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help with spot!!!!

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    jacob fuller

    I keep doing spot missions and I obviously spot at least the minimum and I still fail. help!


    You mean the Surveillance mission, be advise the Spotting number – killing number is your final observe number. Make sure you don’t kill them and have more observe on them. I once lose a game just because my Huey kill one of them when I am extraction. lol


    Few tips for the Surveilence:

    1. Prioritize stealth over firepower.
    Pick light weapons and equipement. If all your team can stay under 25 bulk, that’s great. Anything that helps you spot things, like; sensors and starlight scopes, are good thing to have.

    2. Invite friends.
    If you think the AO is too empty and have trouble looking for the enemy, call in some heavy support on some location, and wait for it to trigger the QRF. Arty with HE works just fine, but you can use Spectre and Fast Air as well. After a wile you should get report of an enemy formation moving in from the north.

    3. Bird Dog is your friend.
    Use it often, because it can spot enemy assets, as well as tell you where they are and how many enemies are there, thus saving you time searching.

    4. Black trail
    It’s a jackpot. If you find one, you’re guaranteed an enemy formation to move through there. Set up all your men on overatch position and wait for the enemy to come. Just make sure you keep your distance, or otherwise you might end up with enemy on your head.

    5. Wait for them to come.
    Unless you used stealth insert, you are guaranteed that at least some enemies will come to investigate the LZ. Also, remember that the QRF always comes from the north.

    6. Don’t go in cold.
    Good idea for this mission is to go when there’s some heat already build up. This guarantees more enemies in the AO and more opportunities to spot them.

    7. Hold fire.
    Don’t go wps free, even if the enemy has spotted you and is firing at you. Unless it’s utmost emergency and you’re getting overrun, it’s better to try to break contac and hide, as you won’t have to look for more VCs than you’ve already have.

    8. Listen up.
    Pan the camera around the AO and listen. If you hear yawns, muttering and coughs, that means there’s one VC somewhere areound that area. If you hear someone speaking in Chinese (don’t ask.) that means there’s at least two. Keep in mind, that the voices are generated whe there’s a VC up to 650PX away from the camera, not the Rangers, so it might be tricky to pinpoint the enemy location based just on the voices.

    You mean not Surveilance mission, but Recce mission, where you have to cover enough AO to succed.
    In that case remember to make a succesfull sit rep, othervise your area covered will not count.


    I’ve noticed when enemies are automatically spotted (which happens when they’re super close to you’re men) it doesn’t count as an actual spot. Just use the ‘contact report’ button in the radio menu and that’ll help you make sure you’ve actually spotted the required number of hostiles.

    jacob fuller

    thanks guys, really helps.


    In general, unless the mission is “Hunter/Killer”, try not to kill unless necessary.

    Spots that do not count as kills give you XP and extra Intel. Of course kills get you XP as well but that comes at the cost of higher heat.

    Just thought you’d like to know. Good luck out there!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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