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    Tips and tricks for new players how to make it to wave 50


    Gosh I just got URBED! wanted to make an example video how to reach wave 50 without tons of strategies employed – well MnB2 owned me badly. This is what happened:

    All good and set at wave 33, setup should have been good enough till 50+, then…:
    wave 34: tigerI tank plus panergrenadier blitzwave + flak
    wave 35: did not have enough, I needed a pak to join the party
    wave 38: volkssturm blitzwave – felt too lonely on my map, almost had no enemy 😉

    Well, I was a snob, to believe I just can make a video how to reliable reach wave 50, MnB2 teached me quite a lesson 🙂
    Have fun to get urbed! Joker


    Nice video.
    Writing down your actions and thoughts in a word pad included into the recording is a swell idea.
    — Even maxed Snipers count as Men-On-Field, that I know but do Downed-Soldiers (men under 10 hp but not dead) count?
    — Carbine Rifles are not so good from the rear due to having a shorter effective range then Garand and the Springfield has the longest range.
    — Rifle Grenades can not blow a bunker.
    TROUBLE… Your solution = Spam Engineers??? They suck at fighting and you already had one in the bunker so….
    Despite the shell shocks your bunker is holding … nope blown eventually.
    Called AT gun gets one crew member instantly naded. Germans know their business there.
    Sniper meats Tiger gun ends in Snipers head staring one-eyed at the player like saying “See I knew it was a bad idea to go there”.

    Overall a good show but as a starting basic strategy you made a few mistakes.
    I would suggest to firstly place the worst soldier higher up as bullet magnet. No real loss there.
    Then equip the best shooters with Garands.
    Carbine IF you have a field with cover (Trees & Rocks) to get closer to the top and therefore into effective range.
    One thing that is very important for any game is at least one bunker somewhere over the middle of the field.
    Therefore the first extra soldier should be an Engineer that then builds this bunker.
    Then place him inside and get a Gunner next to place in there with him just like you did only earlier in the game.

    Keep up the good work and show us more.


    I was never sure about maxed snipers, mostly did not care enough if “normal” air raid or due to too many man on field – tyvm for input! imo men under 10 hp are counted, had a run with 2 downed at under 10 hp, thought I had more air raids – but not sure
    about rifles yes, did I write some bullshit during run? …is possible 🙂 but yes, springfield and garand are best at higher range, but with rifle skills gained will be less problem, but is not that often that you keep that soldiers to lvl up that much, but imo it is “almost” waste of tp to grant different weapon for normal soldiers
    I did not have an engineer in the bunker – otherwise would have been cool and easy 😉 I spammed them to get maybe one in the bunker, was imo only way to survive with combined blitz

    About the bullet magnet – did it and think even explained, but is outdated once you get a bunker. As said, disagree with spend of tp on garand.

    I really disagree with placing first bunker over the middle – is ofc needed for higher waves runs, but for “first” time reach wave 50, think is easier with bunker not that far in front – otherwise you need to ensure to kill infantry way faster, pak or flak are not that bad if bunker is placed on one side of the screen imo, ofc is easier against them with higher bunker, but as said, you need a lot of firepower to keep a top bunker save, thats why I tried with a middle bunker for a 50 strategy.

    All your tips are valid and welcome! think it is a good way to start such a thread!

    @newer players: ask about the points you do not understand in a discussion – most times will be small points, but will help your games a lot. Most players have some “preferred” strategy, it is very helpfull to have others discuss your own shortcomings!


    To give an idea of how to reach wave 50 with an established bunker and gunners.

    Always keep in mind the 6 men rule!

    got a bad hit on wave 52 or so, but bunker could survive for some more


    *wave 61 is the one to watch, got hit badly by a badboy bomb


    What I do is make two sets of trenches: Frontline and Fallback position. And put mines between those two. If things get hairy, I withdraw my guys to the rear. I also have an engineer in the front trench for blowing up tanks and other vehicles. It’s not my best strategy but it works well.
    No man's land


    What I do is I get all my basic infantrymen outfitted with M1 Garands or Carbines, then continue to save up TP, buy at least six more riflemen, get them outfitted with some gear. Then, I like to one or two medics to run around and heal my people, I also like to have an officer, a radioman, an Anti-Tank guy, and Sarge. May not be the best tactic, but it gets me to at least round 65. This is how I use my people, the ten infantrymen are busy shooting Germans incoming, the medics can A. Run out and get supply boxes or help out the wounded people. If I need CAS, the radio man will be in the rear calling it in while the officer covers him (who is a 1st Lieutenant by that time) the AT Guy will also be in the rear so his back blast won’t injure his comrades. Sarge will be on the front line shoot the advancing Germans while giving the infantrymen morale. This is a good tactic for me, if you have any Flak cannons or Pak cannons, you can target them with your riflemen, just make sure that you target anything bigger than a motorcycle.


    That’s a bold set up nexwix. I line it. Looks cool an d fun.
    The set up from DevilPup sounds even more so daring then most things I had ever heard. I would really love to see pics or a game video of that.
    Speaking of game vids…. he he could not resist.
    I gave this a turn with a very simple tactic and stopped the recording past wave 50.
    Enjoy Commanders.


    @ nexwix

    I pray to whoever volunteered to be an engineer in your squad

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    Wow very nice, a ton of different setups! Always very interesting to see the different play styles!

    : I want to buy your engineer, he seems to be bullet-proof 😉 Was fun to watch him crawl around 10 rounds or so and still somehow survive.

    Think we have a good first start at the 50 wave forum, hope I find some time in next days to make a first post for the 100 waves forum – will be kick start to renew in depth strategy discussion of MnB2.

    LG Joker

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