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    granted, the friendly AIs in Recon Will Follow Your Rangers But Now Your Rangers Wont Follow Your Orders 🙂

    I Wish for More In-depth Mudandblood Games


    granted, urb fixes the broken supply drops in recon, but they always fall right onto VC positions

    I wish for 106 to get his old images back


    Whoever this 106 is got the numbers backwards and passed the wish to a certain 601.

    I wish this character to get implemented into STWALT.


    Granted But The Cleric Of Metal Is A Statue That Makes Very Annoying Metal Sounds When You Pass By It And You Get Deafness For The Rest Of The Game

    I Wish For More Classes In MNB3


    Your wish is granted. There is now every class of German soldier under the sun standing between you and your objective. Best get to it, soldier!

    I wish laser eye surgery was cheaper, so I could actually get it in the near future.


    Granted. All forms of Laser Eye surgery are now cheaper. However, it comes with the great risk that the Doctors and those taking part are greener than green, and has some serious risks and a lot of questionable performances too.

    I wish for warmer clothes for the cold winter we seem to be experiencing lately.


    Granted. But The Clothes Are Magical Binding Clothes And It Seems That Global Warming Has Removed The Cold Winter And Made It Into a Super Hot Year So Good Luck With Heatstroke

    I Wish For The Germans To Stop Storming My Men


    They stop to read your comment and wonder how English seems much improved when you capitalize every word. After trading a few bad jokes, they resume the slaughter of your forces.

    I wish for everything wished on this thread so far.

    Commander Deltor

    Granted, but since everything has been corrupted you get nothing. I wish for Sarge to be a squad member choice in MnB 3

    Nicholas Andersen

    OMGWTFBBQ blitz in 3…2…1…

    I wish for tabloid magazines..

    Nicholas Andersen

    I wish I’d stop being slandered by tabloid magazines.

    Monica Kraus

    Granted, but the magazines instead post very embarassing stuff about you.
    I wish I got all the medals in the Mud and Blood Games.

Viewing 12 posts - 76 through 87 (of 87 total)
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