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    Here the link to the game.

    This is fully stable and partly functioning alpha game that was created many years ago but then abandoned for other projects although the basic engine is similar to Recon and Star-Destroyer.

    Current game play and objective.
    This a a one on one capital carrier ship battle game where you have an infinite amount of resources.
    At least those that are functioning.
    The Carrier Hit Points are fixed. No fixing up so far.

    You control one carrier and the game the other. Both are completely even in capabilities.
    All controls are made by clicking on the game save the panning of the view field.
    That can be done by using the arrow keys.
    When the game starts click on your ship to open the control buttons.

    A lot of the Control Buttons do nothing or can cause something totally different to happen. (alpha play)
    Be careful not to close this panel when you can not click on your ship to open it again.
    In case your ship is “missing” but you still have the panel open you can hit the Bridge and then the Captains Icon on the low left to have the game pan to his location.
    This can be done with fighter pilots as well to pan to the fighter that just made a call.
    This is similar to how Star Destroyer works.

    I may go more specific for those that are interested in deeper game knowledge.
    For more detailed questions just ask here.



    I shall make the first post

    here is me playing the game after remembering it exists



    Found this and it screams Mud and Blood Flagshipped. 🙂
    This is “Space Vietnam tank robots” as quoted from the developer.



    My first tries utterly failed, which was expected, due to my complete lack of knowledge, but I found a strategy that focuses on pressing the least amount of buttons. It basically goes like this:

    1. Get the hell out of dodge
    AI seems to be extremely aggressive at the start, so spool up the thrusters and get out as fast as possible. While I make my escape, I start setting up future plans, like stacking spare parts, readying launch tubes, setting up interceptor and scout flights, stuff like that.

    2. Defensive fighting/future planning
    The smaller AI ships tend to follow, so the interceptors work well on cleaning them off of my arse. This is also when I deploy gunships for further defence, and repair any damage done (especially if I’ve been hit by a missile).

    3. Super fun radar time
    This is when I turn on EWS, send scout fighters on reconnaissance, set radar to active, and send out radar pings. I don’t know how most of this radar stuff works, but the radar ping is what I always find the AI carrier on. The recon flights seem to just send my ships off in a random direction. Once I have the Carrier “triangulated” I point my ship in that direction, and send all of my ships at it.

    4. Pew pew pew
    This is the best part. Since the AI for some reason doesn’t seem to send out that many ships after the initial engagement, my ships make quick work of the little resistance, and start sending lasers up the AI’s tailpipe. This is about the time where I send out the “tactical warhead” to finish the job. It usually works like that.

    Obviously, I tried making it as simple as possible because I still hardly know what the commands do, but I’m testing it and slowly learning. It is definitely fun, and very technical, which means I still have SO MUCH to explore with it. Truly look forward to mastering this game. Well, mastering as in learning how stuff works and not dying in 20 seconds. I mean really, nobody can master unfairness, and randomised brutality. Iknow, this looks like it belongs on a tactics/strategies topic, but as far as I know, this is about it for flagshipped so here I am 🙂

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