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    I need help with hedgerows. I get all the way to the third level but keep getting destoryed but german reinforcements or some random crap i need help


    Hedgerows are painful. The best chance you have is to survive the first steps. Since the 23c relase, i’m seeing more and more reinforcements, which could trun a chill game in a mess. The classes that are useful from the beginning are Scout, Marks and Medic, even if Scout role is less and less useful since the germans continue to call reinforcement which spawns wherever they want. Marks is your killing machine waiting for the others to lvl up. Go slow and whenever you see more than 2 germans, go back and wait for a good opportunity.
    Meanwhile, you’ll need to lvl up a Signaler. When Sig gains 1st skill, start Scouting->Bombing->Advance.
    Even if don’t kills enemies, bombing whill pin them down for a while. (and The air drop and the arty will clear those trees) You can use those moment to get your marks out from his cover and have some free kills. Then… Back again. If you see a sniper, go back and bomb him from a safe position. He’s better than your Marks. Always.
    Then go on. Clear your way with support arty and advance.
    The other classes are your choise. Rifleman is very good once he gains some levels, and after he max out his shooting skills and his rifle granades are pure life.
    Gunner is a good friend aganist hordes and mortar is a decent long range support. Engineer could help you in case of Armors.

    Go slow, clear your way with support, don’t be in hurry. They are more than you and, sometimes, better than you.

    Sgt KinG

    I hope that his can be helpful since I went through hedgerows multiple times.
    Early on, you won’t have the luxury of calling support or having some ‘killing machines’ on your squad so that’s when your options are limited. So position your men carefully, put them where they could support each other but also where the enemy can’t shoot at more than 2 of your men so you have fire advantage. Open fields are a pain because there is no much cover, so close the gap quickly, but don’t get to close so if you get overwhelmed, you can fall back with ease.
    A scout is your best friend. Coupled with a sig to soften up defenses, and a marks to pick the enemy from afar is a perfect composition. Once the scout is killed that’s when I stop advancing because no matter how experienced the rest of the squad is, you can easily get trapped (learned it the hard way after advancing 13 times in a day, enemy snipers picked my men one by one while reinforcements kept flooding and I got run over).
    A rifleman and a gunner, or a rifleman and an eng will make the squad complete. Mowing down waves of enemies, grenades pinning them down in close quarters and can work miracles on defenses. A medic will make them six.
    Scout and medic are essential for hedgerows. Of course other units are important to do the actual killing, but they can’t keep going without these two.
    I hope this is helpful for anyone


    A well formulated strategy! You hit the nail on the head when you said that scouts are extremely useful here (LOS is especially tricky in hedgerows) and a patient/careful playstyle is the way to go. That is until the enemy deploys mortars, in which case time isn’t entirely on your side anymore XD. Some might also argue against having a medic, but I think they provide your units with the sustain to actually get through the slog that is the hedgerows.

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