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    Here the link to the game.

    This is fully stable and partly functioning alpha game that was created many years ago but then abandoned for other projects although the basic engine is similar to Recon and Star-Destroyer.

    Current game play and objective.
    This a a one on one capital carrier ship battle game where you have an infinite amount of resources.
    At least those that are functioning.
    The Carrier Hit Points are fixed. No fixing up so far.

    You control one carrier and the game the other. Both are completely even in capabilities.
    All controls are made by clicking on the game save the panning of the view field.
    That can be done by using the arrow keys.
    When the game starts click on your ship to open the control buttons.

    A lot of the Control Buttons do nothing or can cause something totally different to happen. (alpha play)
    Be careful not to close this panel when you can not click on your ship to open it again.
    In case your ship is “missing” but you still have the panel open you can hit the Bridge and then the Captains Icon on the low left to have the game pan to his location.
    This can be done with fighter pilots as well to pan to the fighter that just made a call.
    This is similar to how Star Destroyer works.

    I may go more specific for those that are interested in deeper game knowledge.
    For more detailed questions just ask here.



    I shall make the first post

    here is me playing the game after remembering it exists

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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