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    Mythic Man

    When you guys are playing what to you tend to level up first for your soldiers ? i go with ability first then weapon then i max out the abilities then weapons and then move onto rank.


    My go-to, basic team is Scout, Engie, Rifleman, Gunner, RTO, and Medic. I find that each of them offer unique abilities and weapons, which I prioritize over the others.

    The scouts ability to scan ahead and detect unspotted enemies is a very valuable tool, so that’s usually the only skill I upgrade for him. The rest I spend on upgrading his weapon to a tommy gun, and tanking him up to sergeant. At that point he basically becomes an unstoppable killing machine (as well as an xp hog). Any other skill points I keep in reserve in case I have to give him a ribbon to get health back.

    Engie is another valuable skill-based class. His bazooka acts as a great anti-vehicle weapon but can also be used as an anti-infantry explosive while you wait to upgrade your rifleman’s abilities. Then I spend it on the grease gun, as automatic weapons have great suppressing abilities. The rest of his skills follow. Being able to build a sandbag wall in front of a trench gives you a great defensive position. Like before, save the rest of the skill points for a medal.

    Next up: the rifleman. I always upgrade him to the M1 Garand as soon as a I can (mostly for historical purposes, lol). Then you can spend on grenades and other traits of his. The rifleman’s rifle grenade acts as a miniature bazooka, so while you wait for the engie’s to reload you can fire off another explosive. But be warned: the rifle grenade is totally ineffective against tanks. Keep the rest of the skill points for ribbons.

    The Gunner. I upgrade him to the BAR (historical reasons) and then focus on his skills. The bipod is excellent when dealing with a lot of enemies, as he can switch between Krauts to give effective suppressing fire. His 60mm mortar is good for keeping heads down, and has unusually high accuracy (I’ve gibbed a German at least 3 times out of 10 with the mortar). I’ve found the jeep is only worth it if you are seriously defending a position and need firepower ASAP. As always, keep skill points in reserve for medals.

    The RTO, possibly the most important member of the squad. He can make or break a successful hold of a position, and the artillery strike is useful against anything that has ever touched German soil. So, upgrade all his abilities first, and then I usually upgrade him to an M1 carbine. DO NOT LET THIS MAN DIE. Keep a good amount of skill points to give him medals.

    Finally, the medic. He’s kinda for morale support, and is good for patching up teammates if their wounds aren’t too serious. Upgrade him to his first and second abilities, which will let you heal teammates a lot faster. I almost never upgrade his weapon, as I find he’s very useful at pinning Krauts with his own pistol. And, as I’ve said multiple times, keep skill points for medals!!

    What other strategies do you guys have?


    Depends on the class. I tend to play wild and therefore do not really care so much for what would be the “best” way to spend upgrades but there are a few ways that work better then others.
    * Rifleman: 1)Since the starting weapon so bad I usually upgrade that first to M2 for the half-auto fire. It usually still does not kill much but the suppressive power is not all bad.
    2) Or make him a Grenadier by upgrading Skills all the way before all else.
    Problem with this is that he will make almost no xp’s from kills and therefore rank up real slow unless always at point.
    3)Or Rank because thee is this special feature where a rank maxed Rifleman acts like a Sarge in mnb2 by giving xp to all others until they have 20.

    *Signaller: Rank to max and he is a good secondary sniper. Then Skills. Weapons are actually a downgrade at first.

    *Medic: Biggest rule here. Save 2 upgrades on a grunt so that you can instantly give the Medic Intensive Care Skill because without that he is fairly useless.

    *Gunner: Rank because without the increased Combat he wont hit with any weapon but at max rank even the starting MG is good.
    Skills can be useful but as with all soldiers, no hits/kills, no xp, slow upgrading.

    *Scout: 1st Skill and /or Rank. Then just Rank.

    *Engineer: Skill and Rank. The Shotgun is currently so OP that it is silly to swap it.

    *Marksman: Weapon(s) for the higher rate of fire or range. Skills and Rank are secondary.

    *Officer: Skills because the Stuart Tank can be the most useful unit on your side.

    *Commando: Weapon, Rank, Skill; Repeat. **Frenchy: Rank then Skill.

    Hope my little game tips can be of help. URB ON!

    Mythic Man

    whats the max number of skill points you can get ? since you guys say you keep some in reserve for medal heals.


    I do believe it’s 10 per soldier, but it’s more like 9 considering the first point is spent on specialization. XP cap is 100, and a soldier gets a point every 10 XP gained. Once your soldier reaches 100 XP you can’t get any more skill points.


