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    Hello all. I am doing anew series and am planning of staying close to the river for the most part. I’ll be visiting all 3 forts in the game and reaching the ends of the river.

    Here are my goals so far:

    Find Three River Fort
    Find Quebec

    Find Montreal
    Build a Canoe
    Find a Permit
    Carry a box to a location
    Find the hidden tomb near Quebec.
    Create a Trading Post


    3 River Forts? As in just any Forts on a River I assume.
    Quebec is rather easy if you just spawn near and go south to the river and then east I think it was.
    Montreal was going west of said river?
    And in the middle should be Trois-Rivières.
    Did you not find that just recently?

    Permit. Not sure if that works.
    Box delivery is surely not in as far as I know but . . .

    Find the hidden tomb near Quebec.
    Samuel de Champlain is the name of the grave you are looking for cause as far I can recall it’s just a regular grave and the chance that it’s “his” grave is something like 1 : 1000 or something.
    Nobody has ever found it but then again nobody has become a Wendigo so far either.

    Create a Trading Post.
    Also not functioning as far as I know.
    Good luck hunting and keep up the awesome input.

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    This could be a very long shot BUT if urb actually used the “possible” location of his remains as stated by wikipedia then using the Orientation skill the Tomb could be here.
    Latitude. 46,8138° ou 46° 48′ 49,7″ nord.


    The three river forts were the ones you mention. Three Rivers, Quebec, and Montreal. I have been to two of the three so far.

    I may have order mixed up. I am heading Eastward right now, but I suppose I’ll hit the end of the river then and go back. I saw the western end a long time ago. I will probably start mapping again when I look for the tomb.

    I will probably have to buy the trade permit or be lucky and find someone with it. It cost ~180 livres … so 6 beaver pelts

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