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    not really new to the game but new to the forum. howdy y’all. Just curious what sort of benefits the medal of honor gives soldiers? for some reason the wiki is glitching on me so i can’t check. anyone else experiencing this problem? also anyone have any thoughts on weather the flak vest is worth the weight. I always equip all my rangers with a flak vest but it might just be a habit from when i was in the army as i don’t actually know what the stats are. keeping all my men alive is a main priority of mine, I’ve restarted many a game due to losing a valuable man or incurring to many rage quits. thanks boys!


    Boys~~~~~~ lol ok. XDDD

    You need to read this thread first, I mean full thread. XD

    There is a video, talk about how to use old buggy MNB wiki to get the information.

    A Small example will be this:

    Here is the buggy one

    And if you click source on the top side, it will become this.

    The Answer become clear.

    To search the key word, you can check this:

    More question then ask below. XD

    BTW, I never wear jacket, because they don’t protect you from bullet. XDDDDDD

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Arise.

    Hello Swan. 🙂
    The Medal-of-Honor in Recon effect is awee I forgot but it is not very useful for sure.
    Most Recon soldier medals only have a very slight effect that is not even measurable during play do the randomness of it all.
    However due to multiple awards of the same type in combination with other medals a high ranked soldier with lots of medals does seam to be at Rambo level during play.

    Also curious about Flak Vests protection values we are.
    Personally I tested this intensively and came (personally again) to the conclusion that the developer purposely implemented this to give the players a false sense of security.
    They are suppose to give you a savings throw vs explosive damage but not a single time could I confirm such and believe me a lot of poor Rangers had to play guinea pig during testings there.

    Losing valuable men is not to bad as long as your HEAT stays very low and you do only low heat missions.
    If those go bad thru loss of men then at least they were not really valuable to you as a player to begin with.
    That is currently my strategy as far as personnel planning goes.

    Keep having a good time in the jungle and do post more into these forums.


    First off, welcome to the forums! Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the medal of honor gives a 50% (correct me if I’m wrong) saving throw to every shot that hits him.


    Medal of Honor

    *Obtain Chance: 0.2% per enemy killed during a mission.
    *Effect: 25% saving throw to incoming bullets.

    The effect don’t stack with long survivior medal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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