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    The idea is simple in the early game you get a lot of rewards for ranking up so I just want to apply that to the late game for example

    Suggestion: upon reaching mud and blood general rank all new rangers will start with 1 in every skill and have a max health of 125


    A prestige system after reaching MnB General rank would be interesting….


    So the idea would be
    1 Star general + 1 to all rangers combat
    2 Star general +1 to all rangers stealth
    3 star would be +1 to all rangers spot
    4 stars would be +1 to all rangers Comms
    5 stars for + 25 hp to all rangers
    6 stars aka mnb General would be +1 to all rangers skills

    so upon receiving a new ranger it will have 2 Combat 2 stealth 2 spot 2 Comms +25 max health and 1 point to all other skills

    Well General you decided to stay in Nam? Well the least we can do offer you the rangers with the best scores on the range.

    Still slugging out in Nam I see well we have some Rangers we didn’t see in camo training so we will send em your way.

    Nam making your jokes not work? well these rangers see what you did there

    I couldn’t hear what you were saying over the radio but these guys did.

    We found some of the roughest Toughest rangers and we will sen em your way.

    Well we will give the creme de la creme to the creme de la creme. These ranger know the ins and outs of LRRPs.


    Good “general” idea. It is truly frustrating to get totally basic soldiers i your chalk despite your high rank.
    In RL the higher the rank the more influence a commander has over the “quality” of his troops.
    I would even start this bonus skill system right at Captains Rank so that new recruits better fit with the higher difficulty level.

    Difference; Instead of a fixed skill raise the new recruit would simply have one free extra skill available as if of higher rank or better make the new recruit one rank higher because that way the skills will cap at max ranger rank as to not have the player kill of low level soldiers to get them instantly replaced by SMS type skill mongers.

    As not to give a General automatically new troops at SMS level make this random per new recruit.
    Start at 10% at Captains rank per new soldier.
    Increase this by 5% per players rank. At 1 Star it already be 30% chance and at 6(??) star it be …

    Wait that players rank is ridiculous for Recon. I am for a profile rank cap at General =1 star.
    To compensate increase the XP needed per rank drastically since apparently it is to easy now to gain rank.


    I am not opposed to increasing the exp needed to rank up. In theory the decimal point could me moved one place and that would fix exp gain.

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