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    Over at the Discord a very good community member has recently discovered something that has never been mentioned to my knowledge.


    Ok just discovered something.
    If you moral frenchie to 100 (preferably with a high exp officer) with any experience rank (even none) and do sabotage he will give you 8 xp and destroy German HQ every time.
    I did this 5 times successfully with no exp Frenchy and no failed attempts!!
    Usually costs 6 tp total to make this work, but 2 free tp is worth it for me!!
    Also get to hear cool explosion sounds

    Wait, wait I just had one fail at 100 moral before wave 100. This may actually be a wave thing. The successful ones with this strat were all above wave 100!!

    Haha after wave 100 any French regardless of exp or moral will have a successful sabotage, and seems to be hq most of the time
    Just had 3 successful HQ destroy post wave 100 with fresh frenchys

    RNG? No it is confirmed
    just had another 5 successful attempts in a row post wave 100
    number 2 successful green frenchy

    number 4 successful green frency look at that tp

    Chi Long Qua
    Someone now has to test the morale ranges and what they do. Nice, after over a decade, we found new shit
    No even worse Chi Long Qua any frenchy no matter moral or exp post wave 100 will give you successful sabotage!!
    Just had 10 german HQ destroyed. I think I just won the war hahaha

    Weird my game now post wave 100 sabotage is not working!
    Maybe it has to do with my officer. He was max exp last game!
    Last game i had over 10 successful sabotages in a row with all rookie frenchies

    Gonna try to max my officer and try again. This may be the trick to unlimited sabatoge

    Ok it’s not about commander or wave count
    To get sabotage hq frenchy 8tp
    Once you have one successful frenchy blow up the hq (higher exp and moral I think factors too) the rest of the frenchys will always blow up hq after this no matter exp or moral
    I have just had 3 in a row blow hq with low exp and moral
    I will try to make a sabatoge strat in the near future, but the key is to get that first frenchy to blow up hq
    All of this is post wave 100. I may try to blow up hq glitch pre, let’s see!!

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