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Game interface, controls and other basics.

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    So by now everyone should know that MNB3 is played on a visually same sized field as MNB2 with a total scowl-able length of many such fields. *I forgot the actual length right now. X}
    Recently there are small Soldier facial icons on the bottom line showing a health bar and that soldiers specialty.
    Also the icon flashes RED when that soldier gets hurt.
    Clicking the small icon selects and centers on that GI. Very helpful when a soldier is “lost” or you are fighting rather spread apart.

    Buggy is till that the health bar does not always go down by certain damage situations like getting gibbed.
    The removal of a dead or disabled soldier when advancing is also not fully bug free.

    Further suggestions;
    – Alternate placement area for the icon soldiers.
    Since starting combat = engagement range of LOS the fight takes place with the enemy at the top most screen while our boys are at the bottom the icons are always in the way.
    Furthermore since the Skills are under our soldiers once selected they get in the way of the icons.
    So basically we have a visual problem the our men get stuck under the icons a lot and a selection problem when icons, soldiers and skill buttons are overlapping.
    My idea to this would be to move the icons vertically to one side of the game field
    Maybe even divide the icons up among both sides.

    – Icons could also be a placeholder for upgrades. Since we have the choice to spend them whenever we want it is very annoying to get the upgrade selection every time the soldier gets selected especially when first upgrading to the specialty since there the selection popup is very large covering a lot of visual space.


    You all know I love me some good UI. Lance, I 100% agree on moving the soldier icons to the side. Have a look at this mockup and tell me what you think:


    I think personally that looks great. The problem of having parts of the screen that are essentially ‘inaccessible’ is still there, but as long as the icons are anywhere on the playable screen, you’re always going to have that problem. Still, looks very clean and tidy.


    Looks very clean Reid. Im trying to stay away from putting ui elements on the side of the screen. Reasoning behind yhat is is that no matter how you scroll up or down itll always obstruct the playing field.


    I think the way can be use a simple hot key to turn on or turn off the small men icon,then we can have a full board upgrade for every specialty but no of problem to block the battlefield.

    Like Recon map with M


    I don’t think we can find a best way to not block the battlefield but can simply use mouse to play all game. Unless we that the icon outside the battlefield. Otherwise it should hide to low down this impact.
    But it will still be a problem for future patch as we will add new skill in.

    With a hot key thought, I guess the side small men icon with the skill panel can be good. As we can have skill upgrade, weapon upgrade, rank upgrade with whole board. With that big, I guess put about 10 available skill is possible for six men. As it is very wide for use.

    Any though about this?


    Regarding the UI: As far as I am concerned, the best options are either at the bottom of the field or “off-screen” as in the buttons appear outside the actual battlefield. Placing the buttons at the side blocks a large portion of the battlefield in a game where movement and maneuver play a key role. Not good.


    I agree with Hyyppa point. It seems the move out all the skill panel or men’s icon can be a perfect way to solve this issue since MNB2, also will have enough large space for skill and upgrade.

    It will be a little bit like STWALT interface but the battlefield is MNB2 wide, other part on the right side or even the left side is skill panel and men’s situation.

    My only concern will be, ” Is the out screen improve will change a lot? As it might affect whole game coding so maybe this will be a big work, I believe boss will prefer a way that change the game as less as possible.

    Guess need boss to comment on these issue.


    Good points.
    The game’s dimensions are 400 x 600. Surely we can utilize some of the black void on the left and right, keeping the soldier UI from obstructing our view while always being visible. I figure an easy way for Urb to do this is to up the game’s dimensions to 800 x 600. Then the following would be possible:

    It looks a bit strange but I could get used to it. If multiple skills or other things need to be displayed later on there is plenty of screen real estate to work with. Thoughts?

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by Reid.
    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by Reid.

    Maybe flank the battlefield, and let the panel zone on the left half will be nice as it can contain enough space. ( So panel zone and battlefield will divide the 800*600 as half. )

    I believe the strange is come from the background color is black, so that is not a big problem. Very nice example @Reid.


    Nice! But maybe I would put all the stuff on the right…

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    That looks good too. I’m going to try arise’s idea of having ui on one half and the battlefield on the other.


    my vote is for LtHunters most recent post that is the cleanest and most functional placement


    This is most likely way to late now but I want to get this on the site anyways.
    Seeing that the whole point of the game is to get 10 xp together to upgrade to a soldier to a special soldier since the regular GIs are just placeholders I see no reason why we should not be able to chose Special Soldiers in advance before starting a field.
    This would greatly balance out the game play since the player has the choice of either good fighters or good support right from the start.
    This would make the first half of the first field a lot more balanced then the current way.
    XP gain can be made harder later on so past 50XP so that gaining upgrades is better balanced.
    It would also be much more realistic then mutating GIs on the field during battle.

    This would also make the INTEL Paper much more useful since right now we can adapt to whatever is on the field rather easily as the game goes on instead of having to plan ahead.
    The Intel could be more specific (like in recon) as to tell us what emplacements or even enemy troop strength we are to expect.

    Or give us the option to pre-select soldiers as a Form of Deployment. Similar to MNB2.
    Doing so could exclude Replacements for this run.


    I would suggest that either add the option of deploying with already specialized section as a special deployment option with some severe drawbacks to discourage constant use and/or as a ribbon reward for end-game to balance out the ever heavier German resistance. If we go with the ribbon, I’d prefer having a section with 6 10xp men than 6 specialized soldiers with 0xp.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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