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Game interface, controls and other basics.

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    Thanks! It would only benefit everyone! 😀
    And yes that sounds like a very helpful addition too!

    Maharbal Barca

    So something minor, but arguably crucial: a reset confirmation screen.

    So yes I may have accidentally pressed the “reset” button instead of the “ok” button after looking at my shiny new medals. So bye bye shiny new medals. What would be helpful is a “are you sure you want to reset progress?” button/screen to avoid accidental demotions.


    The Most Classic URB factor is accidentally press the reset button!!!! For all Urb game! And for all poor player who suffer with pain of losing everything.

    That remind us to back up profile! lol

    I like it, And I do saw lots of player suggest so, so maybe boss will consider about it. >o<


    I would love to see the return of
    wave 100 button useful for testing wave 100 things
    Spawn tiger


    Would it be at all possible to show the hit boxes for items in game? Sometimes it feels like cover & concealment don’t work. I don’t know if its just me being shit, hit boxes are not quite where I thought they were or if the Germans have x-ray vision.

    (Note: I don’t want show hitboxes forever just for a few Days/weeks to see if I am just shit)

    Gibbing seems too easy in this Mud and blood maybe tone it down a bit. If memory serves me right 100 gibs was a rare sight that awarded a ribbon in MnB2(also might help with potato PCs).

    On the subject of gibbing when frenchies get gibed have a small chance to drop baguettes and wine.

    Air Superiority
    If the Germans own the skies expect strafe runs and bomb drops unless it is taken back. The strafe run skill(radio skill) will take air superiority for the allies instead.

    If all your (living)men make it back to the start line it will give the option to retreat allowing you to use the same men and replacements for ones that are lost to regroup and try again. The exception will be that no ribbon or exp can be gained from that map, you will lose 1000*rank exp, and must halt after that map.

    Randomly on the intel screen you will get the option to lead a British squad with slight differences to the American squad. British being in the war longer has hardened soldiers better at the start but less room to improve(start with 10-15 exp gain exp slower). Canadians similar as Americans but say sorry after every kill and are better at hth combat.

    Varied artillery
    In the intel panel it will tell you what type artillery will be supporting your squad. If close to the sea(D-day +1-4) you will have naval artillery capable of destroying bunkers. If too many days ahead of schedule you will have light mortars and if a few days behind you will have almost everything the allies have ranging in to target location.

    Same with the Germans if you advance too far the Germans will have everything they have ranged into your position but if you are a few days behind they will allocate resources elsewhere.

    Airborne Challenge
    1 try per rank its D-day advance x maps and take your objectives so the boys on the beach wont have as bad a day.

    Map 1 air drop just make it to the end of the map.
    Map 2 Take the town kill all Germans ends when all Germans are killed.
    Map 3 hold the town hold the town for x waves of German reinforcements.
    Map… Sparter people than me can think of things.
    Map… Save private Ryan.


    I wrote a post that doesn’t seems to show up (don’t know why XD) so i re-write it.

    Things i feel i need while playing:

    Silence Button: Sometimes i pause the game to do something else. I would like to silence the game in the meanwhile.
    All-Back button: Clicking on men doesn’t work well sometimes, and clicking on portraits scramble the screen, making rapid movements of soldier a painful operation. It’s frustrating to lose a game because you can’t click on men sometimes (expecially when they are hiding under trees and you can’t see them). An “All back” that make them go back for… 50 pxls? Would be great.
    Weapon description: When you find weapons in crates, allied or germans, the tip shows the name of the weapon but doesn’t tell you what that weapon is. I shouldn’t have to go to wikipedia to find it XD Tell me at least if it’s a rifle, a SMG, a HMG or a rubber cicken.
    Skills timer: already said many times, but still needed.
    Enemy Description: Hovering the mouse on enemies should show a tip with the enemy descriprion, like M&B2. I can’t prioritize targets if i don’t know what they are.
    Object Description: I played M&B2, so i know many of them, but newcomers doesn’t know how rock, trees, bushes works, and even i don’t know how some object does. Like… Crates? (The empty ones) Cows? Hay? A tip would be useful. (Ex: Tree: cover Line of Sight)


    Love to see stuff that I myself had suggested before. Lil recap with additions.

    My way: Lose the day as if game over if at least one GI makes it back alive but you start the next game with all soldiers having +5xp from the start since the survivor(s) gave them valuable field information.

    Like the idea of Varied artillery. I think we testers came up with that idea too.

    Silence Button: Mute Button would be nice. I have the same problem that the game always has sound even when on Pause.

    All GIs movement buttons and more would be real swell since many had suggested this right from the start. Unsure where I placed my last of this: Recap>>
    1) All Advance in a strait line till halted. Beware of wire and stuff.
    2) All Fall Back in a strait line. Moving everyone behind the Start Line will be considered a Retreat. Game stops.
    3) Halt! All GIs stop moving and get deselected. Like in Recon.
    4) Take Cover. All GIs go into the Pinned status. This gives a big bonus to damage evasion.
    Good for when Arty in coming in and you can not get away or your men get are under serious fire.
    5) Reload. (this one is a big one since mnb2) All Allies reload their weapons.
    Very useful when not fighting. It sucks to know that most are on an almost empty clip and you can not do anything about that.

    A few more movement ideas not player controlled.
    Crawling. Much needed to get a few feet away from forever pinning bullet rains.
    About Panic runs. How about making the direction they run random. That be fun. 🙂
    Berserk. This is a Reverse-Panic status where the normally panicking soldier charges a nearby enemy. Rare but it would be cool, yes.


    About the retreat Lance said above i would to say that there should be something to limit it. I mean if your soldiers are zero exp and you retreat you won’t gain the +5exp in the next try. Maybe every soldier that falls back must be above 20 exp or all the exp of your soldiers summed should be above 80 exp. The numbers are just examples.


    Hey Lance,

    Big fan of MnBII and I wanted to express my gratitude for your work.

    That being said, I had a few ideas that I thought would really help enhance the game.

    Squads: the ability to designate a few soldiers into separate squads so that when, say, Alpha Team is selected, everyone who is part of that squad will move to a designated location

    Alt select: I don’t think this would be too difficult to implement, but perhaps making it so that shift-clicking on a soldier (or his icon) won’t center the screen on him, but still have him selected to cue up actions. Incorporating this would reduce the disorientation caused by having soldiers all over the field that you want to move up.

    selection indicator: after selecting a soldier, having a small green circle around him and changing the cursor to indicate which soldier was selected and that the next move will affect him. I understand that having the ability icons can indicate which soldier is selected, but if multiple soldiers are the same class, this would help the player visually pick out the soldier selected (both apart from other soldiers and the foliage).

    I hope these are helpful and I’m really looking forward to seeing what future patches add! Keep up the great work and thank you again for what you’ve done so far!

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    Yo ShadyCake! and welcome to Urbania, where all of your dreams are probably gonna get splattered along with your Officer, your Medic and your coureur de ‘bois.

    In any case, I thought I’d pop in and point out that the 1-6 keys are linked to the corresponding soldier(#9 is the ‘Skirmish Line’ key)
    The Selection Indicator is a cool idea I think, especially when you get spread out among a bunch of trees.


    Hey Mo-Tah, I really appreciate it!

    I had no idea about using the keys 1-6! If that’s the case, I’d suggest the ability to change the order of the icons, so if a player is used to having the “1” key tied to their medic, they can change things after upgrading their soldiers.

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