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    So, I am a one year player of Recon, and I have found a few things that I think would make the game better. Excuse me if I don’t know all the mechanics, I am still learning good strategies for different missions and all that. Anywho, onto my suggestions for Recon!

    Medi Evac Chopper – I believe that the Medi EVAC Chopper should have a small crew of 2 or 3 PJs that hop out and cover your Extraction. However, if any PJs are wounded or killed, they grab their comrade, climb in the Slick and off they go, with or without your wounded Ranger.

    Support Function – The support function was removed from Recon, but I think it would be a good idea to put a function where if you need reinforcements, you can call in two more Rangers from your roster. Or, you could call in some mounted Infantry and have two fully loaded Slicks (12) insert some Marines or other US Forces into your A/O. Of course, they would be a big problem for the Vietnamese in the area and would cause the QRF to move into the A/O. I think this would be good for new players or players who need that extra support (like myself) during missions. I know I would use reinforcements for firebase missions, at least helping defend it.

    Choosing Loadouts for support – If you have ever read the MnB Recon Wiki and looked at the AH-1 description, it says that in later versions of the game, you could choose what you want on the AH-1. I think it would be cool if you could do that, but do it on everything. You could choose what gear you want on bird dog to support your mission, perhaps you could choose more radio gear for bird dog, or more observation gear. For the Hueys, you could change them to different Helicopters, change gear on them, all to support your mission/play style.

    Ranger clothing/Gear – This is simple, you choose what you want your Rangers to wear, like camouflage, backpacks, web gear, head gear, boots, etc. All of this would directly affect your Rangers, if they wear camo, they are harder to spot, if they do wear camo, but have a heavy backpack, heavy web gear, helmet, and standard boots, then they will get spotted much easier.

    These are just a few suggestions that I think would make MnB Recon much better. Thanks for reading this, sorry it was so long. Continue the fight!


    I believe that the Medi EVAC Chopper should have a small crew of 2 or 3 PJs that hop out and cover your Extraction

    It isn’t the huey’s job to cover the medical extration, if you’re calling in a medevac in an insecure LZ that’s entirely your issue. The medevac hueys in Vietnam didn’t even tend to have door gunners, let alone space for two or three armed men.

    for new players or players who need that extra support (like myself) during missions

    I really don’t want to be rude, but “helping newer players” by making the game easier has never really been a go-to idea in regards to Mud and Blood (the title kind of says it all!). If you’re finding yourself in difficulty playing recon to the point where you’d need to call in that many reinforcements to what is technically a suicide mission (12 grunts landing in high visibility in enemy territory wont last long), then you need to seriously reconsider your style of playing as to avoid such situations in the first place.

    For the Hueys, you could change them to different Helicopters, change gear on them, all to support your mission/play style

    The slicks didn’t change during Vietnam in different regiments, nor did the Bird dogs. The different helicopters would of had been interesting if it was not for the fact that, during the war, the Huey was by far the best helicopter available worldwide for the jobs required by the recon units.


    Welcome to join the Recon party @RyanDarragh! And thanks for some great suggestion for this big game. Also, Nice point @Hooty! You really catch up the history data very precisely. Love your excellent explanation.

    Back to topic, I would simply explain about some limit of great stuff. Every new element require a space to load with code and increase the game engine loading. So we have to choice, make sure what we add can make the game be very different and worth for it’s cost.

    This does not mean we can not accept to add any new idea into the game, but we do have some principle can explain what might worth for update:

    1. Recon mostly follow the historical data, so we don’t have UAV in the mission, even it will be awesome! We follow what LRRP can really have while the go into jungle for mission, and make the setting suit for playing. Reality is the key while produce the MNB series game. You can accept to use the support or weapon in the same edge but not really common use by LRRP, as it can be truth if we only consider about the item existence.

    2. The element we add, should be very different and change the game environment, not just add the loading for some minor stuff. This is something like you can give ranger for 100+ clothes to wear, but non of them have special effect, then this is not worth to add. Because it create a lot of working job but don’t MAKE THE GAME BETTER!

