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    Tinker Tom

    Adobe has decided to pull the plug on Flash. At 2020 Flash will be unavailable completely.

    That means that you won’t be able to even PLAY the games that you love, view the animations you love, browse some of the old websites you love. They’re killing off Flash.

    Sign this petition to maybe, just MAYBE save Flash in some form.


    Nicholas Andersen

    Urb…I think downloadable everything would be a good call.



    This actually deeply saddens me.

    Lots of new faces here, but I’m still seeing a few old-timers lurking the discord. I first played MnB2 nearly 9 years ago, back when Flash games were in their hey-day and there was actual good content made. Although I understand why Flash is so close to its deathbed, it’s not even really the platform that I’m gonna miss the most.

    It’s the quality of games.

    It seems these days most games are either money-grubbing “freemium” games or triple A titles that lack the good ol’-fashioned soul these old Flash games exuded. With the rise of piracy and the changing tastes, maybe we’re heading towards a future without solid indie games, especially not for free. Despite all the shiny new titles that come out year after year, something about these old Flash games always manages to bring me back to them when I get some free time – at any rate, I feel sorry for the next generation of kids who grow up having only known Clash of Clans and Call of Duty.

    Here’s to reminiscing over a bygone era.



    *Raises his glass high*

    Here. Here.



    My source of decent indie games these days has been https://itch.io/
    In terms of quality it can be hit or miss (Flash was like that too) but there are some really clever and inventive games on there that are pay-what-you-want

    Cheers to a new era of URB Games?



    Imagine this. In an attempt to improve Flash someone (maybe me) updated it.
    The installation stopped halfway due to supposed browser still being open. It was not.
    Regardless of twiddling the update kept failing to fully install so it was canceled.
    Afterwards in all tested browsers (Firefox, Crome, Explorer) Flash froze the moment a site with Flash content was selected due to the player plugin stopping instantaneously.
    After hours of failed bug searching Flash was de-installed and re-installed but now not a single Flash based item works.

    My life is in shambles. A solution will come along for sure but till then no online gaming for me. 🙁



    “In the weekends 6 is ded!”



    Have you found a solution yet Lance? Is your flash plug in working now?



    Yes I have. Flash is working again for me. Thanks for the concern.
    It’s better then before but still not optimal.
    Streams and games can still lag a bit but the display quality is a bit better then before.
    It appears that something in my graphics setting did not work with Flash after I renewed it.
    My graphic card is a small old AMD Radeon HD 8570D so there is not that much to get out of it.
    Still not quiet sure what exactly blocked Flash from running but at least I can play again and
    today is a very good day to play Flash games. 🙂

    p.s. Nothing on Adobe’s download site(s) suggested that they will stop distribution of the Flash Player. Is this “Flash is going to die” just a scare??



    From what I’ve gleaned/read (please correct me if I’m wrong) it’s not so much that Flash will no longer be distributed as much as it will no longer be supported by Adobe with updates or fixes.



    Well if I find I am unable to play, I’ll still come here when/while I can. It hasn’t been Just the games that bring me back.


    ..it’s almost like an addiction…


    Holy Shit!! It’s Video Heroin! We’re all doomed!!!



    The Flash issue is a combo of Adobe discontinuing support and major browsers Chrome, Firefox, etc. actively working towards zero Flash support in a multi-phase process. You see, Flash is a technology used for more than just making games. Ten years ago it was what most if not all ads, interactive content, video players, etc. were built with. Today they aren’t, and even the majority of the indie gaming industry has moved on to other platforms. Why? Because Flash has security and performance issues that drive the browser companies and content creators crazy. At this point Chrome and Firefox have promised to end all Flash support by the end of 2020. U.R.B Games will be dead in a few years if urb keeps making flash games for the web. Maybe regulars will use an old version of Internet Explorer just to play Recon, but I can assure you the number of new fans will go dramatically down as the majority of the internet will be using browsers that can’t run the games. If we want this community to survive, or even thrive, urb has to switch over to a new platform. Or else we will be stuck playing his games offline in a flash player that is no longer being supported.

    Other game devs are in the same boat, take a look at what these folks did:

    They opted to switch to a platform that allowed them to almost directly port their ActionScript code so that they don’t have to start over from scratch. This could be a really viable option for us, allowing us to play the old games on the web long into the future without completely remaking them in another game engine.



    And the horror continues. Wanted to make a fast game on Sunday but the player simply wouls not work.
    Today I got it to run but without any sound. ugggggg

    EDIT: Uninstalled the player once again. Looked for a better version ans actually found a newer one.
    It seams that the last version I downloaded was a bugged one. Maybe I fell into a fake Adobe site trap.
    Got then original newest one now and still no sound at first but it plays well.
    Sound is coming in from the player but …. New player sound setting send the sound to my Monitor but my monitor has no speakers.
    Switches sound output to speakers. Everything seams to work now. Sadly no time to test. wish me luck.

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