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    So i had one of my guys throw a grenade at a cluster of enemies my other 3 were laying down fire and the guy throws the grenade right in front of him and blows up himself and 2 other guys the other guy was overwhelmed by the fire from the cluster of enemies and died soon after. Any tips on grenades i should know before i re-equip them

    The Lone Ranger

    Use them when the enemy is around medium range so you dont have the chance to kill your own men.


    lol It is like you give up a powerful weapon just because some of accident. @tigerscar >o<

    Grenade is vital, every expert Recon commander will tell you. So be sure to carry them, even you occasionally kill yourself, it is still vital.

    Here are some information for Grenade:

    *They can throw when you pin down, unlike weapon, so that is how you unpin yourself when you are surrounding.
    *Grenade will not hit where you toss, at least not that accurate, control the range. If you are going to use in close range, be sure you know the risk.
    *Grenade accuracy – Smoke > MK2 > CS = WP
    *Number per slot: Smoke(2) Mk2(6) CS(3) WP(3)
    *Demo Skill will affect the grenade throwing accuracy.
    *Put them into first equipment slot, so you can save your life when you have to click as quick as possible before someone get killed.
    *Don’t click them before you know where you wish to toss, somehow it will slide out by game delay. If you don’t want to use after you click them, click out of range to cancel it.
    *6 Mk2 can kill same numbers of VC, just like you did when you run out your rifle ammo(Except MG), if you use wisely.
    *Mk2 can destroy almost everything in Recon, except BTR, ZSU, VC Trail and Bunker. Extremely effective before NVA truck drop their soldier.
    *The VC who affect by CS cloud can’t shoot their weapon for long time.
    *The WP is the only grenade will not cause overt but can kill the VC. ( Only kill when landing, after that it’s light will not kill anyone )
    *The WP can also use like smoke when you are setting indicate for Huey or Cobras. ( Just not very accurate )
    *40mm HE grenade can doing really good, if you need a rain to VC, 8 round for 1 pack.
    *40mm HE grenade have the longest range i throwing equipment.

    That is mine.

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    Thank you both for the advice maybe next time i wont lose 4 sgts

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