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Few Suggestions for Recon

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    Well, I think that is a good idea for the new missions, I REALLY want custom clothing to be added in for your Rangers. Uniforms should be unlocked by rank, but, other things (like better armor and what not) should be unlocked via killcard. Or, just get to Brigadier General/Colonel Rank.


    I would personally love the Mk22 mod 0 suppressed handgun as well my father was a seal in Vietnam and bought his own after the war suppressor and all as a cool legacy piece one day when we were not home a burgler stole it though.

    I second napalm strikes and the fact that it could be used to clear foliage cluster munitions would also be great you could put it under the fast air tab.

    I go on lots of Hunter/killer and base attack/defense missions and call in support often due to the high levels of combat I have noticed if you spot a enemy asset like a weapons or food stash and destroy it you get XP and intell for it but if my cobra sees one and kills it without my rangers spotting it not sure if that is a bug or a feature.

    Aircraft spotting so far the only eyes in the sky is the Bird dog i think if a Huey or Cobra see something moving around the map they could give you a shout like the Bird dog does when it seas large numbers of enemy’s moving into the AO if it sees something important i dont see why it shouldn’t speak up.

    Armed Huey in Vietnam they had Huey’s with rocket pods and mini guns on top of the M60 door guns so under the Huey tab you could call this in for extraction it would take longer to get to your AO around an hour but it would kill all the enemy’s it sees on the way to you and kills all the enemy’s in front of it on the way out good if a combat mission goes bad also buff the M60 door guns on the Huey’s my door guns lit up a VC and it hit the guy 20 times and the guy survived.

    Last on my list a way to trade in pre mission kill cards for instance if i want to sacrifice a Killcard like going heavy i could get some merit for it by “coming under budget” so to speak because right now i have like 5 of these and never use them because they are just not useful for me even when attacking fire-bases…


    These are amazing suggestions, so much good stuff for the missions in particular I will make dure to note that down.

    I really enjoy how well they are explained. Here’s my view on some of them. Most of these scenario could be HVTs.

    Interogate: The team insert with a CIA agent. The CIA agent follows the squad or stay put with a ranger dedicated to his protection. The team has to locate and snatch a high value target that has access to vital intel about the ho chi min trail. The team has to snatch the individual bring him to the cia agent to be debriefed and the dispose of him.

    Sabotage: Special engineer equipement has rolled in in order to make massive improvement to the trail (dozers) the team has to get in and destroy the equipment.

    Assassination: NVA general has to be killed. The team has to find the field HQ where he is located then wait for him to be visible. Once they take the shot theentire AO will crawl with NVAs so quick extraction is vital.

    Wipe out: A team of political agents on their way to south vietnam has been located resting in an area. The team has to roll in undetected or the targets will flee the AO and warn a substatial QRF. Once the tram is detected it has to be taken out quickly and simulatenously or else, again, they will flee and warn the main body nearby.

    written from my phone so I apologize for the typos

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    Excellent choices! Those ideas came up a few times before and where (on the old sites) top ideas.
    There is no such thing as to few mission or side mission choices for Recon. 🙂
    I can imagine that the “Wipe out” mission to be very hard to pull of but that is a good thing considering the many pro-Recon player out there already.


    A cool new mission would be helicopter crash. This mission is random, and you get it on the way to missions. How it would work would be if your heat is high, there is a chance of your helicopter being shot down on the way to the mission you selected. You wont do the mission you are assigned to do. Your rangers spawn on a random part of the map, next to a crashed helicopter. They all have minor injuries, and there is a chance that one is in critical condition or dead. There is also a chance that one of the pilots or one of the gunners is still alive. The pilot acts like the average NPC pilot, but the gunner is armed and acts like a ranger, but with a worse weapon and little or no items and little or no skills. In the beginning you don’t have a map of the area or radio connection, and you have to blindly find a high area to get radio connection, and after that you get the map and the ability to call for a heli evac. However, all the other options are very rarely available. You then have to get to a set landing zone, where you can call the evac. Constantly throughout the mission, the enemy presence keeps getting bigger and bigger. To win you have to get at least 1 ranger out alive. All surviving rangers get a medal, and there is a chance that the gunner can be recruited as a ranger at a later date. A smal thing you could add is the ability for rangers to shoot out of the copter when entering and leaving a mission. A custom game/ practice mode could also be implemented, where you could chose any mission, heat level, amount of enemy forces, types of enemy forces, how much you can get fire support, ranger level, having all weapons and items unlocked, weather, density of jungle, location of primary landing area, the ability to assign rangers any medal, ETC. This could give experienced commanders a challenged, help new players come to understand stuff better, help the community learn new tactics and better uses of weapons, or just the fun of having a bunch of super buff guys charging around the jungle with m60’s mowing down VC’s. To keep the whole idea of having people learn the game the hard way, you could put it behind a barrier, like having to go 365 days with 125 patrols or something. This would be completely separate from the campaign. (if you add this, please send me a special code to access it as I am not that far into the campaign). You could also add a map editor, where you can make a map. For placing things like trees, there could be a large brush area where it places random trees. Or you could have a slider that has tree density for the whole map, with a tool to delete trees. You could put parts of these modes together and make a challenge mode, where you can make custom missions with custom ao’s and share them online.


