Grenade bug?

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    Hello ! I am new here and I do not include the forum. but I came across grenade errors. I’m irritated by the fact of grenades. sometimes the grenade takes 100 HP at a distance of several meters, and the grenade, which explodes under my feet, can give me only 60 HP. usually Germans are lucky, because my grenades do not kill them. will anyone help me with this?



    Welcome to the forums Tommy. 🙂
    Grenades in MnB2 can cause 0-99 HP of damage.
    Never will you have a soldier die from a grenade unless he gets gibbed or he is below 100 health.
    *beware of Frenchies 75hp

    This wide range of random damage is totally intentional.
    Even in RL back then if a frag grenade landed right at a soldiers feet the blast could go completely in the opposite direction.
    But a soldier could also be far away from a grenade explosion and have that unlucky piece of scrap fly right into their heart or other vital place. = Instant death.

    In MnB2 Grenades are an area suppression and good damaging device even if their aim if sometimes terrible and their frequency rather low.
    Considering that a single lucky grenade can take out a Tiger-Tank makes them a real happy-go-lucky element in the game.

    Help/ Tips:
    Your grenades are dangerous to everyone. Game says not to hand grenades to recruits but actually even a maxed soldier will throw a grenade at your own men if the situation is there to do so.
    Therefore do not place any friendly to far away from someone with grenades.
    EX; You have a back trench with soldiers that have grenades. When you would send someone up to the half of the field while enemies are on screen he will most likely get a grenade thrown to close to his position from his own men.

    There is also the Command Option to remove grenades from any soldier.
    Use this in case you are having problems with Friendly Fire.

    If you want more range then equip rifle-grenades. FF is still on so beware.
    The most effective weapon to use them with is the basic Springfield.
    Most firearms will not work with this however.
    On the plus side. Rifle Grenades can be fired out of a bunker but the very slow rate of that due to the bunkers reaction time reduction makes it almost useless as a strategy.

    Most Soldiers can use grenades but do so rarely.
    Normal GIs are good with grenades once the have enough xp.
    SpecOps are better and come with grenades too and Scouts at high xp are the best.

    Hope this helped. Any more questions?



    As far as I recall, soldiers in trenches take extra damage from grenades. Could this explain it?



    In older versions of MnB2 yes but not in the new 2.3 version.
    The feature was removed. Right now I can not recall the version that still had it.
    Was this helpful or not what you where looking for as an answer?

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