    Add the mens number will always be the last idea, as enemy and friendly unit in the game have deeply balance by tester and many players, any idea wish to add unit should consider twice. Someone will ask why four men team for Recon? Not just because it is the most common team type in that age, we also consider about the control and balance problem. We can create a new Recon game with 12 men team and 600VC Regiment QRF, but that will only cause control problem(You can not handle all unit as well, so some unit will only act as AI, moving and equipment use will be very hard) and add the game loading.

    What we will add? Like a new asset, new trap, new mission type, new equipment. Those will add game difference and create more solution for player to try, will worth it. Like what we suggest in the thread: Curated list of suggestions for 1.5b+

    3. For the user friendly, very bad but I must admit Recon will never be a user friendly game for new player. As it is very deep and hard to be well know all stuff in game if you don’t pay enough time and lose enough rangers. For the Recon user friendly, mostly will be control setting. Like Panel upgrade, Hot key, Map marker…etc! We will love a great suggestion about how to let player control and remember things or even use item easily!

    4. URB factor is the key spirit of MNB series game. So follow with the battlefield principle, the support will always less then what you need. New support is fine and good, but you must pay for it. Otherwise this can not be a URB style RTS-Realistic battlefield game.

    So keep up great work and have more fun on Recon, looking forward for more suggestion and other great stuff here from you @RyanDarragh!

    Have a nice day on the ground. >o<

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    Welp, I was reading your comments and guess what! My Rangers stepped on a landmine and they all died, why does URB have to do this!? I lost a Sergeant Major (I think), A Sergeant, A Private, and a Corporal. But, I appreciate the feedback you guys, Maybe I am just bad at Recon.


    Sorry to heard about that! Believe it or not, I lose all team in Recon for more then hundred times and I still love and accept it, as it is true on real Vietnam War for LRRP troop. Trap is the most common way to face death during the Vietnam war, 50 caliber bamboo, mine Flag, Pressure Mine, Stick Trap!!!

    And Why URB did these?! Oh! He is just do the what his name say. Unfair, Random, Brutality is the spirit of all these series game, that is why they called Urb game! The War will not treat you fairly, I know it is hard to accept about losing the team you construct for a long time, but they always happened in real life. On the battlefield, these god damn thing is what commander feel, and here we re build it as a game to you.

    Like MNB2’s Gib system. It is funny and awesome! But actually it translate a bad pic about the real battlefield, the broken arm or leg, or even a head without his neck. The men on fire and screaming and pain to death. 50 caliber tear the soldiers apart! The hell!!!!

    The same we bring back to game – Recon. The terrible trap is the most bad things skill or heavy wounded the soldiers. So please accept it and try to enjoy! If you can go and read more detail about Vietnam War, you will know why we build the game like this.


    @hooty From what I am reading, most LRRP teams ranged from 4-6 Rangers. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on the Vietnam conflict, I only know what is taught in school and a little bit more. I am going to read up on MnB Recon stuff and Vietnam stuff, also, where do you get all your resources from?


    My Rangers stepped on a landmine and they all died

    Jesus Christ, spacing man! 😀 The same principle applies in real life as it does on here: if your men bunch up, they will get taken out by the first grenade or landmine (especially true for this case) that hits them. Spacing has been something that’s been drilled into troops since World War 1: if you keep your men equally spread out you vastly reduce the amount taken out by a blast, regardless of it’s size.
    This is especially true for Recon where people like to keep their men close and tight together, and as you’ve learnt this is a sure fire way to wipe out your entire squad in record time.

    Interestingly enough all of the documentation I can find refers to the LRRPs operating in five men team, not four (I don’t know if Urb had evidence that supported otherwise or if it remained easier to control four men instead of five, code related stuff) and that number then increasing as the war went on (the number increase wasn’t well received by the men since it often included a Viet Ranger). I get my resources from the a lot of reading, be it books or manuals pertaining to the 1930 to 1990s era, that and a ton of time to waste alongside 😀


    New guns!!!! The more guns the better. (Must-haves in bold.)