    What about a hardcore mode?
    You can choose any mission, and there is always 100% heat and your rangers can’t level up or get medals, you start with all private level rangers, you can’t level up, get ribbons, or get killcards, have little or no fire support, etc. It is also much easier to kill the rangers.
    Another mode could be POW mode, where you play as a team of POW’s. You have to escape camp, and travel across various areas to try to get back to American forces. You start with nothing, and you have to pick up weapons and items from the ground. If one of your team dies, they are forever gone. You will have to make sacrifices, for instance, if one of your team goes into critical condition, do you leave him to die, or slow down your group and keep him alive?


    another thing that could be interesting is a Halloween zombie mode like in mud and blood 2 and get a cool ribbon like +5% at hand to hand bring in the seasonal stuff again and the anniversary dates like the date the Vietnam memorial opened


    another quick thing make flack jackets resistant to shotguns since they are pretty common among VC militias and in real life were resistant they could even stop .45 acp handgun bullets so maybe -15% shotgun damage and -5% handgun caliber damage from say submachineguns just enough to give you a chance


    Yes! @hapyjohn I would say I love this idea very much. Currently some of equipment is not be use by player for so long. maybe it is good to filled some new power to them. XD

    Form the historical data, the flak jacket be able to against the small velocity object, like shotgun round, small arm, fragment. although they can’t not against the 7.62mm round from AK47, SKS, RPD, Mosin-Nagant, SVD, but it is still should be a good protection equipment in the combat.

    I think it can provide about -15% for shotgun and -10% for non 7.62mm each round damage and -5% damage for 7.62mm, as it still will give you some damage to balance the possibility be shoot in the arm or feet even your face. >o<


    Can there be some black rangers? I would like it if you recruit yards, they turn into kit carson scouts.(Limit of four) So like on high heat missions, you have extra soliers watching your six. Make it so if a ranger is down another ranger can take his( or a vc’s) weapon. please fix the no supplies bug. Everytime I call for supplies I gets nothing. A ranger Qrf.Like four sgt level rangers that get dropped off at the lz that you cant control,maybe as a killcard or rank reward that doesnt have one. or at least when you medevac a ranger(s) another ranger(s) gets off the chopper. if a gunship is in the ao sending a map update should keep him away from you.Using gear should make you lose weight. Does going through water help you cool off? On rain hunter killer or pow missions, i think you should get like a rambo bonus, (like if you are sstill for two minute you are camoed up. pow and pilot rescue should give lots of merit. Like it would be cool to get points for villagers that make it to the chopper. If the ranger that gets sent to be an instructor sends people like him to you.( for instance when you send your combat guy, your guys already have a combat tick) A wall of rememberance for your rangers that are lost that have medals. i think it would be fucking awesome if one of the pows was one of your men that was left behind, or you thought he was dead. New ribbon for when u kill 100 in one mission( just seems right) I fucking love this game ! all mnb! thanks urb!


    From a realism standpoint, this is what I think the stats should be:

    12 Gauge (Baikal): -40%. Shotguns are terrible at penetrating armor, so there should also be a 25% saving throw chance.

    9×19 (MAT-49): -30%. 10% saving throw chance.

    7.62×25 Tokarev (PPS-43): -15%. The Tokarev ammunition was known to have good armor penetration capabilities.

    7.62×39 (AK-47, SKS, RPD): -5%. The flak jacket can’t do anything but slow it down just a little.

    7.62×54 (Dragunov, Mosin): 0% The flak jacket gets shredded by thisrounds.

    12.7×108 (DShK): 0%. Ditto on the .50 cal.

    This is rather exhaustive so one could possibly cut it down a little if it’s too much work. For American weapons (small chance) the stats should be approximately the same as their respective Soviet rounds. Although the M16 did have better armor penetration capability as the AK47 and the .45 ACP was not as good as 9×19 or Tokarev in penetration, but did have more mass (so possibly more damage).

    Also, the Flak Jacket ought to be a one use item. After it is hit it is useless.


    Thanks LT! These are very good setting. I will call boss to see if he like this idea or not. @Urbzz

    I agree with those setting, and this will let me think about maybe I should wear jacket into jungle. Ha!Ha! XDDDD Love it!

    Mexican Batman

    The new missions Urb says he might do , along with Lt Dan’s weapons and ideas sound like they would make Recon a whole lot better . I hope the Tomahawk gets added in there .


    how about light vehicles? like a jeep with a M2 last i checked LRRP’s did use vehicles maybe water based maps where you have to use a riverboat or an easy one since the VC already have one a friendly attack dog that can sniff out enemy’s and explosives that could be put into an equipment slot


    Rivers are whole big topic that was, is and will probabl be discussed for a long while before being finally implemented in one way or another. Bouts would most likely make an appearance then.

    Dogs, well, no. Last time I remember they were not said to be part of LRRP teams, and were not taken to action via helicopers.
    Also, unless I’m mistaken, they would be a horror to code in.

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