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    Just thought I’d bring em’ back.

    Unlike other games in the MNB series, Recon has a greater emphasis on tactical movement, line-of-sight, and avoiding/preparing for contact with the enemy. As of the 1.0y update, the implementation of formations is as much a quality-of-life addition that saves us from carpal tunnel syndrome as well as a practical one.

    As is the case in real life, formations are used to ensure that all members of a combat unit, no matter how small or large in size, are well-prepared to react to contact with the enemy. Unlike what we are used to with Recon’s older brothers, we operate at the fireteam formation:

    Diamond/Wedge/Wedge Right/Wedge Left

    If you hang around here long enough and watch the videos of recon commanders such as Arise and Lance, you’ll notice that most of them like to sneak around their AO’s in this formation. If it isn’t exactly like the top one, then most of the time it is *pretty* darn close. Given the game’s layout, it isn’t difficult to see why.

    The game’s QRF mechanic and map is designed in such a way that a recon team can always expect to react to incoming enemies from any direction. Therefore, this formation can be regarded as the most ideal because it much more difficult for your men to get taken by surprise.


    + Constant All-Around Security.

    + Extremely Flexible (Can easily widen/ contract depending on trees, can instantly change direction, man in rear can be place on left/right flank depending on where contact is expected most).

    +Ensured Distribution of “Team Effect” for every single member of the team.


    -More Rangers are vulnerable to traps (Mitigated with high-spot and team effect, though)

    Single File/Ranger File

    If you take a look at LRRP documentaries, you’ll usually see them walking around in this formation. It’s a very sensible thing to do given the VC’s love of booby traps and the fact that the tight jungle terrain often forces the team into this formation anyway.

    Unlike the Wedge, the Ranger File puts most of your firepower/ observation to your left and right flank. The most fatal flaw here is that it is erroneous to assume that every contact will be coming from the left or right. If contact were to be recieved from the front or the rear, it would take the whole team twice as long to react, allowing for the VC to get more lucky shots in the mean time.

    According to the wiki, the file is faster compared to the wedge.

    This might true in real life, but in Recon I am not sure if it travels any faster when compared to the wedge.

    The best thing about the file is that it allows you to easily predict where your tracks might fall when planning to loop back and ambush your pursuers. It also establishes a dedicated point-man, allowing you to dictate which Ranger gets killed first if he happens to not spot a trap in time, thus decreasing how many lives get killed by one mine.


    +Very useful in AO’s with lots of traps


    -Vulnerable to attack from front and rear

    -Doesn’t allow for instant movement in all directions

    The Line

    Awwwwww yeah! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. You’ve found that wonderful patrol trail, placed your traps, and have your men holding in this formation, waiting for Charlie to come right smack into your killzone!

    ….And that’s pretty much all there is to the line. It’s main purpose is to ensure that all of your team’s firepower is deployed against the enemy. That, or you might be observing an enemy position, contemplating your attack/retreat.

    Be careful, though. Your team is more vulnerable to flanking attacks in this formation.


    +More Firepower Deployed to the front for Ensured VC Annihilation

    + Better Observation to the Front


    -Vulnerable to attack from the Rear and Sides

    -More Likely to Step on Traps if Movement is attempted

    Now, if you’ll excuse me. I think I heard some rustling in those bushes over there. Time to hunt some Charlie.

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    I use most of these formations when I play too! Good guide. Also, go to the main-page and delete all the post but the most recent one. The more edits = more post on the activity feed! Happy hunting!


    Woops! Sorry!

    Thanks for the heads up, Mrprofilen.


    Ha! I never really thought to call it the “wedge” or “Ranger file”. I’ve always called it finger 4 and echelon. Widens my knowledge of terminology. And yes, I know, finger 4 is aircraft, not infantry xD


    Excellent layout, Dox. These are definitely some strategies every player should use.


    @Rooster And you’ve just widened my knowledge of terminology as well! I’ve never heard of finger 4 before. I’m glad to know more about the flyboys, too. I think I should have used a different pic for the ranger file because now that you mention it, it sort of does look like what you might consider an echelon. I apologize for any confusion this might cause to viewers of this post.

    I’ve read some manuals on movement techniques from the U.S. military and depending on where you go, the branches label “Wedge” and “Diamond” differently. I’m certain that both branches won’t mind us adding them to our ever-expanding toolbox of tactics.

    Sources: (By Headquarters of the Department of the Army. Approximately Pg 113 in the PDF for info on formations) (By U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidates School Training Command, See Pg 3-5 on the PDF for info on formations)

    @Lt. Dan Thanks, Lt. Dan! That means a lot! And I have a very important question to ask you…do I have permission to go find Bubba?

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    Excellent post @Dox! Especially for new players! God job!

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