    -Mas-49 in lieu of the M1 Garand. Competitor to the SKS.
    – Type 63 rifle. Automatic SKS.
    -Silenced AK47 for the Counter-LRRPS. Either that or non-Russian AK47s, maybe Chinese/Romanian/Czech/Hungarian.
    -Sturmgewehr 43, for Militia hands. Derelict and jams a lot.

    Sniper Rifles:
    -Would love to have an M21 in the game, pretty much the M14 with more range.
    -Savage 10FP in .223. Relatively low damage but it ought to be very light.
    -Steyr SSG69. More damage, less ammo.
    -Silenced snipers, maybe the Dragunov or something. That’d be freaking scary.
    -FR F1 sniper, left over from the French forces.
    -Lee-Enfield sniper rifle.

    Machine Guns:
    -M60E4, less range but less weight.
    -Degytarev DP. Less fire rate than RPD but more accuracy.

    Submachine guns:
    -Uzi as a primary. Lightweight and good for close range.
    -We have the PPS-43 already, why not include the PPSh-41? It’d be awesome.
    -Swedish K M/45s (Suppressed).
    -Beretta M12. Because it looks cool.
    -Sten Mk VI or IIs: Silenced Sten.

    -More shotguns. Maybe have the Ithaca 37 sawn-off with less weight but less range/damage.
    -Remington 11-38, less damage but it’s SEMI-AUTO.

    -Pistols need individual stats even though they are rarely used.
    – It’d be AWESOME to have a silenced pistol, preferably the “Hush Puppy” Mk. 22 used to take out Viet Cong dogs quietly.
    -Maybe the S&W .357 revolver. More power, less ammo.
    -The Mac-10 ought to be a secondary. Really. Otherwise nobody will use it.
    -Also, then more people would use secondaries.
    -Also make a silenced version. I heard that was it’s most common form.
    Micro-Uzi as a secondary as well, more range than the Mac but less fire rate.
    -Some Viet Cong secondaries, like the TT-33, Makarov, and Stechkin. Stechkin would be awesome, just make it really inaccurate.
    -Vz.61 Skorpion as a secondary. One of my favorite guns.

    -Super rare China Lake grenade launcher. Make it a semi-auto primary with very little collateral damage.
    -HE grenades vs. frags: HE has more damage, less radius vs. frags, which are vice versa. HE will damage vehicles more as well.

    -Flamethrower. For rangers, it’s a little too conspicuous (snort) but why not have the option. It’d be great for fire-base clearing missions.
    -M6 Survival Weapon for pilots. It’s a rifle+shotgun that’s far deadlier than pistols. Also have it available for (very rare) kill card as a secondary.
    -Different knives. Balisongs are cool. Machetes would have more weight but more damage. Also have a function where a machete can cut down some foliage (speaking of foliage, there should be more of it).

    New armor:
    -A jacket that decreases bullet damage by, say, 50%.
    -Maybe something that increases total health.
    -Armor that has, say a 30% chance to ignore damage. Limited uses.

    New mechanics:
    -Silenced weapons don’t reveal your position. Maybe give Counter-LRRPS some silenced guns.
    -Guns ought to be able to overheat after a certain time. Some machineguns can replace barrels.
    -Jam chance increases in watery areas.
    -Grenades have timers and don’t explode on impact. Clicking will release the pin and letting go of the mouse will actually throw it. That way, you can aim, cook, AND throw. Perhaps enemies will duck or run in lieu of grenades allowing your squad to become unpinned.
    -Smaller grenade blasts (aesthetics only).

    -Being able to REQUEST changes to your gunship. You shouldn’t be able to directly customize them but based on your rank, you can hint for some changes to make your missions easier.
    -Bird dog marking rockets for an air strike/arty, instead of that silly icon.
    -More foliage.

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    Mexican Batman

    I think Rangers should be able to have Tomahawks since they were actually used in Vietnam and every other conflict they have been in almost. I also think they should be able to have M-16A1’s since those were also used . The M-16A1’s should have a slightly higher bulk , lower jam chance and 30 round magazines instead of 20 round magazines.


