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    Post your favorite Mud and Blood Recon weapons here.

    Personally I like the BAR just for it’s range and power, and my best killers get fully loaded with Combat and Spot.

    For lighter loadouts I’m loving the Swedish K and the 870.



    870? I meant the Stephens 77E. One Nam shotgun is the same as another.



    My favorite weapon in recon is Stoner 63! Yeah, there is a old saying “no particular weakness means strength” Stoner 63 is the best example. middle bulk, enough range and ammo, fine damage and burst.
    No matter stealth or ambush will be fine for my men.


    Mexican Batman

    I personally like the M-16 and the M-16/M-203 and the M-60 .



    I personally love the BAR and the M60. If I know I’m going to run into a lot of VC or even NVA I’ll take the extra bulk for the sheer firepower of both those powerhouses. I also like to give my high spot/combat soldier the M14 because it really emphasizes their skill set. For a middle of the road weapon I use the M16 until I unlock the Stoner 63, which I believe is superior. I don’t really use SMG’s, but what are your favorite ones?



    Yeah, the M14 in the right hands is both fast and accurate.
    The Carl Gustav is IMO one of the better submachine guns due to the higher damage. The M3 also has decent damage and range, while the Thompson is a fantastic close range killer, only negated by it’s higher weight.
    Stoner 63 is an excellent alternative for a submachine gun.



    For me it’s:
    HK33 (best gun in the game)
    Stoner until I get the killcard with HK,
    M14 for the Squad marksman, as it can dispatch VCs quickly, provided the user has at least soem combat experience
    and, surprisingly… M3 ?Yup. The greese gun. Why? Because it allows me to run RTO kit (Radio, Sandals, camera and sensor) and still keep below 25 bulk (green)



    My favorite weapon: Model 77E. Don’t even need super experienced ranger to use it. Black trail? Set him up close-ish with a claymore and you’re set.



    I like the M14, M60, Stoner 63, and the XM77(?) that carbine version of the M16.



    Ah, yes. The XM177 is a very good alternative to the M14, trading range and power for weight. However I don’t use it often since the jam chance is quite high.



    How do you guys feel about the FN FAL? I just gave it to a Recruit and he was racking up kills on a Screen mission. I might consider using this instead of the M14.



    And what about the G3 rifle? To me the soldiers that have the G3 and the M14 rack up kills like no tomorrow.



    @pitts: The FN FAL is like an automatic M14 but it has less range. Definitely recommend it with high combat skill, or just to rank up some newbies. High weight is it’s only disadvantage, despite it being a battle rifle it has somehow managed to stumble into machine gun territory in it’s weight.

    @scorch G3 is an excellent mid-range battle rifle which hits harder and jams less than the M16. It is rather weighty though.


    I actually like the M79, despite it not actually being a primary weapon. Sure you need to sacrifice 2 equipment spaces for it, but that’s 4+ 40mms of carnage, 8+ whole dead people if you know what your doing with it.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not a good recon person. I basically play recon like this.




    The M79 is a good weapon for clearing only if you don’t have the M16 M203. The M203 pretty makes the M79 obsolete, lol.

    Also makes you look like Alan Schaefer.

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