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    Half way through on landed on Vasquez and incapacitated her.
    Three other where next to it and none got a the HtH win in.
    Shooting would have been suicidal for more the just her.
    Dietrich got unlucky with his gun skills check and got grabbed.
    He was the last man in line and I had nobody available to even try to save him.
    All in all a good run.
    Got rather lucky with the drops but that’s the beauty of this game.
    URB all the way. 🙂


    Sounds interesting Lance…

    But, what game is this. It seems so familiar but I cannot put my finger on it. Would love to play whilst you’re going at it.



    It is a free Flash Game version of an 80’s board game made after the movie Aliens.
    The game itself if also very old but still quiet popular.
    There are many versions of the game out there but most are like beta versions of the full game that is here.
    To bad this flash version has only 3 levels since there are many more in the original board game including expansions and spinoffs that are not scenes in the original movie(s).

    Maybe urbzz could make a “Fan Game” of this as well like he did with Star Destroyer.
    If you look closely at the artwork style it resembles urbzz style a lot.
    But mostly is the game totally on our level what URBness goes.
    I played a quick game of this last level and man it was unfair but lucky I made it out.
    As soon as I found Newt I had to kill 4 Aliens by tactically placing myself so that they would not get me over 3 turns.
    Then on the way back, in the small connection room on top, 3 popped in at the same time at close range where 2 where around a corner so that I could not even shoot them.
    Bagged one with the rifle an then flamed the ground so that on their turn they had to go around he fire stopping right before me.
    Usually the rest of the way should be easy now but then right after the last Alien burned up on their turn one more falls right on top of me. UUggggg!!!!
    Lucked out to throw it of with the first try. Grilling Time! Then easy way out.

    Cheers Mrprofilen and have an URBish good time. 🙂

    Mud And Bullet

    hey lance can you contact gorman 3 times? u cant move apone if u do this i dont why do this if give u more points or i dont know… did u know?


    Hääää???? Can that what you wrote there even be considered some form of English Language?
    Since you used a few “?” I assume you want an answer to “that”.
    In the game Tutorial is says that if you use Apone to “contact” (it is a special icon that only he has as long as you do nothing/waste the entire turn) Gorman 3 time in a row right from the start of the Reactor Level you get special points at the end of the Reactor Stage.
    Honestly, I have never succeeded in doing so and therefore do not know what will happen if it where to work.


    I completed the game with 4 survivors, Gorman carrying Newt and Vazquez Carrying someone else. Another person was carrying someone else and 1 turn away from the elevator but time ran out on the last mission. Ripley was incapacitated rather early in mission 3 and died along with the person carrying them on the way back. Overall it’s a good game.

    I’m having a devil of a time with the second mission. It seems like it’s absolutely impossible to win if you make it out of the first mission with everyone alive or 1 K/MIA. I only beat it once and with Drake (I think) moving 1 and blocking them with the flamethrower in the vents for the last leg of the journey. He later died in mission 3, I’m pretty sure it was him because I had 2 smart guns in mission 3.

    Mud And Bullet

    The phase of the reactor is very easy well at least for me and in the second phase there is also something very difficult already in the third things already complicate killing the alien queen needs a good firepower more wait dead or injured because killing her will not To be easy


    I did better this time. I had more than the elevator could fit so Burke was surviving. First Mission I lost Wierzbowski, KIA. Second Mission Apone was grabbed when an alien fell right on top of him. I used frost and Burke at the end of the hallway and vents. They got almost all of the aliens that spawned in the vents in front of or behind them so they were lagging far behind and switching places when Burke was almost out of juice to keep the conga line back. Third mission kind of pissed me off. I fucked up the placement on the elevator and I basically ended up trading Frost and Hicks for Burke. Fucking Burke. Really? He just happened to be right next to Newt. Got everyone on the elevator and said “NOPE!” when I saw the alien queen making her way towards us.

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    Breaking away from the Aliens for a monent:
    Here’s other game I’ve found on Kong a while ago.
    Command & Control
    Very enjoyable Tower Defense.
    The best thing about it is the radio chatter though.
    And the sound of the attack chopper (the upgraded one :D)


    Just have some nice play with my brother on the Fortz!

    Here is our game play, I play on the left side and my brother start on the right side. I would say my MG ability is like a hell. >o<


    Interesting game, Arise. Reminds me of Nitrome’s own Steamlands game They look very similar in style, which isn’t too bad!


    I have Fortz bookmarked since years. Played it a few times when someone willingly wants to challenge me here. Sadly there are not that many 2 or more single PC player games out there anymore as there where a long time ago.
    With the gigantic screens/ TVs of today they would be awesome to play again.

    Steel Nerves. Man I have not seen that one in a while. Played it a bit and then totally forgot where. I recall that I liked its art and game play but it was kind of slow and to easy.

    On the Aliens-Board-Game front. I finally killed the queen. Just needed to sacrifice all 7 marines and not rescue anyone else but Ripley killed her right out of the elevator with the flamer. What a movie Déjà-vu for those that are true fans.
    Took only 23 rounds and killed some 17 aliens along the way too.
    Only sad part for me is that I did not take any screen shots for conservation of facts.

    A recommendation from be be Resident Evil – Ebola
    It’s a alternate version of Metal Slug that was also the basis for Urban Slug.


    Just found something when I am searching the rogue-like game.

    Armoured Commander II

    A turn like WW2 background Tank game, a little bit complex but it is awesome. Some of idea is very like what we have in MNB3.


    I actually downloaded and played AC II a few months ago. It’s a very fleshed out and very URB-like game that anyone here will enjoy. Lends itself well to roleplaying too. I’ve only ever gotten a few days in because boy is life as a Sherman crew not easy with all sorts of dangers lurking about (Pak 40, I’m looking at you)

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    Nicholas Andersen

    Speaking of WWII games, I tried playing a skirmish game in Company of Heroes.
    Just as I was simultaneously pushing along the three bridges to the enemy side of town, the game decided to go “Oh, fuck it!” and crashed into BSOD, taking some important files with it.

    Those cheatzy nazis. Now I have to re-copy my entire story from google docs!

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