    Well, That is large stuff, and looks very awesome! Thanks @Lt.Dan!

    Back to the suggestion itself, More weapon and item is always cool for this game, it just like a multiple choicing day with weapon and always be good on collecting the new weapon kill card. I know weapon not much, Guess you are doing better so If this weapon can have a good sit which stand very different with current weapon in the Recon. I think it will be a good option in future add. (Right now Urb is focusing on the improvement. )

    *For the flame thrower, I guess it will have some problem with historical data and AI. Because the flame thrower has very limited range, so it is very hard to heard it be use by ranger special operation. Also, it will be a little bit complicate while you are using, want some cooking ranger on the Huey? XD

    *For the Grenade Timer, the immediately explode when landing is classical MNB spirit just like what we have in MNB2. Sure we can add the timer or even let the grenade be able to jump and roll to somewhere before it exploded, but I am not sure how hard will this on coding job and debug process.

    *M6 survival system? Uh~~ Well, the pilot will always be an AI in the Recon, so I guess this adding is awesome for pilot rescue but it affect the game very less.

    *On your other suggestion, I would say you have to put much more specific change detail in order to let everyone know what is your exactly meaning on suggestion. Especially on the game element and mechanic.

    Thanks for lots of good stuff here, dude. Keep up great work there. >o<



    Love the M16A1 idea, brother! It should be good for those men who love M16’s burst. (I know the someone definitely love this one )

    Tomahawks? Well~~~ it sounds good but have to think what kind of special effect can be add otherwise it just a different shape of Knife. Any idea? >o<


    Gotcha. Thanks for the input.

    Mexican Batman

    The Tomahawk should have much greater CQC damage and the ability to use when not in a stealth fight because many times I noticed if the fight is not a stealth kill the knife many times doesn’t help . The Tomahawk on the other hand can be used whenever and however . It should be unlocked by killcard unless URB wants to add a new ribbon.


    -I think that custom clothing is a great idea, since one thing about Recon that previous MnB games lack is a personal connection with your troops. Custom appearance will boost that.

    -Calling a bird dog to mark your targets is the more realistic approach for marking airstrikes and arty attacks. Either that or you mark the target with a smoke.

    New orders. Clicking on an enemy allows you to concentrate fire on him. That way you can kill the biggest threats first.

    New missions: Rangers are versatile, right? Maybe we should have some new missions:

    -Embassy Protection: Rangers act as bodyguards for a leader or embassy member during a dangerous journey. Killcard if nobody gets hurt.
    -Convoy Escort: Rangers act as the escorts for important vehicle(s) in a hot area (your base heat plus 30 or so, so that it will be hot no matter your actual heat level). Killcard if none of the vehicle(s) are destroyed.
    -Interrogation Session: This is pretty much the Surveillance mission but slightly harder. Rangers must CAPTURE a baddie and bring him back to base for interrogation. More xp/intel if the badguy is higher level. Killcard if your team is undetected.
    -Wipe out: Here’s a fun one. Your rangers have to located a NVA HQ and kill the officer(s). The base will be heavily guarded, exponentially higher based on your heat level. Killcard if your team isn’t hurt.
    -Assassination: For this one you need a stealth, silenced team (best if there are more silenced guns put into the game). It’s the same as wipe-out only that your team has to discreetly kill the VIP (no outside support allowed). Killcard if your team is undetected.
    -Sabotage: Find the enemy’s heavy artillery and destroy it by any means (C4, air strike, grenade, etc.). Killcard if your team is undetected, so C4 would be the best method of destruction.

    New air-strike options:
    -Napalm: Sets the strike area on fire, eventually getting rid of the foliage (This game should have more foliage by the way). No damage to vehicles.
    -Agent Orange: Gets rid of foliage discreetly.
    -Cluster Bombs: Less damage to vehicles, far larger radius. It shouldn’t hurt the ZSU at all.
    -Strafe Run: A cannon pass from a Skyraider.


    One more thing: Shotguns should act more like shotguns, not just short range snipers. They got it in MnB2, why not have that same mechanic for Recon?

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