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Hey guys :)) I am a rookie :)) Please to be part of the forum :))

Activity Forums Recon New Rangers Corner Hey guys :)) I am a rookie :)) Please to be part of the forum :))

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    Mikey Tran

    Hey guys,

    My name is Mikey Tran and I am a half Vietnamese. I’m quite new to the forum as well as the MnB Recon game. I have been playing MnB 2 since 2012 and since the introduction of Recon, I have been keeping tracked with the Recon game for the last 12 months :))

    I am very pleased to become a new member of the forum. I am looking forward to contribute to suggestions as well as receiving useful tips about the games strats and mechanic :))

    In addition, I would like to ask about the function of the button “Clear fire”. I selected one of my Ranger assigned with an Silenced M16 in order to have him executed the VC main force guy with his primary by pressing the “clear to fire” button (allow ranger to open fire for 15 seconds, useful when one ranger is equipped with silenced weapon). However, my ranger did nothing and just stood there observing the VC before I had to move him closer and snatch that VC dude and choked the hell out of the poor bastard.

    The first encounter when the ranger is assigned to fire his rilfeAfter I have gathered the intel and end the poor bastard's life.

    Please let me know if I have done anything wrong when using the M16 silenced.

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    Mikey Tran

    Sorry for the broken links on the previous comment.
    When I have to end the bastard's life by choking him

    When my Ranger did not fire his M16 silenced


    Hi. Welcome to the forums.
    Always glad to see new faces. Enjoy your stay.

    As far as I know “Clear for fire” function does not work, so you’d better try some other way.

    A word of advice tho: try to avoid posting two replies on one forum in the row. That’s sometimes considered spam and looks bad in the eyes of mods.
    You can always try to use the “edit” function, which is somewhere in the top-right corner of the textbox.

    Thanks for dropping by and URB ON!

    Mikey Tran

    Thanks for the tips Kacpo :)) Well, I guess I have to stick with “Grab and choke” tactics then :))

    UBR ON!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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