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    There once was this six man “volunteer” team thrown together of Patton’s army spearhead squads send out ahead of the main force to make enemy contact.
    This team did not have to go far till the horrors of war where felt all to painfully.
    Watch the most insane run in mud and blood 3 currently aired.



    In the words a rapper with questionable skill, things went 0 to 100 really quickly in that game!

    I’m still in awe that you managed to salvage what should’ve been a ‘better luck next time’ type of leg. You certainly thought quickly on your feet, though I spent a lot of that game thinking you had more than one guy left, since the portraits on the bottom don’t always show the right amount of health. In any case, it was definitely a meat grinder at those sand bags.

    All in all, N. Johnson deserves himself a medal of some kind if not the Medal of Honor itself!



    Man that mad dash was hilarious. Very entertaining. It could be a challenge to get to the end with only one guy.

    I kinda wonder why the Germans that were left behind didn’t pursue that much so i will have a look at the Ai tonight. Thanks for the great vid Lance. You are getting too good at this game.



    nรครครค, I wus just extremely lucky there.
    Without the new feature to spend upgrade points on, the Bravery Medal, he would have been long dead.
    Then the Smoke actually did help a bit. Not as much as I had hoped since advancing through the smoke still lets me lose initiative vs the enemy by getting shot first.

    – As a suggestion the “Reaction Time” of soldiers (both sides) should be a variable and not fixed on something like XP level.
    Something like XP plus D100 (1-100 or 0-99) divided by 2. That way it be a lot better balanced for both sides.
    For us at the start and for them when we are maxed out.

    Then there where also some 50% of the shots fired through the smoke at him.
    With LOS blocker and some enemies looking rather astonished then taking action against him it was nothing more then a Mad Dash that could have ended like all my other attempts to get to the end when the odds where against me namely not.



    This one could go into the regular topic for videos, the WTF…. Topic or here.
    Here fits best since here is still plenty of space to worship the bravest of the brave.
    Behold another madly insane run.-
    Unknown if a bug caused the previously extra possible man making it 7 GIs in total that plowed through the field in the first leg.
    In the second leg the game decided to scratch 2 men right at the start. It must have though that it be more “fair” this way.
    What I will present you now is the third leg since it contains something that has not been made public recording so far.



    Since other testers are already showing of their achievements I guess it be nice to give you all a glimpse of one of the newest implementations.
    Challenges! I will place this one here until we have a proper thread for this or change this threads name since the content overlaps.



    And here a good example of how a true URB game can go.
    Last I was not doing so well so as I said I reset my profile for the newest patch 0.21g and for the lutz tried the Lone Gunner Challenge again that I failed at some 7 times before.
    For info. This is actually the second try, reset profile again, since the first ended with but 2 kills before suffering a fatal head shot therefore luck was with me and not pure skill.

    Towards the recording. I find a piece of the background noise strange.
    Namely the repeating sound of a metal sheet being hit with a stick. Hope you know what I mean.
    It simply does not fir into the situation. I was actually expecting to find something new in game that would make that sort of noise.



    Sound of a trash bin getting smacked with a stick seems like it’s simulating far away gun batteries/artillery being fired. Probably a new sound bite that is being tested.

    A job well done by your gunner, who was pretty consistent with his shots. Probably aided by the fact that the FlaK 37 remained silent. If it had been the FlaK from MnB 2, the story would likely have ended differently.

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    French resistance army anyone. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Baguettes and Wine can win a battle now. Love those new additions. The Frenchy is soooo cool.
    Voice acting is awesome. Sprite is great. Props look nice. Side entrance makes this work well on the spot.
    Uncanny however how they always seam to die from a single bullet hit.
    A lot happened here that was both unfair, random and utterly brutal.
    The new enemy tank AI sure is something. It seams to defend an area instead of just running down the field all while enemy infantry is close by.
    In the future I will place a lot more mines all around. Very tough nut to crack without support calls available.
    This is the 3rd consecutive game D-Day+8 with +3 days ahead.
    Will see if there is interest for the previous fields to load them up too. *replies…*
    They where very tough too. Game started with a Mortar barrage some 200 pix into the field where the very first round gibbed a GI. Let’s just say I made them pay for that.



    I vote for to see the previous rounds Lance. Its pure entertainment to see you navigate your squad thru so much adversity lol. It appears you already mastered the Frenchies. Good thing. they took me awhile to draw them and the sound clips took forever to implement but at the end of the day, it is so rewarding to see them in action.

    So yes please upload more violence for us to watch.



    Due to very popular demand ๐Ÿ˜‰ I present you the first step in this particular trilogy of MNB madness. You will love it from the very start. ๐Ÿ˜€



    lol That TNT is wrong play! poor medic! XDD



    TNT still gets me sometimes with it’s vary large damage range. Still learning. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also beat my own challenge score of 10000 in the end of this trilogy if only I would have played the challenge. XD No medal but still a very satisfactory run. And here the very exiting 2nd part.



    This needs to be re-posted here for permanent show.
    To all; Please look for fitting forum topics to post into and use the front page (your profile) posts for quick shouts and the likes. Thank you.

    Joker posted an update 12 hours ago
    Last man standing โ€“ our heroic gunner gets it done!



    At mere D-Day+3 this was a very tough one field game.

    Enemy arty is truly the pits since it is almost sure to kill at least one GI namely the one(s) getting pinned while the rain of death comes down.
    First time I see more then one enemy crewman after assaulting a Pack88. Bad surprise!
    And then another example of “No amount of heroism can prevent getting blown to pieces”.
    Loved this game.
    Candidate for the Featured Brutality Player?

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