricky, and takes some practice. Good luck out there!



    Yeah, it was damn re-transmit mission, I was so lost in that mission >.< . And I did use the “test rtx power” button…but I guess I was in the worst reception spot. I think I will retry that mission, now that I know a little more on how to do it now.




    Blow this thing up with C4 or Air strike, then the VC Trail condition will be decrease. However, this asset is rather rare in the AO, please search hard.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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