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    Hi, i need help deleting my account on mud and blood so it will no longer exist. I was searching for a café job and they did some research on the net and found my account here and i need to remove it. Thank you in advance.



    Hi back to you.
    There was a setting to delete accounts here but I guess it got removed.
    Was very inconvenient since it deleted everything a user ever did here and that gave bad folks ideas for abuse.
    Deleting Accounts is something that I sadly can not do but I will send this request to an Administrator.
    However, I have no idea when one will be active.

    If I may, Why does this job place require you to delete your account here?
    This could be very interesting information to us.

    Maybe if you search for “Word Press Account Deletion” you get faster help.



    Hi Lance.
    Well i put my whole name on here “Grim Boström” and when you would put that in the google search engine a link would lead to my profile on the mud and blood webbsite. The thing is that i chose Herrman Göring as a profile picture for memes and that would be on full display on google and the café supervisor thought i was a nazi sympathizer… So hopefully i can get my account removed so the link with Göring would disappear.



    I recall that and just to be an ass; I told you it was a bad idea back then but you where like “it’s a free world o I can use whatever profile I want” :sticks-out-tongue:

    Try this. You are on our Discord so simply ping urb or Bersimon and ask them to delete your profile cause I do not kn ow how here and do not have admin powers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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