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    Ranger at 106 health after using the health kill card

    Ranger at 106 Health


    Ranger at 106 health? Must have been Taco-Tuesday so I see no prob with that. 🙂

    Your modifier to enemy numbers in the AO must have been a result of your rangers accidentally having killed Ho-chi-Ming himself.
    So how is the game play since then? Start with every pix of the AO filled with an enemy soldier??


    actually its negative number so they field infinity less.


    Anyone else encounter the strange “giant helicopter” glitch? I was inserted into the AO as per usual on a Retake job, one of the helicopters got shot down, morphed into a giant helicopter, then spun around in midair while taking up most of the screen and making a very annoying noise. It also prevented me from calling in an evac helicopter, forcing me to have an unnecessary ragequit. Part of the giant heli

    Taking up most of the screen now

    Unib Rovodkalan

    you can change what the loading text says
    just click on it to start changing it

    Chi Long Qua

    A few bugs. When killing enemies with Claymore, the kills are not registered or are counted as 1. I literally just ended a mission with 7 VC dead on my screen to 1 Claymore and it was counted as 1 dead VC. Also sometimes when having your control panel up (Use, Drop, Carry 2nd Weapon etc) you can’t select or control you men. Apache helicopter sometimes engages dead bodies (very annoying), sometimes when searching dead bodies, it says “Soldier too far from location” despite being on top of the body. Don’t know if this is a bug, but bird dog sometimes gives negative pass even though there are still unspotted assets in the AO


    Thanks for the report.
    Recon is currently getting re-coded into a better engine and is currently in a workable closed alpha state where only basic fighting among rangers is working as of now.
    Towards your bugs; Kills do have a tendency to get counted wrong so do spots and other counters. Hopefully that will get fixed with the new game version.

    Control Panel is buggy, known and will get reworked (it’s confirmed) in the new game.
    In case of a freeze or malfunction of the panel simply close it and open it again.
    Then do all the steps again to get your action going.

    Bird Dog =
    Has a 50% chance per asset in the AO to report the first one that gets a positive spot.
    It also gives a positive report if it has already reported the same asset.

    Hope that helped.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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