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    So… who’s ready for the Steam summer sale?


    In all honesty I have (now) better things to do in the short summer here then sit in front of my computer but I will still be here for you all as the community manager.
    Have fun with your games you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nicholas Andersen

    I am gonna try to beat the entire Modern Warfare series on Veteran difficulty.
    Iยดll see you next week.


    Since my day at the Gladiator fest near my former roman metropolis i am eager to play related games.
    Dug up this old classic.
    Anyone with a better Gladiator game?
    Preferably a lot less manager style and more fighting.


    Domina is a fantastic indie gladiator game on Steam. It’s also got an amazing soundtrack.

    For Aliens fans or Warhammer 40k Space Hulk fans, I highly recommend Space Beasts Terror Fright (SBTF). It is an extremely difficult, unforgiving, and intense FPS with rogue-like elements.


    Hi guys. Here’s a game quite similar to Occupational Forces: VN: VIETNAM ’65:


    Thanks for the suggestions @snarks. Domina has nice old style animations but is sadly fully manger style. No actual fighting controls.
    Space Beasts Terror Fright (SBTF) looks like a flashy arcade aliens hunter. Graphics are not so appealing and there is not much strategy involved just fire and forget.
    Guess I am hard to please but then again I like mostly a certain type of game plays.
    Vietnam 65 seams like something I could spend time with.
    Good strategy and luck mix. I also like turn based games since that way no time pressure while playing gets on my nerves.
    I found a free basic but full version with low graphics and the steam variant avail all around the web.
    The more I look at it the more appealing it becomes. Will mark for later.
    Thanks for posting LtHunter.


    @lance Domina does have optional fighter controls, but it’s hack and slash type gameplay, which I’m not sure how appealing it would be to you.

    And if you’re interested in a modern setting counter insurgency game, Afghanistan 11 came out a few months ago, from the same creator as Vietnam 65. By now, they should have fixed a lot of the issues from the release build.


    That Vietnam ’65 game looks like the non-flash version of OFV. Lots of the same mechanics and goals, and definitely the next step for those who liked OFV, and even those who didn’t as the game seems well designed on its own.


    Steam Summer sale

    Yes, already bought 2 dlc addons for Mount and Blade Warband ( a game that keeps on giving, without the need for top tier graphics).

    Also, downloaded 2 misc items that were free.

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    Nicholas Andersen

    I either have too much free time, or too much access to old cartoons.

    Also, Kerbal Space Program is great.


    Again, Have some very happy game play with my brother on the Fortz!

    Left side is me, and right side is my brother.

    Enjoy the show. >o<


    Nice spacey hot rod you got there @joacobanfield2. Could even go into the “Creativeness Showcase” topic.

    I would love to get my hands on this. Actually fairly cheap but the risk of incompletion is also there.


    If it’s Just Dice, go grab a set down at the.., ๐Ÿ™ ..uhm, local place that sells them? Not sure what you have access to where your at, but in this land of self-righteous assholes we have a place(many in the whole city) not too far that sells dice of all sides. I personally have a small bag(or two) with multiples in it. (I.e. 3x20sided, 3x4sided, 8x6sided, so-on-n-so-forth)

    I’d play a game with you! ..course the location might be an issue…


    How simply entertaining it is (was) to roll dice, especially non 6 sided ones, on a table.
    The sounds of hardened plastics skipping over a wooden surface.
    The tension till the last one came to rest and the joy of a winning roll.
    Thanks for the play offer and I would gladly take part.
    Maybe an online way….

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 57 total)
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