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    Some months ago, I added a profile field asking “How did you come by our community?” and some of the folks who’ve registered in the website since have been kind to share something with us.

    Here is what I’ve collected so far. Apologies if there are any missing – I had to sift through thousands of spam registrations.

    Dwayne: Played recon and searched

    Engineer B-7214: I began playing MnB2 several years ago, and I must admit: younger me couldn’t tolerate the brutality and decided “Hmm, this game is well balanced and has been finely crafted to provide a challenging experience, what could possibly make it better? Oh right! LET’S PLAY IT WITH CHEATS ON!”, with the main selling point for me being the possibility to create Kraut-chewing masterpieces and well optimized murder contraptions. It was only after I discovered Recon that I began to embrace the brutality. In my quest for more MnB material, I stumbled upon this forum, where I found both the Urbzz Discord and MnB3.

    cooper helash: saw M.A.B.2 on kongrate so i checked out the web site; my fav game is recon or swalt

    thewilliam: As a 4 year old I was very fascinated by war, well, guns more in general. I searched war games and war games, when I found Mud and Blood 2. I was just a 4 or 5 year old and I did not understand so I went to some cheat websites. I had forgotten Mud and Blood until 7th grade when I remembered and came back for a tiny bit then left again. Now as an 8th grader I now I understand the game (with help of the wiki)! Now in my current year I have realized I love URB. Unfairness is pretty fun except for Cat Mario and Unfair Mario because that’s just purely memory and you have no chance. Randomness is just a fun gimmick in general. Brutality, I would rather watch a crushing brutal defeat. This is genre is hard to get into, I’m the only one at my school, everybody else is playing their more modern games. Flash has been forgotten…

    agbortabine: have been looking for this site since because i love to join

    Brian Jimenez: Been playing Mud and Blood for years ever since my Elementary days.

    ElusiveFalcon: Play MnB2 and 3, enjoy both.

    Bortonator: After playing MnB II for a good part of my life (Ever since one of the first builds of, in fact) and it somehow stuck with me since, probably due to me having a partly masochistic personality, I Dunno. I’ve been hanging around here as a nobody and finally decided “You know what, I guess it’s time to join up”

    bob semple: mub and bood 2

    Benmccool01: I’m actually the Bird Dog Eyes TheAsianWhoLovesMnBR aka @TacticalStrikes but the first time I found out MnB was when I was 5 years old when my cousin was playing MnB2

    goldeneye893: mud and blood 3

    Das: The fun of your games 😀

    sebastian: I love mud and blood 2 and I wated to roleplay it so I found you

    Chris: Found Mud and Blood at a flash game website and have played ever since.

    Zac Benham: I’ve always loved the Mud & Blood series, but once I found M&B 3 I fell completely in love with it.

    billly: I searched mud and blood 3

    The Real John Smith: I was originally a URB fanatic by the name of Krieger 1766, HOWEVER my profile was screwed and i became unable to login so now I’m john smith. thanks wallplays or whatever your company name is.

    Buzzy: Played a ton of Mud and Blood 2 back when I was supposed to be working in the computer lab. Wasn’t hard to find after that.

    Jacob Hawkins: i wanted to play some MnB2 and googled it and the website came up

    Ian Nikolas: I remembered playing Mud and Blood 2 back in the days, so I decided to search for it. To my surprise, I found a community instead — and so far a great one at that.

    Armando: A good freind of my told me about mud and blood 2 and about mud and blood hq.

    ADR_Manaic: I love the M&B series and I’ve spent a lot of time on it but would like to be around others who also enjoy these games, and it looks like this is the place to be.

    Bryson: Got hooked by the epic game “Recon”.

    åˆ˜č•¤įŽĢ: just want to have fun with all the mnbr player

    Vladounet: Just searched mud and blood on the internet 🙂

    sicko sicko: i first saw youtube videos about mnb and now i have played-and mastered every mnb game i have came across

    John: By playing mud&blood 2 and then coming across the website.

    Ranger One: Through Mud and blood series

    Gecko: Mostly play MnB2, a bit of Mnb3, not so much Recon (though I still like to watch people getting brutalized on those :D) I am also super interested in Star Destroyer and Flagshipped, as well as Statecraft… I just love the concept of URB games, and have been playing those for years now…

    Bersimon: I found MnB2 on Kongregate. I love games where you’re controlling a squad of soldiers and I liked how unlinear the game was, so I joined the forum to make suggestions and report bugs at first, but stayed for the great community and intelligent games.

    Now you, dear reader – have you anything to share? Post it below!

    Nicholas Andersen

    It was, how long ago? I have no idea, but I happened upon Mud and Blood 2 somewhere on the internet. I don’t really know where. Then I found the forums, read the old screenshot threads, absolutely loved them, and the rest is history.

    Paladin Andric

    Back when I started playing MnB2 on Kongregate, I went to the Wiki because I wanted to know more about the mechanics of the game and how to do better in it. I ended up signing up and editing it quite a bit. I even became a mod. I remember one of the questions/statements/whatever for the modship test mentioned the forum. I went “Wait, there’s a forum?” and joined up. I started using it more and more and the wiki less and less until eventually I sort of “retired” there, I think I got marked as a former or inactive mod on the list. I stuck with the forums for a long time, I think I was like 13 or 14 when I first joined? I stuck around for a couple years I’m pretty sure. I left for maybe a year or so, came back with little fanfare, but only rarely used it. I eventually forgot about it entirely. Then back last year I remembered the forum and got nostalgic. Shot the shit with Lance on another site and rejoined.


    I like many others found MnB2 through kong. I was no older than 10. Now I’m 21.

    I’m pretty sure I found the forums through the wiki, or the comments section on kong.

    There may have been a link ingame (on kong) to the urb website?

    Edit: I always dreamed that an “urb” style AAA game would be made. Still waiting!

    Kickstarter anyone?

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    I first joined the MnB community years ago while seeking to see if MnB would ever be developed for mobile (still waiting XD) and from then on I became deeply engrossed in the awesome games and even more awesome community that grew around them.

    Here’s hoping to many more years of enjoyable interactions with y’all and maybe one day MnB will be on mobile in app form XD

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