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    Hello all! Since I’m huge into history to the point where it is one of the only classes I pay attention to in school. (Shameful, I know) I like to watch YouTube videos regarding the history of various subjects, for instance I recently listened to a documentary about the Cuba and it’s role in the politics of various African countries. I was wondering if anybody knew of any history focused YouTube channels, I’ve compiled a list of various channels I know of with a brief summary of said channel.

    The Great War: WW1, 100 years after it happened, week by week. You can also find special videos relating to certain people such as Josip Broz Tito (Marshall and President of Yugoslavia after WW2)

    Historia Civilis: Roman History relating to politics and their military. (Videos about battles like Cannae and videos about people like Cicero and his time as Consul)

    Forgotten Weapons: A firearms channel devoted to rare or odd weapons, such as the W.A.R. (Winchesters replacement for the B.A.R. that never went into service because WW2 ended)

    Military History Visualized: Pretty much everything relating to military history (Go figure) You’ll find videos about subjects like Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and a comparison video to the German military at 1917 and the German military at 1944.

    Lindybeige: Not really a history exclusive but this channel consists of a lot of military related content, such as “One-man tank turrets – were they a good idea?”

    WatchSundayBaseball: Sadly an inactive channel, but this features the same host as The Great War, this channel goes over various subjects relating to baseball. You’ll find videos about people like Babe Ruth or Eddie Feigner (Who actually played Softball but still, it’s in the channel.)

    CrashCourse: A channel by author John Green and some other, not so noteworthy people. this channel goes over a lot of general history, most teachers will show this channel when learning about general history. This channel also teaches a lot about different subjects such as physics and philosophy

    If you know of any other history focused YouTube channels I’d love to check them out and maybe someone else will too! Thanks guys/gals!


    Nice list.
    Unfortunately Lindybeige lost all my trust and attention after his unfortunate “Spandau vs. Bren” video, where for most of the time he was just talking bullshit. “Bren was better gun because UK win the war and Germany not.” “Mg42/Mg34 was the same gun.” ETC…

    One more, not exactly historical, but fun nonetheless channel I can recommend is Binkov’s Battleground which rants about what would happen if a pair of present day countries ended up at war with each other.


    Fun fact, Lindybeige was “debunked” by Military History Visualized.


    Ah yes, gotta love good historical YouTubers.
    I love CrashCourse (loved the Vlogbrothers for a long time but I have yet to catch up to their newer stuff) and Military History Visualized. Essential stuff. I’ve never been a huge LindyBeige fan, though. His style just doesn’t appeal to me.
    Here’s a bit more.

    Metatron — If you’re into medieval warfare and history, this guy is the one for you. He’s very knowledgeable about various forms of medieval weaponry, be it European, Asian, or somewhere in between, as well as how they are used in combat. He also has videos about the history and culture of the times, and he’s also a gamer and has done videos on various video games and how the armor, weapons, fighting techniques, and cultures therein stack up in comparison to real life. Plus, he’s fluent in seven languages to some degree or another which is just incredible.

    Skallagrim — A lot of the same stuff, but with much more emphasis on the weaponry (as well as more weapons from up until the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, if I’m correct). His is a bit more hardcore stuff but if you’d like a more specific look at historical martial arts and weaponry in particular or have even just a slight knowledge and/or interest thereof, do check this guy out. He has some gaming videos too.

    Extra Credits [specifically their “Extra History” series] — definitely a must see if you’re on YouTube. Extra History is a very interesting and unique YouTube series, covering various historical characters and events in an episodic form and is [i]extremely[/i] engaging. If you’re looking for binge material, you’ve got it. A lot of it is obscure stuff, the kind you will never learn or will only be mentioned in the classroom. Really helps expand your view on history. They’ve covered a lot of topics, including the Sengoku Jidai, the life of Justinian I, and the events leading up to the start of World War I.
    (Additionally, the rest of the channel proper is no less interesting if you’re a gamer or game designer. They do interesting videos about game theory, design, and mechanics, so you might wanna check those out as well.)

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