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Helicopter disappears into thin air leaving two of my men

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    Navin Nakwek

    Mission: POW Rescue
    Time of issue: Around midnight ingame
    Issue Summary: My rangers managed to safely rescue four POWs from cages and made our way to the secondary LZ point (marked as a green square). Radioman called in a chopper for the extract and one of my men dropped smoke. Chopper took longer than expected and so I dropped a second smoke. Smoke again runs out, and the chopper then decides to buzz right over my position and circle the AO, not seeing the smoke or my men. Since the Secondary LZ was close to the primary LZ I moved there and called an extract twice, giving me two choppers in the AO including the first one. First helicopter was still circling and so came back to pick up my guys. My guys set up a perimeter as the helo lands and picks up the POWs, before getting my guys on. As i was about to get my last two men on the heli disappears from the screen, and it cuts to the endmission screen with my last two men listed as MIA.


    Secondary LZs appear as a blue LZ icon on the map, however, this has also happened to me. But I paused right after my men got into the plane and then accidentaly spammed the space key when I got back with my elbow. So 4 of privates (lucky I know) got left behind.


    Try backing up your profile before every game. Basically after a successful mission save the SOL. file here. The way it works is when you restart the browser it saves. SO if you complete the mission hit refresh go to the file and save it it will be current. I always save it into a seperate folder called MNBR saves then i make a file per mission so i am on mission 32 i save U-32 with a description. This is my file path to MNBR saves. It may be different for you. C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\P6BA6M4A\

    The info for diff systems is here.

    If you save and you make mistake like that you can just load up and try it again no loss. Last night i had a pilot rescue and i got all my men to the chopper 3 got on and the pilot with my fourth man walking over and the chopper just took off without my fourth guy…I was fairly angry because i thought that was straight BS and i have never seena chopper just leave like that no warning and it had only just touched down so it didn’t give me the “15 seconds and were leaving without you.” So i just loaded my profile and did it again. Just remember to save before you load and never ever hit the reset profile button or you will erase the save file that saves the sol that’s in a different place and you will lose your entire profile.
    Your saves would look a little like this in theory. With one Sol files for each mission completed. After you are at the main menu you hit refresh go to sol file and save it. Then start making choices select men and go for next mission. That way if you die on mission you load back to where yous elected the men and pick the mission again. Hope that helps avoid this problem in the future.

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