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Evac Bug ?

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    so… I was in this Attack Mission, one of my chopper just immediately shot down because the FOB is our LZ, the mission turn out to be successful, the Extraction Chopper arrived, my men got into it, take off, and it went back to base…

    then i realized, why the result screen hasn’t come yet ?
    i pressed “5” and then point it at the devastated FOB, and it shows 4 green arrow, but yet, no movement, just the sound from the VC reinforcement.

    I looked at my map, at the North-East corner of the map (Grid One-Alpha), shows 4 moving yellow dots, it turns out that my men decided to go back to the AO on their own… by foot… in the end, i closed the game.

    is there anyone that have the same experience like me ?


    One they way back they heard them VC shouting evil communist propaganda at them so they jumper off the choppa and hiked back to the FOB to set them strait.
    SRL; That sounds like something I heard of before but without the moving dots in the corner of the map going back to the destination markers.
    Say, did you actually see your men come back to the AO / move towards the LZ or just the dots on the map?


    yes, i see them moving back to the AO, all 4 of them, i can select them by either manually click on them or by pressing “5”, but I can’t use the shortcut “1-4”


    This happened to me just a few days ago. It was then that I decided to quit Recon until the next update. Too many bugs, man. Forces me to rack up them shameful rage quits.


    I lost 3 men including the radio. I dragged the two to LZ, called for medical EVAC for two of them, left the radio man with the one alive. Called for the ordinary EVAC, carried the radioman to the chopper, wich left without the one alive.

    Now I have soldier, who cant enter the chopper. at the moment, I have had the 6th search party. I refuse to get a ragequit, so I’m trying to commit suicide, wich so far has been quite difficult. Looks like I have a cleansheet regarding the VC


    Claus since you can’t get the last man killed i would just take the ragequit or try to find some way to get your browser to crash so that you dont get that ragequit
    In any way shape or form this happens to me i just press my off button on my tower so i dont get the ragequit


    I believe the medic extraction have some problem for sure, so I never use it. I never rage quit, yeah.

    When the man down then I will give up the mission, call for primary extraction if I have enough men alive. If I only have 1 guy, then I will carry all of them to a open ground and drop, then call for secondary LZ Extraction which allow me to check the Huey landing position. Toss smoke just near the body then everyone will back home. ( Huey can pick up everyone around it, include the body on the ground )


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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