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Few Suggestions for Recon

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    I think m113, M67A1 the american flamethrower tank, M48 Patton medium tank main tank for the u.s. Marines

    Logan Koland

    My idea is that the Vietnamese Montagnard troops that you can recruit during missions can be added to your roster and deployed in further missions if you extract them. I think that these troops should come pre-packaged with high Spot skill, considering that they have lived in the jungle for their entire lives and probaly will be able to see things that your Rangers can`t.

    Another good (at least I think it is) idea is to have a chance of rescued POWs joining your recon unit, depending on how much XP you earned in the mission and if it was succesful.


    I would like to see some actual U.S. Military forces in Firebase Defense missions, why would a Firebase in Vietnam be completely empty and only four Rangers take it back? Why not have a small platoon of Marines or Army Infantrymen that will help you defend. The platoon will have relatively low health, but will have a .50 HMG and a few other assets.


    Another thing, maybe if you leave a Ranger in the A/O, you can attempt to find the Ranger in another mission as a PoW, then Extract him to be added back to your Chalk.


    Man have I missed Recon suggestion threads.

    Don’t currently have too much time to catch up with everything else, so in the meantime I’ll talk about rocket launchers! The game needs more.

    Flamethrowers have been mentioned a bit. Why not just go with the M202A1 FLASH?

    Four rockets! And it’s reloadable too. Granted it was pretty bulky at about double the weight of a LAW (not counting the extra ammo if you’re carrying it) and it’s incendiary ammo means it won’t do well against well-armored targets, but it looks like it could be real fun for heavier missions. Imagine firing this at a truck full of NVA or a Dishka bunker. 😎 Perhaps an unlock at a certain rank, maybe colonel or brig. general? Killcard honestly sounds a bit too lenient IMO; Recon could really use more rank unlocks.

    Furthermore, I think it’d be cool to be able to use the VC’s own RPG-2’s. Slow rockets with smaller explosive potential sure, but it’s light and extra rockets can be carried so it seems rather nice for stealthier ops against light vehicles and structures, groups of infantry, and assets. Definitely would be a sweet killcard prize.



    This weapon looks so nice. >o< I like it, as it give some Burn weapon option in the jungle more then inaccurate WP. ( As I just accident burn myself in previous Recon video )

    I will suggest to let VC have very small chance to be equip with WP grenade to toss on Ranger. XDDDDD


    M202A1 FLASH is a very good suggestion. High bulk and no reloads item.
    Could work like a WP grenade only a lot more accurate and range of a LAW.

    (never though I’d see that cuss word again) wrote:
    “I would like to see some actual U.S. Military forces in Firebase Defense missions,…”
    Read the Mission Description carefully.
    You are to go in first and secure the area before the main force comes to occupy it and before the also moving in on the base enemies can set up a defensive stand.


    What I see?? New suggestions for MNB:Recon gear?? I fortunately recently found and old MS:word file I wrote for gear and weapon suggestion for Recon the old forum. Maybe I’ll re-post it for new guys.

    Oh and talking about M202A1 Flash, too bulky for LRRPs in my opinion. My vote goes for ‘DM34 Incendiary Thrower’, rarely but used by Rangers and MACV-SOG: similar to WP grenade but slighly more bulky, much more accurate and Range of LAW, only one sigle use.:


    YES that would be ‘lit’ (hehehe) to use in Recon, I think that it would be better than a flamethrower or an M202A1


    I think a good mission idea to have in Recon is an actual base or some defense mission. The mission would be where your Rangers get dropped into the middle of a Firefight, and the people defending the base need help defending it (duh) but once you clear out the area around the base, you have to go outside the wire and kill or ID the rest of the (forgive me for this) gooks in the area.


    That would be a fine idea.


    I just realized that all the recon sounds are from Battlefield 4

    The Pig

    Did the Rangers ever escort like another team of Rangers or any other type of U.S. Force to an objective. I think it would be pretty cool if we could secure an LZ for a Marine Platoon insertion as a mission. Just like Breach/Bypass the Rangers will deploy at the insertion point at the the bottom of the map and work their way to a randomly marked LZ and try to clear it from enemies. You will have a certain amount of time to get to and secure the LZ. What do ya’ll think about that. Oh yeah, the enemies will either be a section of Local Militia or VC.

    Chi Long Qua

    Been skimming through, so sorry if my idea/suggestion has already been said. Been playing Mud n Blood Recon for +2 years (since it was first released on Kongregate)

    You can call in an Arclight strike and it would obliterate completely everything in a 1×1 or even a 2×2 tile radius. Since this is OP as hell, it should be unlocked by a kill card & can only be used once, & would take 2 real life minutes to come (This is being generous as they take from 18hours-24hours) & would be found under the “fast” air section. Using this sound be a last resort and raises heat from anywhere from 30%-50% & possibility triggers the VC’s QRF (If it hasn’t already been triggered at this point lol)

    CS Drop?
    The ability for airstrikes to load & drop CS (tear gas) canisters (I know they did this extensively in Vietnam). Possibility unlocked by kill cards, rank up or prematurely, by an achievement to either use the CS grenade on a total of 15-20 enemies. found under the fast air section.

    Para drop?
    A mission that rangers would get para drop in a high heat AO, behind enemy lines & with limited/no support are available to them. Their goal is to either a) Recce x % of the AO. b) Spot a total of x enemies. c) Spot a total of x assets. 4) To blow up a VC HQ/communications base. This is a high risk high reward mission as when blowing up the VC HQ/communication base, all heat they have on you would drop to 0 or by a large margin, 5%-10% of all VC bonuses such as extra heath, more enemies etc would drop & the possibility to gain large INT if you would search the HQ.

    M2 Mortar
    Is a 60mm mortar used in Vietnam as it was lighter than the 81mm. It would have 40 bulk (It was 42 lbs in real life) and can be carried by a single ranger & would surpass the m79 in all aspects but would be extremely bulky & would be recommended to be used on defense missions & such.

    Gotta add civilians for the realism. Add them near the rice fields (as like farmers) & make the civilians at the villages be able to die. Killing civilians would be penalized by lowering merit & by taking a massive hit in reduction of exp. So now you gotta watch where you coordinate airstrikes & chuck those grenades. For bonus effect, make VC troops would sometimes linger around near villages or when fired upon, would retreat to villages & rice fields & use the civilians to stop you from calling Arty & Bombing their positions & the possibility that the “””civilians””” have a hidden weapon cache somewhere & blowing them up would reduce their chance of having American weaponry

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    Yes i agree with the support aspect, and i also understand that the codes would be longer and make the game more gungho, but maybe certain missions with friendlies already inserted or in need of backup or something? And also with the firebase missions cant there be a way to salvage a loss if you kill the enemy who captured the intel or something?

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