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    @Bruno Camodeca-Schmitz I’m just the same! Sometimes going full Rambo is just too fun!

    I remember back on the old old site, Lance and myself had a little rivalry going where we kept posting images and videos of our elite profiles and all that, where I played my games full Rambo, while Lance played his games using stealth and secrecy, urb said it was good to see two completely different play styles in action, in the end though, I think Lance won!



    Stoner 63 with Arise’s take on the weapon. Balance is also my ideal. A fine rifle for any Ranger regardless of experience or the type of patrol they’re going on.

    From what I’ve read, Navy SEALS and Marines loved it. If this weapon performed in RL like it does in Recon, then can someone please educate me on why it didn’t catch on? With how modular it was, Eugene Stoner must have made something truly ahead of its time.



    It was pretty ahead of it’s time, but in real life it had reliability problems like the M16 (this is not reflected in Recon btw). Anyways they somehow never got fixed like they were in the M16 and the Stoner modular system sadly faded into relative obscurity.


    Mexican Batman

    I personally like the FAL and give it to my best spotter with the max kill skill because the FAL is like the M-14 but better . For SMG’s I like the M-3 , I think it may be one of the few I actually use. The BAR , I love it but will usually take the Stoner LMG over it because they have the same bulk but the Stoner LMG has more ammo and I never carry ammo cans. The M-60 may be my most used weapon out of them all . I also like the G-3 and HK-33 they’re both great weapons.



    Thanks for the flowers @scorch but anyone that plays urbzz games is a winner in my book. 🙂
    For Recon my Stealth Style simply works best for me because every second time I do the hot version I get creamed by that game.

    Someone mentioned the M3 as a good weapon for low bulk. I find it terrible but also give it to my RTO due to getting the green bulk status for missions that I hope stay relative heat free.
    Otherwise the Carl Gustav under the SMG class is a great hard hitter with lots of ammo at close range while actually the best short-mid range killer is the M16 with cleaning kit but you run out of ammo to fast to enjoy it much.
    For mid range the HK33 or the readily available Stoner69 is the best with any soldier while a good long range weapon depends on the combat skill of the soldier.
    Low combat = M14 and a high combat skill the FN FAL due to its extreme high damage (one-shot-kills) and range where as the terrible recoil makes this weapon a no-go for non combat skilled soldiers.



    For me, every weapon is good actually. As I seldom open fire and my heat never raise to more then 25%. So any weapon should be fine for me, Well, except something like a Musket or Pistol. >o<

    But personally I would suggest give different weapon for different combat skill level and exp level soldiers. As new and old should use different weapon, give a new guy FNL you are asking trouble, for an experience combat ranger, RPD is wasting time. So no best weapon but the most suitable weapon!

    If you ask me, what is my favorite weapon from kill card, then it will be silent-MAT-49. The best friend for stealth style player, and can simply save the life before spotted. XDDD



    On most missions (I am a very Rambo-style player, btw) I equip all Rangers with M14s. Superb damage, range, and accuracy, but with a relatively small payload.

    If I am expecting A LOT of enemies, then I swap the M14s with M60s.

    If my goal is 100% stealth and 0% contact, then I equip all my Rangers with M3 submachine guns, the lowest bulk weapon in the game (only 4!) It’s weak stats are irrelevant in stealth missions because contact is meant to be avoided.

    For stealth kills, willy pete, a knife, and a suppressed MAT-49 or M16 are your options. @arise is the Master of Stealth. He has all sorts of videos demonstrating the use of these weapons.

    I on the other hand like to fancy myself as The Reaper. Maximum death and destruction is my goal for every mission. >:D

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