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    Speaking of WWII tanks games, War Thunder is by far my favorite game to play, other than URB games of course but it is an amazing game. I will say it can get frustrating sometimes I have had a losing streak the past few days…


    @TheLoneWolf me too! War Thunder is amazing (And frustrating). What’s your best and/or favorite vehicle?


    The BF-109s do quite some work in War Thunder. I used them during sim-battles. The FW-190s are quite good, but in Sim they stall a lot more than they should.

    The British faction has a nice premium plane, the Mustang MK.1 I believe. I had some fun in that aswell. Their Typhoons are quite effective.

    And then the big guys, USSR. The Yaks just destroy everything. Quite easily as well. The LaGG and Migs are quite fun.

    I skipped playing the American faction. They’re the least skilled of the groups, so you find yourself doing one versus all type of things, or so I’ve noticed.

    I haven’t gotten into Japan, I’m not a fan of turn fighting.


    I love the Spitfires, especially the Spitfire MkIIB. It is the best plane I have played so far and I love being able to out maneuver my enemy’s with the Spit and I also like the A20G-25 and the F6F-5 with the Tiny Tims, best ground attack plane I have used just because of how amazing the rockets are. Concerning tanks I love the M18 and also like the T34-57 and it is genuinely fun to play as America now because there are Japanese tanks so the Germans and Japs get put together most of the time making it fun, also the Shermans have been put down in BR so you have much more fun playing them, you might even bounce something!


    I like playing the more challenging vehicles. I found that the American 3.3-4.7 tanks to be very difficult when I first started playing them. Shermans have always sucked, but if you know what you’re doing, you can kill Tiger II’s, Tiger H1’s, and Panthers with the 105 or the A1. And I’ve gotten more air kills with the 50 cals on them than any AA vehicle I’ve played. The America planes are harder to play, for they nerfed the .50’s twice. So the B-17 can hardly do shit against japs. I’ve hated playing any Russian vehicles. It’s so… easy. You hardly need to try to get a ground/air kill. I never cared for the jap vehicles. There tanks in game are much better than they were in WWII, and they hardly had any in the first place. Their Air Force is just as good as it was IRL. The British tanks are hard to grind early on, but the planes are so good! German vehicles can either be wonderful, or junk. The later 109’s (G-6 “Gustav” and K-4) are harder to fly decently in realistic. The later bombers suck. Tanks: Good, but are easily destroyed by Soviet armor.


    Day of Infamy is getting its full release today, and there’s also a vietnam mod for it in beta! The hype is so real XD


    Have a very nice day for The Cataclysm: Dark Days

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    Damn! What should I do?


    So I’ve been playing the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beta this weekend, and it’s pretty sweet. Playing in the gunner’s seat of a Cobra is pretty fun, but don’t expect me to fly the thing 😀

    Playing as the VC is pretty satisfying as well, due to all the traps they can place and the tunnels they can take advantage of.

    Movement and stuff still feels a bit wonky like in Red Orchestra 2, but whatever.

    Now the only thing it needs is a mod that turns it into a FPS Recon, am I right?


    Picture a fps or even a 3d pers shooter with the scale and replayability of Recon? I’d be playing only that. for the rest of my life.


    Try Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon from 2001. In my opinion it feels almost exactly like what Recon might be if it were an FPS. There’s a solid emphasis on stealth and positioning, and the AI is absolutely brutal when they start training their guns on you. So it really sucks it was the only game of its kind in the series; the rest were the console-oriented action TPS games we know the Tom Clancy brand for today. It’s a true classic and a great place to start if you wanna start playing old tactical FPS’s, contrary to what most people might tell you. (That’s where Rainbow Six comes in. I haven’t even entirely gotten the hang of that one yet.)

    It’s available on GOG (maybe Steam too) for a very good price and it works excellently on modern systems though it does lack some built-in resolution options for most screens, but that doesn’t bother me as much as it might others. There might be a mod for that somewhere.



    Chceck out Red Orchestra with mod Darkest Hour – it’s multiplayer, but when you got nice company for me the best game ’bout WWII. I haven’t played Day of Infamy yet, but heard only good opinions about it – something like Day of Defeat: Global Offensive :D.

    I’ve played Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – full agree with FieldsOfFire, game is really demanding, AI is brutal when it comes to firefight, but until that it’s pretty dumb ;D – still it’s game from 2001.

    Now I’m playing Men of War: Assault Squad 2, and Squad – have played ArmA 2, but it’s too slow-paced for me. Squad is golden middle between arcade games like Battlefield and ArmA. But 40 euros for it is WAY too much.

    When it comes to tanks, i prefer light, fast-paced WoT – playing since 2009 or something like that.


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    It gets even better with the Heroes Unleashed mod, too. So many weapons, so many maps, so many possibilities!

    Ironically, one of the most unique things about the original 2001 game is that, unlike most FPS titles, it can actually make the player extremely scared about getting shot at. All it takes is only one well-placed round and your Ghost instantly becomes a corpse in the mud. Most of the time you won’t be going through a full magazine in MP, and you’ll definitely be peeing your pants and mashing that prone key when a bullet whizzes by! Haha!


    If anyone was looking at Day of Infamy or Insurgency, the bundle is half off ($15) today only at ChronoGG.

    If you buy it from this link, you’ll be supporting one of my favorite youtubers as well as getting a sweet deal on some solid games:


    Insurgency is such a good buy, wish it was more popular. Suuupper immersive with amazing sound design and quality with the guns and the things they do with the shooting.

    Steel Division: Normandy 44 comes out today, it’s made by the peeps that makes the Wargame:______ games if you’re into them but this one is WW2 themes which is actually really neat and more focused on the smaller skirmishes on a large scale compared to the mainline Wargame games where you can be artillery sniped from 20km away across the map but the WW2 setting in Steel Division means you don’t have artillery and tanks with absurd across the map ranges.


    Insurgency is great. Not sure if I want even more players though. I run across a lot of players who don’t even know how to play the game or don’t even play the objectives. Gets on my nerves a lot.

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