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    I am not an expert player, I have followed the game on and of since mud and blood 1-3 but I have never really fallen for the other games.

    Once I realized that I could use the number keys to select soldiers the game became playable, this interface is not mentioned. The otherwise quite clumsy UI also makes me wanna ask for shortcuts to the three special abilities. Like press 3 and a letter key to access an ability. Important, how do you exit an ability? (note: I play on touchpad).

    One major problem is that the game seems to scale as if your soldiers scale. The soldiers do not scale! After 3-5 missions the squad is either weak or the concentration of me the player is gone, still if I exit the game and come back I meet enemies that a rookie squad simply seems incapable to handle. It is hard to balance raw reality with functional (fun) gameplay.

    At firs I did not like this new mud and blood, I liked too try to advance and build bases with allocated points and in the end often cheat and place expensive units for a n hour of fun. However after playing the new game fore some time I do really like the new system and its challenges. If the soldier powers and the missions are more balanced this is a real Hit!!

    The option to clear the map to speed up the computer is a really really good one! Is there a mute key? Speaking of that, It seems that this game does not demand me to have the sound on like previous games (air sirens) and I really like that since the game is a long game and it is nice to listen to a an audiobook about the second world war for example while playing it.

    It is a good game and a great step forward.
    However the UI needs some more work, especially the shortcuts and the game needs balance nice the squad of soldiers eners as rookies every new game while the enemy needs levels up soldiers to defeat.

    Thank for a great game!


    *hmm I thought that I created such a topic around here before….
    Thanks for the reminder that the number keys for movement are not in the beach screen directions.
    Shortcuts or a bit of UI reconfigurations is a good idea. We have a topic thread for that here.

    Ralf wrote:“I liked too try to advance and build bases with allocated points and in the end often cheat and place expensive units for a n hour of fun.”

    ???? Wha? Anyhow. The point of the game that it gets harder the further you advanced is simple.
    Once you go into D-Day + ahead numbers you are in front of your main force and therefore continually deeper in enemy territory then everyone else.
    Currently there is no remedy to playing on super hard if you are to far ahead except to simply start a game, refresh the tab and repeat until you are on a Day ahead or behind value that is then on a difficulty level for you to play with.
    Keep it up and URB On!


    the quote you are referring to is an explanation of how I used to play mud and blood 1-2.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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