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    One Kidney

    Hi there anyone who is actually playing this game,

    I saw the open release of the build come out on D-Day through Facebook and was excited to try it out.

    I’ve played about 3 games so far, two on the vanilla version, the most recent on the (fullscreen) version, and I’m really enjoying it, but there are a few new mechanics added since the past game that I haven’t quite got to grips with.

    I’m a tad confused on how the whole “days ahead/behind schedule” mechanic works.

    At least 8 advances

    As seen here, I was able to advance at least 8 times.

    Omaha Beach

    Yet I am now a day behind schedule, I am assuming this is because my men died rather than me saving my position.

    What does this mechanic actually do? When you are ahead of schedule is the game harder? Does being behind act as a catch up mechanic?

    Just a bit confusing as if you are ahead of schedule doesn’t that give the enemy less time to prepare – making it easier?

    Are there any ways to call reinforcements? Can you get more than 6 units? I think I recall seeing a SitRep that allowed you to call in a reinforcement but it came and went in a few seconds.

    On the topic of SitReps, are these tied to your commanders level/does this effect the amount you can call per day?

    Does anyone know if we will be getting intel on enemy units as we did in MnB 2? I mean in the sense that when you mouse over an enemy unit it would tell you what type of unit it is? I hope this is implemented at some point as I am finding it hard to differentiate units at the moment, even in the fullscreen mode. I can tell when it is a MG unit or a Mortar unit, but other than that I haven’t got a clue.

    I joined the train a bit late on this one so most of these questions have probably already been answered at some point along the way, so sorry if i’m kind of pointing out the obvious.

    Overall I think the game is an excellent sequel to MnB2, and I’m really excited to see where it develops.


    Hi and welcome. For some reason your post was tagged with spam which I believe it is not. So allow me to restore it.

    Joker replied to your post and it was a good answer, so let me paste this here to:

    for some reason I cannot comment your post, but can give you some answers here.
    First, I am also very new to MnB3, so might not have top answers 😉
    Every day you are ahead of scedule – makes germans more deadly. As your troop is a very small advance troop, that makes sense – you fight alone vs all the might of wehrmacht.
    Yes, every time you can´t finish a map. you loose one day, at least is what I think how it works.
    Reinforcement: in current beta version you get sometimes on bottom right a button with reinforment, but never had it with less than 6 men alive, so did not work for me either. But your spec ops (name in game is different, just too much mnb2 player here to remember any other 😉 has as his third special skill the one to call in a frenchie, cd is very long, but you get some new fighter! imo should also only work if you have less than 6 alive. guess due to a bug I could fight today with 7…
    guess intel on enemy units is on the very top of wishlist from all players, as we are still in beta, guess URB may add it.

    Cheers and welcome to our community.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by urbzz.

    If a solider picks up weapon via a supply crate and it’s “better” and you click the weapon upgrade upon field promotion, is that weapon replaced?


    I believe so. I usually try to give weapons to soldiers who already have a max level weapon.



    Gotcha, just give my ENGY a Bren but he wasn’t fully upgraded. Didn’t want to risk the change


    I have a question on how to move multiple units at the same time? I saw that happening in the video with the tank. I tried using 7, as in recon if you pressed 5 or 6 you could move all of your squad, but it didn’t do anything. Is there anything I’m missing or was I just seeing things?


    Press the #9 key, then click how far forward or behind you’d like your boys to adventure and they’re off! Good Luck to ya!

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