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For the upcoming Recon game for Steam.

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    For the upcoming steam version of Recon, I have some suggestions.
    1. Character customization. Meaning only for the officer your grunts are randomized.
    2. Of course, adding race, not just black characters, but also Hispanics.
    3. Just like Payday 2, your safe house is randomly attacked by cops, your firebase is attacked by VCs/NVAs each time you log in or just at a random point.
    4. Of course, fixing the Vietnamese language.
    5. Instead of just clicking five and moving your men to a position randomly. Replace the 5 key to 6.
    If you were to lose one of your soldiers the 6 key would be a sergeant of private yelling for the missing man and the man would automatically come back to the group slowly.
    (Maybe use some voice in Rising Storm Vietnam.)
    7. Creating your memos to higher ranks. Like begging them to do something for you or beg them another day to show you the proof for confirmed kills.
    8. Instead just freely building your men a mess hall or giving your men things there should be a command point system just like MNB2 tactical points. Gain command points by finishing a mission. Getting a kill card gives you another command point.
    That’s mostly my suggestion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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