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    So after attempting to defend at Ia Drang I am tired.
    Played for a mad 2 hours on a single game and still lost despite having retrieved every single supply crate.
    Fact: NVA tanks are invincible! As soon as you see one just give up. The smaller ones are also almost invincible.
    The first one I engaged with a cobra and a full marine force. Both got killed in a matter of seconds.
    At some point I managed to destroy a single lone small NVA tank with 3 MBT and 3 marines after some 5 minutes of play losing 2 MBT and 1 Marine. BOGUS!!!
    Game is simply to unbalanced.

    Game Fact; Enemy armor has a larger spotting range then Rangers.
    Towards the game. I killed some 50+ enemies out of 108 units with a mere 12 units of mine.
    Hell even the fanatic VC/NVA should have given up at that point.
    No more fun playing this atm. šŸ™


    Since I recorded that last game in steps and since it was such an awful long struggle with a lot of interesting combat points I feel that some of you may like to watch it.


    I did it again. I recorded a game and moderated it with my voice.
    It starts here on this site with some explanations and then goes through a basic game of OFV. Feedback would be most welcome.

    The Lone Ranger

    Nice vid. Pretty suprising how fast you won for me it takes 40 min.- 1 hour+. I took a break from this one since the mission after Ia Drang they spam Paratroopers which either get overwhelming or make the game last so long it becomes uninteresting having to constantly find small amounts of troops just to have more come down and delay the ending even further. On another note your accent sounds pretty french.


    LOL My “accent” has been pinned to many origins in this world but never as French.
    I am currently ill and actually thought that my voice would be contaminated as well and it seams it is. šŸ˜‰
    Towards that game. I was surprised myself how well that went. Sure the description for Saigon said that it should be super easy but in my previous game there I got swarmed by enemies due to them building plenty of Tunnels and NVA HQ’s making me fight hard and long to win in some 35 minutes.
    Overall the game takes a bit to long to play later on since there is no limit to the enemy numbers or structures.

    This is actually my first take of OFV with moderation. I though that it was not so good so I made the one above but since this shows a much tougher start in Saigon I thing it be interesting for those that also have a hard time at the start.


    Second FOB. Here things already get serious. Swarms of enemy units all around and high chances to get my supplies stolen.
    And indeed they get stolen plenty of times but in the long run I got this covered as well.
    Here I use more ground forces over the previous air powers. This will be my last voiced play for a while since time is currently not on my side.


    This video contains the first FOB and the second FOB.
    While the enemy was no challenge the games took very long due to the enemy being very evasive and ridiculous resistant enemy Raiders that kept on steeling my supplies multiple times without me getting them back.

    Game still needs serious improvements! *The list of these is in my head.


    Posted this in Discord as well … Here is my Da Nang Video … and under an hour!

    Close to a 100 enemy platoon involved and over a 1000 dead! Some tank fights in there as well … I think in the end only 1 enemy tank was defeated.


    Good start. Despite your first wins placing your units on top of rocks is what I would have done.
    At 10:00 the enemy beats you by a hair to them supplies. That part is the most URB of the whole game I think.
    Your search and destroy tactics are surprisingly good despite only using foot soldiers.
    Got to remember that.
    That little enemy shitzz want-to-be-tank is giving you serious trouble. I hat enemy tanks in this game. They are way to OP.
    TIP: Never send your tank out by itself because it is blind and will not see the enemy even if its right on top, usually.

    Congrats to that Tank kill. I have not killed an enemy MBT yet.
    At around 35:00 things looked like you would be mopping them up but then . . .
    TIP: Use the Big Bomb (Antenna support) to 100% destroy something. Napalm is awesome vs infantry.
    Good thing that apparently you do not need to kill all enemy vehicles to win or such games would take forever.
    Still a rather fast win for that FOB.
    So how is Ka San or whatever coming along?


    Welcome to Operation Starlight.
    Great FOB to mess around a bit before things get serious.
    Here I tested if the Medic Building would be worth it. See for yourself.


    Great play there. I think maybe this mission should be the first introductory mission. Gives the player a high supply to start and a pretty good supplies on recovery.

    You really showed off those Recon units in the game. They were all over the place. Unsure on how the field hospital did … I assume well those since you didn’t lose the units. I have lost a few hospitals before they are not very durable. I only seem to build when the game is near the end :/ I have had field hospitals built and then run out of supplies which nulls the use of it.

    I am disappointed with the tanks armor effectiveness against the VC. They seem to be able to damage it. Glad you brought out some grunts later on. Seems that Recon wasn’t quite up to pinning down the enemy and killing them all off in a pitched battle.

    As for your question to me … I had a swift defeat in Khe San will see what I can do … but 10 NVA :s I am unsure … have to look on the wiki to get an idea what is best against the NVA


    Air Power!!!


    Chi Long Qua
    I have Khe San unlocked.

    But not Hue. lol
    If you’re talking about LA Drang, that took me 4-6 hours.
    I refreshed until I had a rock/mountain tile at the firebase with no other adjacent rock tile.
    I went engineer first & if I didn’t find an enemy asset before the 1st supply crate, new game.
    After 1st supply crate, get recon to scout & engineer to destroy structures.
    Scout should be fetching crates. On 2nd crate, you get 1 marine company and let him camp the firebase on the rock tile.
    Chase VC, but don’t chase NVA unless they stay & fight.
    If your Recon finds a VC unit standing still, I recommend letting them engage the VC while out of range, but if it’s a NVA unit, don’t bother (too much HP).
    Depending on the situation, you will either get a 2nd marine company to defend OR Cobra. Once you get Cobra, you basically won the game.

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