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    My heat tends to increase very fast.

    What effects it,and how do I decrease it?

    I love this recon 🙂


    Well you can just pass days, which will decrease Heat or if you have enough intel you can “Brief your Rangers” both will decrease it


    You get heat by going loud basically. I think you gain heat from kills, support units called, maybe even explosions. There used to be an article on the wiki on heat but now it’s busted. As mentioned, heat decreases with time. 🙂


    Love the man who already show the Recon game mechanic above , here comes with mine.

    Heat score generally means the tension of local VC activity, when the heat score goes up, there will have several effect:

    *More Trap
    -Increase the chance for ranger get killed or all get killed, seriously.
    *More Special VC Unit
    -HMG, NVA Truck, Jeep, Recoilless Gun, Mortar, BAR, Dog Team, Counter LRRP, Sniper, RPG…..yeah.
    *More possible and larger QRF
    -Scale and reaction speed will be larger and faster, when scale up to Company or Regiment will be very very deadly.
    *More VC around
    -The VC number will increase, this will make stealth hard and common to contact in hot.

    Heat score will increase/decrease by: ( In lower heat state )

    *Killing VC, per kill +1
    *Destroyed Ground Asset, per destroyed +5
    *Call Support, per call +1
    *Ranger MIA, per MIA +5
    *Day skip, per skip -1
    *Brief Ranger (Intelligence center, your red book), per use -25Intel, -10 Heat

    However, heat score will not unlimited increase after it become higher enough.(Because it is non liner equation )

    Here is my experience:

    ( This pic is from mine, one of old BDA mission in 1.4c )

    *Stealth style Player
    -With more then 40% Mission killed card, 75% Mission completed.
    -Spot > Kill
    -Commonly use Brief Ranger to low down heat score.
    = Heat score will stay around 5+ ~ 20+

    ( This pic is copy from our respect member – Anomie, the best Recon VC Killer in MNB Community )

    *Rambo player
    -With less Mission killed card, less Intel get.
    -Kill > Spot
    -Commonly skip day to choice mission and decrease the heat.( For hot )
    = Heat score will stay around 45+ ~ 60+.

    So that is, the heat score can be balance around two state, one is a little bit low, another is quiet high but still can be manage. Both can get max Intel and Exp, up to how you play it. In theory, you can doing the tour for unlimited times with two style if you handle well. But Rambo style will have higher casualty then stealth from fight, and commonly Stealth style will get casualty from trap because they search very widely in AO, this max the chance to step on trap.

    That is all. >o<

    Final, with Anomie’s awesome killing pic XD


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    thx, this make sence 🙂

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