    Every time I play MnB 3 I always go out with my Trusty CHEESE SQUAD:

    <My Squad Composition>

    1) Sniper
    If I don’t have any critically wounded squad member, I would usually upgrade my first guy to being a sniper. Before I fell in love with the sniper, I would usually pick the officer (because of the tank), because I had my reservations about the effectiveness of the sniper. But once, I rolled with him, the sniper was baller as all haell. This unit could solve 3 hard problems. 1) It can eliminate HMG gunners without putting any of your guys at risk. 2) Can harass, and lower the morale (and therefore, make action response time for enemies to be slower…well at least that’s how I think how morale system works in this game), so that those pesky krauts will be more likely to run away, and less likely to deploy any specials on you (but usually not the mortar guys, because they are placed farther away the first guy that your recon spots). Especially those damn flare, rifle gernade, and stick gernade popping guys. Well at least that’s the theory. 3) They can hit basically anyone through dense foliage, because of his 3rd special ability.

    2) Medic
    The second guy, I pick. Picking him is pretty straight forward. But before I chose the medic to be a permanent member of my squad, I thought picking the commando over him was a legit choice, because of the French Fries…but, I didn’t rly suffer any deaths that much…so I chose the medic. Because the medic is better for a longer-term veteran squad. Just one thing about the medic, for his 3rd upgrade, it says that it can instantly regen a guy to 90 HP, but then it gets permanently stuck to 90 HP. So I am a little bit scared of using this ability. But this is just me.

    3) Recon
    Before picking recon, I would just recon by having a few of my guys be bait. Why? Because I am a dumb, and cheap bastard lol 😛 . After a few games, I realized this tactic was rly stoopid, and not rly worth it. So I picked recon…and everything after that rly changed. Recon is pretty legit, and I always combine him with the sniper to harass the enemy from VERY LONG range. Sometimes, Recon is a god send, because he can spot surprisingly well-hidden HMG, and FLAK 88 positions (like extremely well hidden sometimes, because I had a few cases where my recon wasn’t able to spot at rly close range, because of the terrain [such as rocks, trees, and boosh]. But even with that though, he still won’t be able to spot those pesky off map FLAK 88. Just one more thing, but his vision is so good for spotting targets behind hedgerows, if close enough

    4) Signaller

    This guy is my next priority after the Recon, because he’s hella OP. But not an immediate issue, so that’s why I choose the signaller as the 4th promoted guy that I pick (But you can pick him whenever). Anyways, what were we talking about…OH YEAH…he has some pretty stupid magic spells that can rain down C4-filled meteorites, and even stop time (pause button). This guy can take care of your “Axis reinforcements” without even a second thought

    5) Engineer

    The engineer was always in all my squad types through the (squad structuring) experimenting that I did. But during that experimenting, I am kinda embarrassed that I didn’t know to use his mining abilities. For one, I didn’t know before that your guys can walk over the engie’s mines without harm. And two, it took me a couple of games, before the light bulb hit me, and get the idea that I am supposed to use the mines to block off the roads that the opel blitzes (Jerry Trucks) use. So basically your engie guy is purely an area denial weapon, when he uses either his zook, or mines.

    Oh…and the last thing I wanna talk about is his sandbag ability. In my opinion, this is the funnest ability for me. Why you ask? Well, it’s, because you can make sand castles. And I swear to god, sometimes when the game becomes boring for me, and I am pwning everyone, I just lose track of time just building sandbags. First it would be a sandbag castle (try to find a moat 😀 lol). A townhall. Then some cottages, and houses. Then a WALMART. And then next thing yuo know, your NOT playing MnB…NONONONO, your playing “The SIMS” now SUN. And if you think that your guys will have to defend the city against the Jerries, then you don’t know why I keep the wizard (signaller) in my sand city of EXTRA SALTY. But, be sure to sure to make a church worshiping (make sure it’s a rly weird cult too XDXDXDXDXD…Oh also, whatever you do, don’t talk about the siggy’s perfectly shaped, and extra thicc posterior…or things won’t turn out well for you) the siggy, or your 5 km long sandbag empire is not gonna last long as the pyramids.

    6. Rifle Guy

    One word. Grenade spam. I don’t know how many tonnes of explosives this guy carries in his pants…but…goddamn, he just doesn’t stop throwing grenades (of any flavour)…I don’t know how he does it, or why he does it. But I can tell you that this guy was probably born as a fetus that is already able to play baseball, and that he is also NOT HUMAN (With the other exception of Merlin in the radio pack, because he’s the lord, and saviour…URB himself)!!! Rifle guy is sort of a misnomer, because he should be called the “Grendadier from HELL”. If your careful, you can wipe out an enemy squad all by himself by just spamming the hand, and rifle grenades


    Usually I would pick better abilities first for all my guys first. Then weapons. And then rank. Just as a side note, but…I haven’t rly reached st.lo, so my unit composition may change a little depending on the environment

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